All The Young – Tales Of Grandeur | Album Review

Track Listing

Back to Love
Thugs ‘n’ Thieves
Freddy’s Freedom
City of Love
Radio Now
Smile and Fake It
Tomorrow’s Fix
Born with Cold Eyes
The Beach
Quiet Life


All The Young excels with a blast of rock energy. Their record Tales Of Grandeur is diverse and incredibly accessible, and when those guitar lines drop and the production comes into fruition, it really is a dreamy sound.

Breathing life into rock takes talent and strokes of luck. All The Young properly pushes the limits of their sound, stating true honesty throughout their songs, and luck is definitely on their side as well as immaculate musicality.

Tales Of Grandeur has emotional twists and turns, and it confirms that this band knows how to place a hook or two. The instrumentals have been implemented with great measure and assertiveness too, and the written word comes in like a welcomed embrace.

Lyrically, the band does well to describe their beat-up world, the ups and downs of love, and cut-throat society. They’re an intelligent outfit, and this record reflects that.

‘Forever’ starts things off with a blast of rock, and the vocals come in with ease. The song conveys walking alone through the forest of heartache at 6am. The riffs throughout this are well constructed.

Juxtaposing that though is ‘City Of Love’, which serves as a ballad. A song is infused with an 80’s edge and sound. The vocal work is subtle, and the track describes a head full of demons and broken lust.

‘Born With Cold Eyes’ is an acoustic track brimming in emotion. It’s so intelligent and a clear standout; a highlight that should be spotlighted.

‘Quiet Life’ goes along slowly too. It conveys true freedom, and the riff is simple but effective. It’s another standout here.

All The Young do well to deliver a record of lyrical connection and bountiful hooks. This one’s well worth a listen!

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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