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Back for a second season of American football dramatics, the All or Nothing film crew return to the NFL for an intimate look at the Los Angeles Rams. Following their tumultuous 2016 season that saw multiple roadblocks and obstacles along the way, the series maintains its rigid structure whilst injecting enough excitement and emotion to proceedings to make for an enjoyable watch, even if it doesn’t quite hit the same highs the first season achieved.

Much like the previous season, All Or Nothing follows the trials and tribulations of a single NFL team across an entire season of football. From the dramatic opening draft pick for Jared Goff through to the highs and lows the Los Angeles Rams faced following their move back to their hometown, All Or Nothing adopts a slightly different tone and feel to its second season. Instead of following a team on the cusp of breaking into the Superbowl, the Amazon documentary crew showcase the Rams’ tumultous season that saw their return to the West Coast not go according to plan.

With lacklustre training sessions, questionable team meetings, using another manager’s remarks about the Rams as fuel, and plenty of doubt on and off the pitch, the second season is an interesting juxtaposition to the Arizona Cardinal’s steely focus last year. Personally, I preferred the players showcased in the first season too and some of the questionable manager decisions really hit the team hard through large chunks of this season.

All Or Nothing utilizes a lot of the same stylistic beats used in the first season too, with the tense electronica music returning for the on-pitch action and plenty of archival commentary peppered throughout too. Each episode is split between the home lives for the players, the preparation leading up to the matches, including team meetings and traning sessions, before ending with one final match to close out the episode. Of course there are exceptions here, including one episode that shows the team flying across the pond to London for one of the scheduled annual NFL games.

Unfortunately, All Or Nothing doesn’t quite hit the same lofty heights it achieved before. While the action is still exciting and the season’s drama intriguing and exciting to watch, the distinct lack of drive for the winning team, and a season haunted by roadblocks along the way makes the season feel far more passive to watch than an emotional investment. It’s not all bad and there are some really good episodes but it also pales in comparison to the Arizona Cardinal’s glamorous season last year.

Overall then All Or Nothing delivers the goods again, even if it doesn’t quite match up to last year’s effort. There’s plenty to digest here though and there’s enough excitement to make it a must-watch for NFL fans but it also lacks the same emotional investment the first had. Some of that is partly thanks to the Rams’ tumultuous season but there’s a distinct spark missing that the first had in abundance. Still, having said that there’s enough here to enjoy but those expecting something to surpass or match the first season may be left wanting.

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  • - 7.5/10

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