All Rise – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review


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All Rise returns this week with another instalment, featuring a topical case depicting the influence of internet and social media, but also with the addition of a questionable new lawyer. Each week, All Rise has managed to conjure up different and original stories, and it’s this that makes All Rise a pretty entertaining watch.

The media are all over the courthouse for the trial of Olivia McLeland, accused of murdering her reality-TV boss Hayley by forcefully administering heroin. Callan and Kansky warn Carmichael about defence lawyer Price as he doesn’t seem to follow the rules. The trial starts but Carmichael has trouble keeping her courtroom quiet as the case has attracted a lot of media and online attention.

Meanwhile, Callan and Lopez meet with her client, Billy, accused of second degree robbery. Callan proposes a plea bargain: a reduced sentence in exchange for the location of the stolen goods and if he testifies against his cousins. After agreeing to the plea, they all head to Billy’s house with the police in order to search the place. They’re suddenly interrupted by his grandmother though who threatens Billy for betraying his family.

After listening to Price misinterpreting the case to the media, Carmichael returns to court, intent on continuing with proceedings. Price’s first witness confirms that Hayley was a heroin addict before shocking everyone and showing a video of Hayley, high on drugs. During another recess, Bennet warns Lola about Price’s methods and tells her this case could end her career.

Billy tells Lopez that he doesn’t want to testify anymore as he’s scared of his grandma, prompting him to suggest another deal, this time with no jail time. As the day ends, Carmichael finds out that her address has been leaked online. Kansky invites her to stay in her house and after the initial awkwardness, they finally bond over Kansky’s past. After helping Lola deal with Price’s behaviour, they receive a text from Judge Bennet that Hayley’s video has been leaked.

After Lopez manages to convince Callan to give Billy no jail time, Callan heads to see his boss about the new plea bargain. He relays the threats he received and suggests a 3 year probation while Lopez and Luke later go on a double date with a jury member and his wife.

The next day, Price continues his theatrical shenanigans. This prompts Carmichael to threaten him with filing a complaint and taking it to state bar. Choi then interrogates Olivia and after a few questions, she finally admits to the crime, explaining that she felt that she had no choice; she was caught stealing and didn’t want to go jail but was also jealous as Haley was throwing her life away.

As the day draws to a close, Carmichael confronts Price about his behaviour in court and reiterates the importance of justice and the people he defends. The episode then ends on a touching note with Lopez helping Luke find a quiet place to study and finally sharing a kiss with him.

If there’s one thing All Rise manages to do well, it’s present us with new and original ideas each week in the form of interesting cases, tackling everyday current issues. This week briefly touches on the power of social media as well as the press, especially with how it affected Lola and the case. While it could have been developed a little more, it still had enough impact to make for an intriguing watch.

The show continues to deliver decent storylines for each character, even if they’re sometimes a little predictable. Although on the same subject, seeing Lopez and Callan challenging each other was quite fun to watch. All Rise has been quite the entertaining drama so far, with new cases each week and plenty of topical ideas to digest. Whether the show manages to keep the same pace and interest going forward though, remains to be seen.


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