A Man in Full – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of A Man In Full kicks off with Charlie visiting his ex-wife Martha, as per her request. Martha thanks Charlie for showing up but quickly gets to the point, questioning why he’s pressuring Joyce to go public about Norman Bagovitch.

Martha warns Charlie that if he goes ahead with the plan, she’ll call her lawyer and ensure Charlie never sees his son again. Martha makes it clear that Charlie has underestimated her for too long, and if he continues, it’ll be at his own peril.

On the flip side, Raymond meets Herb again and tries to persuade him that Plannersbank will soon own everything of Charlie Croker’s. Raymond pitches Herb the idea that he can either profit from the situation or watch others get rich. Herb, however, is only interested in acquiring The Concourse.

Raymond suggests that the bank could sell the property to Herb at a huge discount of 175 million dollars. Herb is skeptical and believes that Charlie will never let go of the building, as it represents his success and achievement. Unfortunately, things are slipping out of Charlie’s control, and soon, the bank will take over the building.

In prison, Conrad faces threats from a couple of inmates who want Conrad to ignore everything that happens inside the walls. This angers Conrad, and he ends up breaking one of the inmate’s hands. This is shocking because Conrad has been portrayed as a calm and timid man who tries to avoid trouble.

When Jill learns about this, it breaks her heart, but Roger assures her that he will get Conrad out soon. Unfortunately, when the racist judge hears about the assault, he refuses to release Conrad on bail. In response, Roger tries to convince Officer Smith to testify that it was Smith who initiated the altercation, not Conrad. When Smith refuses, Roger serves him with a subpoena.

Raymond meets with Martha and reveals that Charlie is bankrupt and owes a billion dollars to Plannersbank but Raymond assures Martha that he will do everything he can to protect her from Charlie’s legal and financial problems.

On the flip side, Charlie meets with Wes, who gives him a script to follow during a press conference. In the conference, Charlie has to reveal to the media that Norman Bagovitch is of bad character and is unfit to become the mayor of Georgia.

The next day, Harry and Raymond meet with Longley, the president of Plannersbank. He surprises them by revealing that the bank has decided to let Charlie Croker off the hook for now. Longley mentions it’s part of a bigger plan, but he keeps the details under wraps.

It’s clear that Wes has delivered on his promise and convinced the bank to go easy on Charlie Croker.

The Episode Review

Longley’s words hit Raymond hard, and it shattered all the confidence and charm Raymond had been flaunting for weeks. He thought he had Charlie in a chokehold, but now his dreams of seeing Charlie crushed and embarrassed in front of all of Georgia are in the gutter.

His boss delivers the blow that the bank won’t be pushing Charlie further for foreclosure on the loan. This spells disaster for Raymond, who was counting on a huge commission from the sale of Charlie’s seized assets.

Will Raymond and Harry just go along with their boss’s orders, or will they cook up a scheme behind their back to keep Charlie in trouble.

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