All That We Loved – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

What Drove Us Crazy

All That We Loved episode 2 picks up with the hug in 2006 then transports us to Dr Go and So Yeon at his office. She babbles, noting his awards and asking for soju to add to the coffee he’s made but he doesn’t drink.

She notes she should have come sooner, as it’s been 16 years since they’ve seen each other. Notably, she’s pleased to confirm he’s not married.

Back to 2006 and Yoo and Joon Hee are unimpressed with So Yeon’s rudeness to another student. After school, the guys seek a ‘heaven’ that will grant beer with their fake ID. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, they land at home to order in.

Meanwhile at the cafe, So Yeon notices a colleague’s watch in the staff area. Later the co-worker can’t find it. And Joon Hee’s Grandmother has an unsuccessful day selling flowers.

Throughout the day, on the hunt for beer, the guys and So Yeon run into to each other, but don’t speak. Unsurprisingly, the guys can’t stop talking about her.

Later, after Yoo has recovered from his nut allergy attack, the guys recall their first meeting. Yoo had brought Joon Hee to see his brother in the hospital, perhaps on the sly.

After Yoo leaves, Joon Hee continues to fall prey to dizzy spells but takes medicine so he can study on. He realizes it’s late and goes out to find his grandmother. She notices he’s flushed but he makes an excuse. The next day he’s wearing glasses.

Flash forward and Dr Go is now wearing glasses. So Yeon appears once again after business hours. She’s dolled up and brought soju this time to add to the coffee. Making friendly conversation, she ponders why Dr Go is so boring. Although he claims to be having fun, he can’t meet her eyes.

Back in the school yard the same senior tries to pick a fight with Joon Hee but walks away to instead focus on messing with another kid. In class, Yoo offers spare gym clothes to So Yeon. They enter gym late to ooohs from classmates.

Yoo gives a teacher-requested lesson in basketball slam-dunking and spends class giving everyone one-on-one lessons. He’s super proud when unathletic Joon Hee finally makes a basket. And nearly as excited to spot that So Yeon has some athletic ability.

In the evening, Joo Hee hits a bookstore but has another series of dizzy spells. His senior bully just happens to spot him, dragging him to an ally for a beating and taunting that his savior isn’t here now.  At his own house, Yoo is home sleeping yet resting fitfully.

The Episode Review

It’s as if the two are connected by more than external ties. Could there have been more than one surgery tying them together? Has Joon Hee always been unwell – and is that why Yoo is so protective and hyper-aware of his health? Could it be the same thing that killed Joon Young? And where could things have ended with So Yeon if she and Dr Go haven’t seen each other in 16 years?

With a little desk research, it seems that headaches, dizzy spells and concentration issues are all early signs of kidney disease – which was the subject of the surgery in Episode 1. I can’t imagine a few shots to the head and gut will help his symptoms either, so perhaps we’ll discover that the beating Joon Hee takes speeds him closer toward that surgery.

Although this episode was more streamlined than the first, with fewer cuts to different time periods, it lacks the same intensity, filling in with random and seemingly unimportant information. Perhaps all those little crumbs will lead to a bigger trail that’s yet to be revealed.

It’s interesting that Yoo and Joon Hee seem red-string-tied together, with Yoo able to sense Joon Hee’s distress. It’s also a common Korean drama trope to tie key characters together through childhood or dramatic experiences, but let’s see if they can add a new spin to it.

If you’re wondering who plays the adult Dr Go, it’s well-versed actor Song Jae Rim – perhaps you recognized him from Clean with Passion for Now (Netflix), Moon Embracing the Sun (Apple TV) or Our Gap Soon (Viki)?

And in this chapter, indicated by the glasses and perhaps the personality, it seems that the one who survived the surgery, to later become Dr Go, is Joon Hee. Red herring? It’s still too soon to tell for sure – anything could have happened in the last 16 years. If you have some guesses, drop them in the comments below.

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