All The Places (2023) Movie Review – A charming Mexican road trip

A charming Mexican road trip

Heartwarming Mexican road trip drama “All the Places”, which premiered on Netflix, centers on a distant sibling duo who reconnect at their dad’s funeral after a 15-year separation. The two decide to live out their childhood desire to embark on a road trip through the country in an effort to patch things up. The two siblings meet some people and deepen their relationship as they travel a long and healing path.

The movie does not offer anything brand new, but it succeeds in capturing the emotional bond that siblings frequently share. The death of one of Fernando and Gabo’s family members serves as a catalyst for them to reestablish their previous bond. After all these decades, when they finally cross paths, they begin to slowly recall the promises they made to one another as children.

The storyline is complex and nuanced and it’ll undoubtedly resonate. Themes of self-discovery, emotional challenges, and rekindling familial ties are beautifully translated on screen. The storyline is grounded in reality, capturing the arguments, joy, and adventure that characterize a genuine and honest deep sibling bond.

Furthermore, the movie’s witty pranks and ridicule sequences elevate the entire plot and help audiences connect and draw a link to their own interactions with their siblings.

Although the comedy in the film is not particularly strong, it doesn’t detract from the comfort of watching. Viewers may be particularly interested in the emotional connection between the two siblings since the movie does a lovely job of bringing this out.

The comedy-drama is a translation of the German film “25 km/h” from 2018. Both movies follow the same plot beats, with the siblings’ cross-country journey helping them reconcile their differences and rediscover their sense of purpose while also creating stories.

The drama is enhanced by the on-screen performances of skillful performers including Mauricio Ochmann, Ana Serradilla, David Chocarro, and Diana Bovio. Additionally, the thrilling ride that Fernando and Gabo consider taking leads to the movie’s final settings, all of which are simply breathtaking. The cinematography further plays a significant role in conveying the beauty of each place.

All things considered, All the Places is a good movie to watch with your family members or friends. The actors deliver outstanding performances that enhance the heartwarming story. It’s not perfect but if you’re after a good road trip movie, this one certainly hits the mark.


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  • Verdict - 7/10

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