All of Us Strangers (2023) Movie review – A melancholic story of loss and loneliness

Scott and Mescal are superb in this heart-wrenching story

In All of Us Strangers, Andrew Scott plays a writer called Adam, a lonely man living off takeaway leftovers and re-runs of Top of the Pops as he tries to get going with his latest screenplay while living in an abandoned high-rise in London. The death of his parents in a car crash when he was a young boy still haunts him, and he decides to pay a visit to his old childhood home to make sense of it all. However, when he returns, he experiences a trippy journey of reality merging with memories and vivid dreams. But what is really happening in this haunting tale? 

The key to enjoying this film is to not question it too much, and just go along with the ride that Adam is going on and figure out the rest at the end. Paul Mescal is superb as the only other person in the high-rise building, and he is desperate for a connection with someone as he struggles with his own demons. He embarks on a romantic entanglement with Adam, and their relationship becomes the heart of the film. Mescal is an actor who can shapeshift into any character and make it convincing, and this performance proves there is plenty more still to come from this up-and-coming star. Andrew Scott is also superb as the awkward protagonist experiencing all sorts of different levels of trauma. 

There is an interesting commentary on how things have changed for gay people in the last 30 years, as Adam comes out to his mum who is firmly stuck in her ghostly 1980s past and reacts in a typically old-fashioned way. The whole film is beautifully shot, and Andrew Haigh is in fine form in the director’s chair, making this a very personal and raw experience. 

Despite being based on a 1987 novel by Taichi Yamada called Strangers, this film is very much its own thing. It veers away from a straight protagonist to adopt a queer outlook on life in the present day. However, the book’s themes of loneliness and a tortured childhood remain the same.


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  • Verdict - 9/10

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