Alpha Males – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

I Feel Kind of Deconstructed

Episode 1 of Alpha Males season 2 begins with reuniting the audience with the four misfits: Pedro, Luis, Raul, and Santi. If you don’t know, the four friends have almost hit 50, and none of them have jobs. The next few minutes of the episodes take us through the lives of each of the four friends. 

In his personal life, Luis’s son often makes petty excuses to ditch school because a bully often belittles him and gets on his nerves. Santi has gotten back with his wife again despite losing all feelings for her. Santi wants to break up with Blanca, but his daughter says it’s not a good idea.

Santi is so fed up with her that he even tries to convince Blanca’s ex-husband to get back with her but fails to succeed. Pedro plans to work again and also lands a nice job at a production company. The best thing is that Pedro’s new boss doesn’t care about his past. Last but not least, Raul is still not over his ex-girlfriend, Luz. What Raul doesn’t know is that Luz is currently seeing someone. 

Raul meets Luz, and she warns him that if he keeps bothering him, she’ll get a restraining order against him. Raul asks Luz to help him with some legal stuff since he’s opening a new restaurant with the money he borrowed from his parents. On the other hand, Ulises follows Ester’s advice and kicks Adriana, and gets a warning from his homeroom teacher. Things escalate when Esther gets into an argument with Adria’s mother when she calls Esther a crappy mother and Ulises an abuser.

As the episode progresses, Raul throws a party at his house and invites all his friends and family. At the party, Luis has a conversation with his wife about attacking Adria’s mother, but she doesn’t seem to care. Raul is hoping to impress Luz, but Pedro drops a bombshell that she is seeing someone. The situation further escalates for Santi when Blanca finds out that he is planning to dump her and move out.

Moreover, Blana also finds that Santi is enjoying the party at Raul’s house without her. Pedro learns from his erstwhile house help that his wife, Daniela, is in a mess and has been experiencing burnout due to her stressful job, but Pedro politely tells her that whatever he and Daniela have is now over.

As the episode nears its end, Blanca arrives at a party and, after a heart-to-heart, understands Santi’s decision. She tells him that she’ll soon move out of the house but needs a couple of weeks to find a new place to live. However, Raul, Pedro, and Luis are convinced that they’ll soon be back together. 

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Alpha Males season 2 reintroduces Pedro, Luis, Raul, and Santi, who are now nearing 50 and jobless. Luis’s son faces a bully, Santi struggles in a loveless marriage, Pedro lands a job, and Raul deals with heartbreak.

At Raul’s party, tensions rise as secrets unravel, leading to a bittersweet resolution for Santi and Blanca. With humor and heart, the episode sets the stage for an emotionally charged season ahead, exploring midlife struggles and imperfect relationships in a refreshingly honest manner.


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