All That We Loved – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

If You Don’t Let Go Even When Things Go Awry

All That We Loved episode 7 jumps back to the fight, where Joon Hee dives in to defend another victim of the school bully. Soon Tak and Yoo have chosen a place to eat but Yoo is antsy.

Moments later he’s launching kicks in Joon Hee’s defence and the two knock down all the bullies. Walking home, Yoo is surprised to hear that Joon Hee threw the first punch. And even moreso to hear him defend So Yeon’s habit.

In 2023, So Yeon describes the first time she stole something to Dr Go.

While in 2006 Joon Hee mentions cellular memory, pondering his various tests. Turns out he actually did react to eating peanuts.

The next morning, he makes coffee for Grandmother just as Yoo would. When Yoo wakes up he happens upon Joon Hee’s notes regarding their new similarities.

In class, So Yeon gives Joon Hee a drink as a thank you. Yoo tries to convince Joon Hee to throw it away, but he tucks it into his bag.

Yoo rings his mother to ask about cellular memory only to hear it’s a phenomenon that’s been reported elsewhere but she doesn’t believe it. She notes findings that demonstrate newly developed likes and dislikes of the donor, stretching even to the person one loves.

Noticing he’s upset, Yoo’s mother tries to escape the hospital to see him for a bit, but emergencies keep both his parents at work.

The next day, Joo Hee catches So Yeon in a shop and prevents her from swiping something. Yoo notices them exiting, Joon Hee still holding So Yeon’s wrist. Afterwards the guys argue about what’s happening with So Yeon.

Yoo asks Joon Hee if he’s defending her because of cellular memory. But Joon Hee notes he’s liked her all along and now they’re friends. Yoo can’t believe he’d choose So Yeon over their bestie-ship.

In the classroom, a girl’s wallet is missing and others murmur it’s probably So Yeon. The student finds her wallet but the implication is out.

The class is given their final grades. Joo Hee is number one and Go Yoo is in last place. The teacher points out that students who want to succeed should look to the top five and avoid the bottom five. He says the top will never cross paths with the bottom in the future.

In 2023, Soon Tak finds So Yeon with Dr Go at the office.

At school, the whispering has gotten louder and students say that Yoo is avoiding her because of the pilfering. Joon Hee questions the class and no one has actually seen her steal anything – it’s gossip. But Yoo’s names gives it credence.

In the hallway, Joon Hee confronts Yoo about the stories going around. Yoo maintains it’s not a rumour if it’s true. Joon Hee starts it as the hands fly between them.

The Episode Review

So Yeon has certainly made an impression on both the guys, coming to the point of erupting into different life philosophies. Could this argument be the thing that sends them in different directions?

From the beginning, the guys are so clearly intertwined, even moreso as Joon Hee discovers more similarities to Yoo post donor operation, they’re also at a pivotal point in making life choices. Is it better to call out bad behaviour? Or is it more important to be supportive, taking time to understand the circumstances?

And even though this explosion is about So Yeon, our view of her is fairly one-sided and from the perspective of Yoo and Joon Hee. We’re hearing about medical reasons but nothing about her personally – her family, why she’s moved so often, what her home life is like, etc. So, there’s not much context to what’s behind what’s happening. From what we’ve seen, they know as little as we do.

One more episode to go which will hopefully fill in all the blanks. Do we think the inseparable pair will reconnect?

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