A Man in Full – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

In episode 4 of A Man In Full, Conrad finds himself in a whole new world in jail, trying to navigate the rules and the people. Being a newbie, he’s what they call “fresh meat” in prison slang. Meanwhile, Charlie is in the hospital getting surgery on his knee, hoping it will give him a new lease on confidence.

He’s pretty sure he’ll be out by the end of the day. On another front, Raymond Peepgrass is gearing up for a risky move that could either be a big win or a total disaster.

Raymond pays a visit to Herb with a devious plan in mind.  Raymond proposes a scheme where Herb could essentially crush Charlie and take over everything he’s worked for. Charlie’s in a tight spot, owing the bank a sum of 800 million dollars with foreclosure on the horizon.

Knowing Herb’s disdain for Charlie, Raymond suggests Herb buy up all of Charlie’s seized assets from the bank. But since Herb doesn’t mix emotions with business and brushes off Raymond’s emotional ploys. If you are confused, Raymond’s strategy is to hit Charlie from every angle possible.

As the episode goes on, Raymond sets his sights on Martha Croker, Charlie’s ex-wife. He manages to score a date with her, charming her with compliments about her looks and personality. Raymond’s plan to impress Martha goes off without a hitch.

Roger meets with Wes Jordan, who agrees to a special meeting if Charlie is willing to reveal the name of the woman Norman Bagovitch assaulted years ago. Meanwhile, Charlie faces more trouble as the bank seizes his entire account, leaving him unable to access any funds.

This poses a major issue as Jill was counting on that money to bail out her husband, Conrad. Once discharged from the hospital, Charlie meets with Harry Zale again to discuss his situation.

However, Zale once again belittles Charlie, demanding that he hand over his deeds instead of facing foreclosure. The only thing Charlie can keep is his house and the prosthetic he had bought with the bank’s money. Charlie is frustrated, feeling like he’s given Zale exactly what he wanted—a sign that Charlie is afraid.

In a last-ditch effort, Charlie approaches Wes Jordan and asks what he needs to do to earn a favour. Wes reveals that he can convince Plannersbank to restructure Charlie’s loan if Charlie helps him bring down Norman Bagovitch by exposing him as a predator. Charlie doesn’t give an immediate answer but says he’ll think about it.

The next day, Charlie meets with Joyce Newman and asks her to go public with the accusation that Norman Bagovitch sexually assaulted her 25 years ago. Joyce is annoyed by Charlie’s request and angrily storms out of the restaurant.

The Episode Review

Charlie Croker is in deep trouble now, no longer the smooth operator who could walk into a room and own it with his charm and swagger. He’s met his match in Harry Zale from Plannersbank, who’s always a step ahead.

Plannersbank has gone after Charlie’s assets like his swanky private jet and yacht, even freezing his bank account. With his back against the wall, Charlie’s only hope is to help Wes Jordan, but that plan might hit a snag.

At the end of the episode, we see Joyce meeting Norman Bagovitch in a secluded parking lot. Looks like things are about to get more complicated for Charlie!

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