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Fly Eagles Fly. Or in the case of 2019’s Philadelphia Eagles season, limp, Eagles, limp. Plagued with injuries, public criticism and constant knock-downs, All Or Nothing returns for another absorbing, engrossing documentary series, one that shows the emotional rollercoaster ride that is the NFL. Much like previous seasons, All Or Nothing combines on-pitch action with behind the scenes training, dramatics and plenty of ups and downs along the way.

Much like previous seasons, All Or Nothing begins with an introduction to the team. Following their heroic win in the Superbowl, all eyes turned to the Eagles to replicate their success. Unable to do so, 2019 saw more scrutiny and adversity thrown at the team, showcased in all its glory across 8 episodes. Sandwiched between the 30 minute segments is a 50 minute opener and a heart-pounding 75 minute finale that showcases the dramatic end to Eagles’ season in detail.

This final episode in particular is the real highlight and with the team battling against the odds, it really sums up the heart and emotion that goes into this game, and it’s hard not to be moved by some of these scenes.

Between Agholor dropping balls early on to a mounting list of injuries to key players, right the way through to some seriously dramatic games during their season, Philadelphia Eagles is one of the best All Or Nothing series, thanks in part to just how topsy-turvy 2019 was for them.

Much like in previous seasons, All Or Nothing have perfected their formula to balance the off-pitch exploits of the different players to the training and subsequent matches and build up toward that. Radio show discussions fill the narration duties before and after the games, with the trademark expository text and mid-game score updates returning to add more weight to the show. Jon Hamm returns to narration duties between these segments too while the dramatic music and rumbling tracks during key moments in games is a really nice touch.

All or Nothing: Philadelphia Eagles is a well written, fascinating deep dive into a team plagued with issues from the word go. Battling uphill is hard enough but the issues the Eagles face during the season really typifies the tenacity and grind needed to try and remain at the top of the mountain – it’s not easy. If you’ve seen the previous chapters then Philadelphia Eagles holds no surprises, aside from a few training sessions and team talks of course, but it’s ultimately the season the Eagles had that make this such an endearing watch.

If you know nothing about this series, alongside the Arizona Cardinals and Manchester City chapters, Philadelphia Eagles is one of the best All or Nothing series and well worth a watch. Just be prepared to buckle in for a wild ride along the way!


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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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