All Rise – Season 1 Episode 18 Recap & Review

The Punishments

All Rise returns this week with one of its strongest episodes to date as we see our main protagonists facing unfair punishments for their recent actions, while Emily deals with a difficult but interesting case. This latest chapter was quite the refreshing one as it changes its format slightly and injects some excitement surrounding quite what is up next for our judge and lawyers.

Episode 18 of All Rise starts with Emily and Luke waking up in bed after their romantic night together. Emily heads to yoga with Sara and tells her she is still not sure she loves Luke. Meanwhile, Lola meets with her old friend Rachel who is back in town. She announces that she is starting her own firm which has always been her dream and wants Lola to join her.

Emily arrives at work and meets her client Pamela with her uncle Freddie. We find out that she is charged for drug possession with intent to sell, while Lola learns from Benner that she has been assigned to arraignment court, which Sherry believes is a punishment because of what happened with her attorney general candidacy. In her office, David Sanders, Benner’s strategist, is waiting for her and just as he is about to confront her about some political issues, Lola’s husband arrives to surprise his wife. This prompts Sanders to leave when he realizes who her husband is.

Mark is sent to the charge evaluation unit where Choi tells him they need help with the backlog. He heads there and gets put to work straight away while Lola, Sherry and Sara head to court to start the arraignments. After setting a court date for her client Pamela, Emily worries about her as she thinks that Freddie is her pimp. She speaks to the DA lawyer about it and asks for a misdemeanour because she believes she is victim of sex trafficking. Maggie tells her she needs proof so Emily manages to convinces Pamela to tell the truth about Freddie.

Lola and Mark meet on the stairs to discuss their days and Rachel’s return as the firm she’s opening used to be a dream for them. They later all meet for drinks and joke about their time in college. Lola is surprised to find out that Robin had a job interview in LA but didn’t tell her.

During an interview with a detective, Emily finds out from Rachel that there are 30 girls involved. She then relays what has been happening to her which makes Maggie agree to a misdemeanour while Mark worries about his time in CEU, especially after Rachel asked him to join her new firm.

Back in court, Lola is surprised to see Rachel there to represent Freddie. After Emily tries to convince Rachel to stop Freddie from exploiting his girls, they call for a recess for another day. Both decide to ask for a plea deal as they believe they could catch someone higher and in charge of the whole operation.

In the evening, during a roof party, Rachel talks to Lola about her case and asks her to make sure she gets assigned the trial. Lola is unsure she will be able to but Rachel insists as she believes they could make a difference and bring down the whole operation.

The next day, Lola asks Benner for a favour, which is to be assigned the sex trafficking case. We then cut to the trial as Lola agrees to the plea deal; Pamela will be charged with misdemeanour and Freddie will go to prison for 3 years in exchange for testifying against Doctor Dinton, responsible for trafficking over 100 women. As Pamela walks out, she gives Emily a big hug.

Back home, Luke tells Emily he is not sure if she means it when she says she loves him. She tells him she does but also that those words don’t mean as much for her as they used to because of her past. He suggests using different words instead and a “new language” while Choi tells Mark he’s allowed to come back to his office as Amy joins Rachel in her firm.

The episode closes with Lola and her husband talking about the possibility of him coming back to LA. She then heads into work and sees that David Sanders has sent her a plant with a note saying she would make a better attorney general candidate than Benner.

This week’s episode of All Rise gave us quite a few engaging and thrilling moments. While still following the personal lives of our characters, the drama brings a very serious case of sex trafficking to the table too. All Rise has always managed to showcase some very serious issues so far this season, which make the show interesting, topical and enjoyable to watch.

With just a few episodes left, All Rise leaves things in the air for our judge. Will she consider joining her friend or perhaps even running for attorney general? We might see more of this matter before the season ends but in the meantime, All Rise delivers quite the decent episode this week and one well worth a watch!

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  1. I really like this show! However, I don’t like the storyline with Lola’s husband; boring and awkward. One, I think the actor is not right for the part. He and “Lola” don’t gel. Overall, the pairing is awkward. I like the addition of Audrey Corsa!

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