All the Light We Cannot See – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

All the Light We Cannot See Episode 2 begins with Rumpel interrogating Marie-Laure. She manages to strike him and break free of his hold. Following this, we are transported to the past.

The German invasion of France coincides with Marie’s birthday. When they visit the Museum of Natural History, her dad fills a container with priceless gems, including the Sea of Flames. Since they ended up missing the last train, Marie and her father are shown eating on the floor while she listens to the professor on the radio.

In the present, Werner’s superior inquires as to why he is guarding the young woman behind the radio. Following this, we are taken back in time to Werner’s childhood. Werner and his sister Jutta were raised in a convent, revealing that they are both orphans. The two of them love listening to the French professor on the radio, who talks about light and hope.

However, one day, an army officer blackmails Werner into fixing his wife’s radio since he knows Werner tunes in to illegal stations. Since Werner is a radio technical expert, he takes care of the problem.

Following that, Werner’s off to get an education at Berlin’s illustrious National Institute. Here, both his instructors and his peers make life difficult for him, and he finds it difficult to find his way around the classroom. While on the phone with his sister, Jutta, he puts on a strong face.

In the present-day timeline, Werner is told that his sister will suffer a horrible death if the radio host isn’t found. Following this, Werner is compelled to help his superior track down Marie’s home, and the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

During episode 2, amid heated questioning, Marie reflects on the Nazi takeover of Paris. Werner, in the meantime, recalls the day a Nazi SS officer paid a visit to the orphanage he was living at.

The episode does an excellent job of explaining what has happened in the past and what binds the primary characters together. Although they’ve not met yet, their appreciation of the professor on the radio offers them something in common.

The actors in the show do an incredible job in their roles, wholeheartedly bringing their characters to life on screen. This episode was also fascinating because it gave us a glimpse into the characters backstories, focusing mostly on their formative years.

Given that the superior visits Marie’s home with Werner, it’ll be interesting to see the way the storyline unfolds moving forward.

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