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Game of Truth

Spring of Eighteen. Episode 7 of A Love So Beautiful begins with everyone back in a new classroom and focused on natural science. Sol-I saves a seat for Heon, so her whole gang is sitting together. Their new homeroom teacher gets everyone excited for the coming semester.

During a break, Ha-Young reads Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, the same book Mr Lee had been reading. Jin-Hwan slides over to distract her but she’s focused. He grabs the book away to make her chase him. She stops to greet Mr Lee who asks after her foot and tells her she shouldn’t run on it. Jin-Hwan circles back to get her attention but suddenly stops in his tracks.

In the lunchroom, Jin-Hwan shows everyone his discovery – a poster announcing auditions for reality show, Korea Sings. He invites everyone to join him but only Sol-I agrees. He tries to drive more camaraderie but then admits he hasn’t yet passed the preliminary round.

Sol-I’s parents are fighting at home, alarming her. When Jin-Hwan gathers everyone to support his preliminary audition and passes, he again asks the group to join him in support. This time Sol-I is lukewarm. Dae-Sung confirms he’s out if Sol-I is out.

That evening neither of Sol-I’s parents are home. In tears she waits outside for them, worried they’ll get divorced. Heon lets her cry on his sleeve. Then the other one too.

Later he sends her an encouraging text, without really meaning to send it. His brother comes in to get the laundry and he explains a dog slobbered on his sleeve. He admits the dog is cute but loud.

The next morning her parents are back and have made up. They celebrate with king crabs. Yum!

At the audition, Sol-I and Dae-Sung dance back-up to Jin-Hwan’s spectacular. Ha-Young and Heon cheer from the crowd, waving handmade signs. Unfortunately, the staff gong him and he’s carried off stage mid-rap.

At Jin-Hwan’s suggestion, they decide to make the most of their trip and stay the night. They find a place to sleep and call each other’s parents to cover stories. Jin-Hwan gets a reluctant Heon to speak to his mother. Dae-Sung makes the awful choice of having Jin-Hwan speak to his coach, pretending to be his father. They end up taking the battery out of his phone.

They sit out and look at the stars together. Fresh from reading Cosmos, Ha-Young talks about space probe Rosetta and robotic lander Philae. The others start to doze but then spot shooting stars and jump up to make wishes. Except Heon – he says they’re just dust without the power to grant them. I think he’s missing the point of wish-making.

Sol-I and Heon take a walk and he checks in regarding her parents. She’s pleased they’re back together and thanks him for listening. She asks if he really didn’t make a wish. He didn’t but asks of hers. Silly. Of course, she wished for him to like her. But she claims she took it back because it’s too heartbreaking and she’ll just keep her crush instead.

She tells him that in the future if she ever gets angry and says she’s giving up on him, he shouldn’t respond. Because she won’t mean it. He chuckles at her.

They play the game of truth together, each one writing on a slip of paper and putting it into a pile. They exchange and must keep the secret of the other, without knowing who it is. But some of the notes make the author pretty obvious. Sol-I’s selection reads: ‘I like Shin Sol-I.’

This week’s rewind is a sunset via a cliff-top view. Each shout out messages to the others, even Heon. What is he shouting? “Go, Park Ji-Sung!” I’m guessing it’s sports-related!

The Episode Review

The start of a new semester seems to have brought the old gang back together again. Sol-I cleverly saves a seat for Heon so she can gaze at him whenever she likes. Now all five huddle together in the back. Their homeroom teacher seems pretty happy to see them – note he’s the teacher that wanted Sol-I to stay rather than transfer schools.

The hiccup with Sol-I’s parents was short-lived but it would be gutting to consider your family breaking up. Poor Heon – who’s family is completely different – didn’t know how to react. But he managed to act supportive, even if it felt unfamiliar.

When the friends stay out for the night and call their parents with lies about where they’re staying, Heon doesn’t even bother to call. I wonder if his mother is worried? Or had she already left? Heon follows his own rules – and he’s probably more strict than some of the other kids’ parents.

Speaking of strict, oh, Dae-Sung. You are riding the edge, my friend. I would have been continuously grounded – for life – no matter how innocent the pastime. (This actually happened, by the way, and yes, I am scarred.) Coach may actually kill him; except he’s got that swim meet coming up. If he doesn’t get his gold medal, I see four walls and a private pool in his future. And no fun at all.

The Game of Truth – even though we haven’t yet followed through its course, who do you think wrote the note that Sol-I picked? I’m banking on Dae-Sung but do you think it could be Heon? Sol-I would lose. her. mind! And after the last episode, she must think it’s possible. She’s got a 50/50 chance there. But wait a minute – she hasn’t recognized Dae-Sung’s feelings for her yet, has she? In fact, no one has. She must think it’s Heon. What drama awaits…


FYI, in case you’re curious, we’ve got all the info – Park Ji-Sung is a famous retired Korean soccer player who is currently a club ambassador for Manchester United.

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