All the Light We Cannot See – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

All the Light We Cannot See Episode 3 picks up where we left off in the previous episode. The senior asks Werner to enter the house and kill Marie. Werner is reluctant, though, and has no intention of killing her. Luckily, Etienne shows up. As a consequence, Etienne and Werner end up killing the higher-ups and saving Marie.

Following this, Etienne questions Werner about why he didn’t kill his superior. Werner tells him that the explanation will be lengthy. Werner then helps Etienne put the carcasses away in a corner for the gulls to eat. Etienne then leaves Marie a message on the door about the chapters he wants her to read on the radio. He then leaves with Werner after this.

Werner tells Etienne how a lecturer on the radio offered him hope amidst the chaos of his life when Etienne questions him about why he killed his supervisor. This prompts Etienne to ask Werner to stay in his basement, and he promptly leaves.

The scene then shifts back in time to see David and Marie’s arrival at Madame Manec’s. Madame Manec, in the course of a friendly exchange, quotes Etienne. This proves to Marie that Etienne is the academic figure she has been following her whole life.

The next thing we know, David has the Sea of Flames in his possession. However, Etienne doesn’t want the Germans to enter the home because he is a member of the resistance. Therefore, David takes the valuable stone and changes his course.

The scene then shifts to Rumpel, who tells a prostitute about his illness and why he’s looking for the stone. The story then flashes back in time to show Rumpel searching the museum for the jewel. However, he is unable to locate the jewel there and later finds out that David and his blind daughter are in possession of it. The prostitute then promises to give Rumpel the blind girl’s address if he will help her leave the country.

The resistance is questioning Werner. They are going to shoot him, but Etienne blocks them from doing that. Meanwhile, explosions from artillery indicate an American assault on the city. The episode ends when Rumpel is shown smashing through the door to get Marie.

The Episode Review

The third episode of the series finds Werner, having gained Etienne’s trust, discussing his haunting past as well as his connection to shortwave 13.10. On the other hand, Daniel takes drastic measures to fool the Gestapo.

The episode advances the plot and gives us more background information on the main characters. We also learn why Rumpel is so determined to find the jewel.

The actors continue to do a fantastic job in their respective roles. This is the icing on the cake, as the show cares more about its characters’ journeys than it does about the war itself.

Given that we’re one episode away from the finale episode, it’ll be intriguing to see the way the tale unfolds moving forward.

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