All The Places (2023) Ending Explained – Do the siblings ultimately confront their fears?

All The Places (2023) Plot Synopsis

Heartwarming Mexican road trip drama “All the Places”, centers on a distant sibling duo who reconnect at their dad’s funeral after a 15-year separation. The two decide to live out their childhood desire to embark on a road trip through the country in an effort to patch things up. The two siblings meet some people and deepen their relationship as they travel a long and healing path.

The storyline is complex and nuanced and it’ll undoubtedly resonate. Themes of self-discovery, emotional challenges, and rekindling familial ties are beautifully translated on screen. The storyline is grounded in reality, capturing the arguments, joy, and adventure that characterize a genuine and honest deep sibling bond.

Furthermore, the movie’s witty pranks and ridicule sequences elevate the entire plot and help audiences connect and draw a link to their own interactions with their siblings.

What sets the movie’s plot in motion?

Fernando finally shows up as Gabriela Medina, nicknamed “Gabo”, is nearly halfway through her eulogy at her dad’s funeral. She fights with her brother because she is enraged that he couldn’t even make it to his own dad’s funeral in time. Fernando, who is nicknamed “Fer”, decided to leave his dad with his sister and he relocated to Singapore for a job about fifteen years ago.

Fer is surprised by the amount of antiques that are still in Gabo’s home. When Fer spots their old ping-pong table, the two begin to play. They eventually become tipsy after Gabo finally relaxes. A prior agreement between them is also revealed.

When the Medina brother and sister were going to turn 18, they decided to go on a trip. The journey would end when they both arrived in Acapulco, having begun in the historic center of San Miguel de Allende. Fernando persuades Gabo to join him on the trip despite her reservations. The two set off on their trip with their bikes.

What revelations are made on the trip?

Fernando suggests going back to San Miguel at the hotel they are passing. Gabo accuses him of making a second attempt to leave although it was his decision in the first place. Gabo chooses to proceed alone. Fernando makes the decision to follow suit and eventually catches up to her.

While Fernando spends some time with a girl, Gabo meets a guy she finds interesting and they spend hours together. It turns out that the guy is drawn to strange tantric sex. The girl and Fernando share a kiss, but she simply states that she was fascinated but isn’t interested. Fernando and Gabo bring up their dad during their discussion. He rejects her claims that he started changing after receiving a cancer diagnosis and seemed to be proud of Fernando.

Fer and Gabo pick up two backpackers as they proceed on their trip. One of them says the Medina siblings have a cosmic bond and come together when they are in need. Gabo admits during the discussion that she attempted to get pregnant but it wasn’t working out. Furthermore, she also got divorced. The former was unknown to Fernando, but she goes on to explain that it wasn’t something she could message him.

After smoking cannabis together, Fernando claims to have a kid named Ricardo. After settling down, Gabo recalls this and demands to know about it. He admits that his girlfriend became pregnant and was considering keeping the kid while he wished to go to London to get his master’s. They agreed that if he wasn’t going to play a role in the kid’s life, he shouldn’t meet him.

Fernando tells her that Ricardo, as well as his mom, are currently staying in Mexico City when Gabo inquires as to their whereabouts. Seeing as it’s on the way, Gabo believes he should meet them.

What happens after the siblings meet Ricardo?

The siblings follow Ricardo after spotting him. They decide to accompany him after seeing the guy play with his peers. After the game, Ricardo lures them with a make-believe tale about an elderly couple. When he turns to leave, he casts Fernando a glance that suggests he feels a connection. Once Fernando is unwilling to acknowledge that he’s a dad, the brother and sister fight.

Fer accuses Gabo of constantly remaining in her bubble and staying in San Miguel, while she decides to call him out for constantly avoiding responsibility.

Fernando calls Ricardo’s mom after Gabo decides to leave. He explains to her that his dad passed away and that he wished he had known a little about his kid. If he happens to agree to become a part of his everyday life, she allows him to meet Ricardo. She bids him goodbye and hangs up when he is hesitant to answer.

Do Gabo and Fer complete their journey?

Gabo continues the journey by herself. She is caught up to by Ricardo, who apologizes. They come to an understanding thereafter though. As they eat lunch together, Gabo acknowledges that she fears leaving San Miguel since she is afraid she will fail. She goes on to tell him that he helped her experience a lot on the trip.

Fernando gambles their vehicles in a ping-pong fight against strangers, which they ultimately lose. Fernando is physically assaulted once they are unwilling to keep their end of the deal. Fortunately, Gabo has extra keys. They finally arrive in Acapulco after stealing the bikes back.

Do the siblings ultimately confront their fears?

After arriving back in San Miguel, the pair must now part ways. They preserve things to remind them of their journey. Later footage shows Gabo getting on a plane. She responds, “everywhere,” when the attendant inquires about her destination. She has begun her worldwide travels after finally overcoming her anxiety about leaving San Miguel.

On the other side, Fernando arrives at Ricardo’s front door. He has therefore made the decision to accept responsibility. In the end, the road trip enabled the siblings to confront their innermost feelings and grow as people.


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