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If there’s ever been a word to describe Arsenal’s form since Arsene Wenger left the club, it’s inconsistent. From a rock-solid foundation of always hitting a top 4 finish in the Premier League, Wenger’s departure sent the club tumbling down to mid-table mediocrity.

When Mikel Arteta took over the club back in 2019, two 8th place finishes were met with big questions over the future of the Spanish manager and former protégé of Pep Guardiola.

After spending more money than any other club in the Premier League during the summer of 2021, securing numerous big money signings, many people had high expectations of Arteta’s young squad. Among those people are the All or Nothing production crew, who follow Arsenal across last season’s tumultuous run.

For those unaware of what happened, I’m not about to spoil that here but suffice to say, it makes for some absorbing TV. With Amazon releasing 3 episodes a week, All or Nothing: Arsenal follows all the highs and lows of the North London club, from the pre-season through to the emotional final day.

Along the way, the Gunners find themselves grappling with a disgruntled Captain, a terrible start to the season, big disciplinary problems on and off the pitch (looking at you, Xhaka) as well as a litany of other issues, compounding into 8 episodes of entertainment.

One of the more endearing parts of this season though comes from Mikel Arteta himself. It’s immediately obvious that this man has big ideas and thinks outside the box when it comes to the way he wants his team to play and set-up. Of course, that doesn’t always translate on the pitch.

From emotional team talks and taking the blame himself for poor form through to bringing loudspeakers onto the training pitch to blare out “You’ll Never Walk Alone” before a pivotal match against Liverpool, seeing these moments shows what a big character Arteta actually is.

The documentary also touches on racism too, especially in episode 1 when the focus is squarely on Saka after his excellent performance (and subsequent heartbreaking miss) in the Euro final. There are also a few nods here and there to the progressive future of the sport, with icons like Thierry Henry giving his opinion on the club, its history and the direction things are going in the future.

It’s immediately clear that the club believe Saka and the other young players are the future of Arsenal and much of the play is dictated around them – especially late in the season after the infamous incident involving Aubamayang forces many people to step up. Of course, that comes unstuck a little by Granit Xhaka’s passion on the pitch. And by passion I mean multiple red cards.

If you’ve watched an All or Nothing documentary before, Arsenal’s iteration will bring no surprises. The usual dose of narration (this time from Daniel Kaluuya) graces each episode, and a linear approach to the season allows us to really see the highs and lows of the club.

Some of that is exemplified by fly-on-the-wall footage during team talks, with a few incredibly fiery and juxtaposing an eerie silence hanging over the dressing room following a crazy finish to the match at Goodison Park in December.

Alongside that are a litany of different interviews with key players, backroom staff and fans. Nowhere else is the hyper-emotional feel of Arsenal’s journey felt than with those inside and outside the grounds. Hearing fans venomously calling for Arteta’s head after the match against City early on, or praising Arteta after beating their North London rivals Tottenham shows the extremes of football and why the beautiful game is so revered the world over.

All or Nothing: Arsenal is another great entry into the ongoing catalogue of sport documentaries on Amazon Prime. There’s a great balance of ups and downs here, along with some very memorable moments and fiery confrontations.

Seeing behind the scenes of this illustrious football club makes for some great TV and will likely leave you with a newfound respect for Arteta and his young squad.


All or Nothing: Arsenal starts 4th August 2022 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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  • Verdict - 8.5/10

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