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Episode 13 of A Love So Beautiful begins after the barbecue as Dae-Sung walks Sol-I home. Heon is waiting outside but Sol-I ducks away, not wanting to speak to him. Dae-Sung tells Heon that he likes Sol-I and not to hurt her feelings. Sol-I cries in her room, getting under the blankets.

Jin-Hwan catches Heon listlessly shopping. He guesses he fought with Sol-I. Jin-Hwan tells Heon he’ll help him fix things with Sol-I for snacks and Heon falls for it.

In the classroom, Heon drops a huge bag of treats on Sol-I’s desk while her head is down. They fall and Dae-sung picks them up. Sol-I says they’re not hers and Dae-Sung dumps them back on Heon’s desk. Defeated, Heon gives the whole bag to Jin-Hwan. Dae-Sung suggests some fun for the next day and Sol-I accepts.

Mi-Nyeo and Se-Hyeong are trading horoscope compatibility assessments for bread. Ha Young checks Scorpio and Cancer and Jin-Hwan is thrilled – as he’s Cancer, he presumes Ha Young must mean him. Sol-I claims she doesn’t have a crush to check.

An agitated Hui-Ji asks Mr Lee for painkillers and he hesitates. He’d given her some the previous day but eventually relents. When he finds Heon in the hallway he asks him to look out for Hui-Ji as she’s having a hard time.

Dae-Sung and Sol-I chat outside and talk about their upcoming day out, but she’s not got much enthusiasm. Hui-Ji bumps into Sol-I but forces her to apologize. Dae-Sung steps in to defend Sol-I but Heon shows up and stops the argument, favouring Hui-Ji. Sol-I calls him a jerk. It’s so not his day.

Hui-Ji sneaks into the staff room and looks to be stealing the calculus midterm folder. The Dean catches her but Ms Moon arrives as Hui-Ji bursts into tears saying it’s not what they think.

At home, Geon shows Heon the love letter he received. Heon is surprised he’s getting love letters at his age but Geon says he also received them in kindergarten. He notes that Sol-I told him Heon got them then too.

Heon asks if they’re close and Geon tells him that Sol-I is his ideal type. Geon’s dream is to marry someone as cute as Sol-I. No, he’ll just marry her. He continues that it’s a trend to marry older women. Heon tries to kick him out and Geon notes that if he’s in a fight with Sol-I, the man should apologize first – because it’s mostly the guy’s fault.

Jin-Hwan teaches Heon to play the piano for Sol-I and Ha Young tricks her into meeting in the auditorium. She doesn’t look as moved as I thought she would.

Walking home, students are talking about Hui-Ji stealing test papers, disparaging her. Su-Jin defends her but they continue.

Heon walks home, following behind Sol-I. That’s a first. He watches Dae-Sung pick her up on his bike and head out. At a game-room they play basketball but Dae-Sung has something going on with his shoulder. He receives a text from his Dad regarding a meeting at the hospital.

The doctor says Dae-Sung shouldn’t train or compete for a bit because of his shoulder. Unsurprisingly, it’s raining. He calls Sol-I to make sure she got home ok. Heon is outside with two umbrellas. He overhears the call and doesn’t approach Sol-I.

Flashback to Heon choosing two umbrellas from the stand and telling Geon that he’s going to see the neighbourhood dog. Geon runs to get his coat but Heon slips out first.

The Episode Review

Oh Heon, what are you going to do now? Looks like you’ve used up your credits with Sol-I and she is genuinely wounded. Just being sweet isn’t going to cut it. You may actually have to have a conversation. With words.

Meanwhile, that opening by Dae-Sung was fantastic. Go get ‘em! Only to be compared to Heon’s younger brother Geon – how old is that kid? And where can I get one? Seriously his ‘the man is mostly wrong anyway.’ Exactly – where did he learn that? Every line out of that kid’s mouth made me chuckle.

I had been hoping the flashback would explain Dae-Sung’s trip to the hospital. But no, instead it was more from eagle-eye Geon. Maybe his precociousness reminds me a bit of my youngest brother when he was little. That little weasel always had the sage-like solution to any older sibling’s problem – or parent, grandparent, neighbor… And awesome timing. He couldn’t help himself.

But back to Dae-Sung and his shoulder injury. So, where did that spring from? In the last edition, he successfully performed for the national swim coach without issue. Has his injury from episode 2 resurfaced?  If it’s enough to keep him from swimming it sounds on the serious side. Hopefully, we’ll find out next time.

I’m less bothered by the injury itself (sorry Dae-Sung) and more about how it didn’t seem to connect to the rest of the instalment. They go by quickly in 25 minutes but usually manage to connect the episodic dots. If you spotted something I missed, please chime in below.

Meanwhile, Jin-Hwan is heading right behind Sol-I in the heartbreak department or so it seems. At this point, Ha Young couldn’t be less interested. He’s going to have to come up with something monumental to wrench her gaze away from Mr Lee. Luckily, if offered an opportunity, he’s got just enough chutzpah to do it.

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback! I agree – the plot is simple, the characters are likeable and the episodes are short & sharp. Definitely an easy watch.

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