‘All the Little Raindrops’ Book Ending Explained – Who kidnapped Noelle and Evan?

All The Little Raindrops Plot Summary

The story centers on two individuals, Noelle Meyer and Evan Sinclair. Both of them are kidnapped and thrown into cages within a strange room. Neither knows how they got there, why they’ve been chosen or for what purpose. However, the pair do have a connection to their past, which shows some bad blood between them.

Despite their connection, the pair form an unlikely alliance to try and thwart their kidnappers and escape. At around the 100 page mark, Raindrops then jumps forward and here, the tale takes on a much more straightforward investigative thriller, one tinged with romance and a heady mystery at its heart. Eventually, this comes full circle back to the initial torturous ordeal the pair worked so hard to escape.

It soon becomes clear that there’s a mastermind working in the shadows; someone who wants Evan and Noelle to try and figure this thing out. Are they walking into danger? Or is this person somehow just masterminding another dangerous game?

Who else were taken as part of the game?

Across the book we see snippets of different individuals who were taken to be part of these sick caged games. Lars and Hanh are two whom we learn about early on, and they also managed to escape. Tallulah and Iris are two prostitutes who were also taken, while we also see details about Grim and Cedro, who are the current captives after the time jump. and also locked up.

What do Noelle and Evan find?

8 years pass and Noelle has moved on, raising a daughter called Callie. When Evan shows up, he’s shocked to learn this is his daughter. Evan is also now a PI and investigating what happened to them in the past.

After some time, they learn the truth about their parents.¬†Dow was hired by Noelle’s father for revenge against his wife being killed by Leonard Sinclair.

Noelle’s mother had been planning a trip to Hawaii. She was working at Evan’s father’s place as a housecleaner as a secret job. They never had an affair after all. Noelle walked in on Evan’s father watching something awful and playing with himself. She tried to take photographic evidence but he discovered her and killed the woman in cold blood.

Who is the Collector?

After a trip over to the jewellers, the pair learn more about the secret rubies. Mr Baudelaire seems to think there are 2 red diamonds (not a ruby), and the other seems to belong to Professor Vitucci, Evan’s therapist.

Vitucci is the Collector and he’s the one who orchestrated all of this to find an “in” to the game. At the Van Daele manor, he saw his mother abused and eventually killed, explaining his connection to the “massacre at the ball”. 14 people died that night in the massacre, and among those men in attendance who was responsible for the murders was Leonard Sinclair.

The Collector helps people escape and that’s where he gets his pleasure; seeing those escape in a way that his mother and sister could not. Some of the police and FBI are actually “players” of this game so Vitucci couldn’t go to the police either.

How does Vitucci get his revenge?

Vitucci was the one who killed Dow Maginn originally and hacked into the game to set all of this up. Noelle’s father was in on this too, and he placed Evan in the cage. However, Leonard Sinclair got his revenge by choosing Noelle as the compatriot in the opposite cage. Noelle’s father died of a heart attack when he found out his own daughter was stuck inside. “Two men so bent on revenge that they sacrificed the other’s child.”

Caspar Vitucci’s revenge is deep-rooted and he admits he was forced to watch his sister being raped by Leonard Sinclair, tearing the necklace from her throat while Caspar was bound and helpless. Sinclair had kept his sister’s diamond.

How does All The Little Raindrops end?

Vitucci (The Collector) watches with the other big businessmen as Grim and Cedro escape. While they do, Vitucci works with Gervais Baudelair, who happens to be a server, to spike every drink. They also lower cages holding women in the room and free them. Everyone else in attendance is poisoned.

Noelle and Evan record the whole thing from Vitucci’s office, which has a livestream playing, as Vitucci kills Dedryck, the guy who started it all. He’s the one who came up with this idea. After, Vitucci kills himself, downing the same poisoned liquid. He toasts for “Celesse” which seems to be his sister.

During the epilogue, Noelle returns home to Callie. At the same time, Evan assists the police as they unravel the crime and the extent of the corruptipn. Grim and Cedro are safe. The handful of survivors from the poison are in prison.

Evan shows off a ring box to Noelle. It holds his mums ring inside which Baudelaire sent anonymously. Evan puts it on Noelle’s finger and they promise one another than they’ll love and be whole. Together. Forever.


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