A Love So Beautiful – K-drama Episode 24 (Finale) Recap & Review

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Episode 24 of A Love So Beautiful begins with Heon waking next to Sol-I and using the opportunity to watch her sleep. We zip to the video message he’s recording for Sol-I, talking about their relationship. For him, it started when Sol-I said she liked him (Love Letter).

He describes her following him around in high school. First testing her resolve, he then began observing and waiting for her. Because of Sol-I, he did things he never thought he’d do, surprising even himself (Don’t Worry.mp3).

Then one day everything she did started to bother him. He spoke out of anger, hurting her feelings (Drama Festival (feat. Let’s Go, Baby)). Because he was too young, he put his own pain first. But at the thought of her transferring schools, he couldn’t sleep. Heon was afraid she’d leave him for good (Don’t Go).

He slowly started to realise that she made him smile (Happy Birthday) and before he knew it, he was taking care of her more and more often (Game of Truth). That’s how they started dating (First Kiss).

At the time he felt he had the answer to their relationship and didn’t see he was on the wrong path. He never imagined himself without her (Farewell Formula). Breaking up felt unfamiliar and he thought he could get her back.

Then he realized he’d underestimated the situation. Even when she wouldn’t see him off before going to America, he remained selfish. But upon seeing her again, he realised there was never anyone else but Sol-I (It’s Been A While).

He closes the video with, ‘Now I know that compared to my egotistical self, you are a really good person.’ She accepts him and loves him as he is and he will never let go. Sol-I shares that her dream was to marry the guy she likes.

Flash to cute bloopers.

The Episode Review

Not a bad last hurrah using the tease from Episode 23 to trot out a ‘best of’ the series, focusing on pivotal moments between Sol-I and Heon. It was nice to be able to see what’s been going on in Heon’s head. And it was especially gratifying to hear his admissions about himself and his feelings for her.

The only piece that feels a bit of a miss is Sol-I’s wrap up. Originally, she started the story with narration connecting past to present. Without it, it felt like Heon took over telling what was her story.

The bloopers at the end were great and probably the best opportunity to see what the actor Kim Yo-Han (K-pop star Yohan of guy group WEi) is really like. Considerably more energetic and playful than his character Heon. Considering that Kim Yo-Han is only 21, around five years younger than the other key cast members, he did a good job of carrying half this story.

For the most part, this final instalment offered a pleasing end and filled in many of the untold blanks. My next story on this drama is a full season review, so if you’d like to contribute your thoughts below, please do, as I’d love to include the sentiments! I’ll check the comment section before wrapping the final story in the next few days.

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  1. Ooh, Kate, what a thought! Perhaps you’re on to something? I interpreted that cartoon as one she’d originally drawn as a student (giving him back the cold shoulder, even if only as a fantasy). But maybe it’s also an open door for a newly created Season 2? The Chinese version (based on a novel) stopped at Season 1 but you never know… Shall we cast our votes?

  2. I enjoyed the series very much.. I must say though that after watching the entire season I was very disappointed that we did not get to see Heon and Sol-I get married like we did the other couple. I was also a bit confused in the scene when Sol-I was finishing her web toon showing the boy proposing to the girl and Soli-I writes in the caption “No thanks, I don’t want to marry you”. Hmmm….makes me wonder..

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