All Time Low – Tell Me I’m Alive | Album Review

all time low


Track Listing

Tell Me I’m Alive
Modern Love
Are You There?
Calm Down
English Blood//American Heartache
The Sound Of Letting Go
New Religion (Feat. Teddy Swims)
The Way You Miss Me
I’d Be Fine (If I Never Saw You Again)
Kill Ur Vibe
The Other Side
Lost Along The Way


All Time Low takes their popular sound up a notch, and this is an unhappy band looking for love to inspire them. Tell Me I’m Alive is even more lyrical and memorable than previous records, pushing the band through pain.

Tell Me I’m Alive is a colossal album for All Time Low as it presents an even bigger story, a fable carrying weight and relevance. The act is empty, and they’re trying to claw away from drugs and alcohol while trying to address their personal traumas.

Gone are the poppy days when All Time Low rallied sweet and sickly songs. On this record, they’re completely focused, rarely missing the mark, and these songs all point to suffering.

Modern Love is a song conveying a broken bond, the dismay of taking drugs, and then feeling the effects in the morning. The guitar work here is sturdy, but it’s the story that grabs the attention.

Sleepwalking is dark but arresting with its rousing guitar strokes, and the band depicts a love scene gone wrong. They’re in their element, proving they have worth even when they’re hurting this much.

The Sound Of Letting Go describes demons biting hard and fast. The song has poppy vibes, and elements of soft rock, though it hits hard as the lyrics ingrain every piece of it.

Lost Along The Way marriages emotion with acoustic flair, and the band show their true feelings here as the chorus bursts into a loud segment.

All Time Low has developed their sound, and this is the darkest record they’ve ever produced.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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