All of Us Are Dead – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Make Some Noise

Episode 7 of All Of Us Are Dead begins with Shadow Gamma group moving through various rooms, wiping out the infected and trying to find survivors. Fronting this pack is Jae-Jun, who manages to help secure the area. Only, he winds up bitten in the neck for his troubles and quickly turns.

Meanwhile, So-Ju  survives, managing to swim from the island back to the mainland. I’m not sure how far that was but when he makes it back, he’s no longer bleeding that heavily and he rushes across the open fields to safety.

Elsewhere, Nam-Ra is grateful for Su-Hyeok’s faith in her. Su-Hyeok admits that the others are really scared and he’s doing this to try and help quell their fear. According to Nam-Ra, she managed to stave off her cravings thanks to hearing Su-Hyeok’s voice in her head. As they talk, Su-Hyeok admits that he likes her and the pair kiss.

Eun-Ji meanwhile, makes it to the nurse’s office. She admits she’s starting to get hungry to Yong-Nam, who cowers on the bed as he watches her head over to the fish tank and eat the fish raw. I mean, if you’re hungry I guess you’ll eat anything.

Eun-Ji turns her attention to Yong-nam, who tries to defend himself. Unfortunately he’s turned into a zombie too. Somehow Nam-Ra can inexplicably hear this take place, with heightened hearing which seems to be a knock-on effect to being bitten.

Now, it’s important to note here that Yong-Nam is just a normal zombie so the rules are a little hazy over who gets to be a super zombie.

Outside in the parking lot, Gwi-Nam runs into his old buddy Myeong-Hwan who happens to still be alive and hiding under a car. He slaps Gwin-Nam several times before telling him to run for the car across the way. Only, Gwi-Han sacrifices him to the horde, unwilling to be pushed around anymore. Gwi-Nam is calling the shots now.

Inside the music room, On-Jo and Nam-Ri patch up their differences. They immediately set to work formulating a plot to escape. Their destination is the roof but their plan is a risky one.

They set up a foundation to block the zombies in one side of the room, using music to lure them all in. In the hope that their barrier will hold, a whole sea of zombies flood into the room. Alongside the choral singing, On-Jo bashes cymbals while Dae-Su screams at the top of his lungs. More and more zombies pile in.

Downstairs, Min-Jae and the gang try to build a makeshift stretcher to bring an injured Joon-Seong outside. It breaks quickly though, leading Mi-Ran and the others to try and build a more stable one next time. And that’s it, that’s about all the scene-setting we get for this rabble group.

Jae-Ik and Ho-Cheol manage to make it to safety with the baby and the little girl. Aboard the delivery bike, they make it to the suburbs where – would you believe it – Orangibberish the online influencer happens to be. Ever the good Samaritan, Jae-Ik decides to help while Ho-Cheol looks for a solution to save them both.

Over at the quarantine island, Seon-Moo is the man in charge. He speaks to the Assemblywoman who urges them to mobilize and try to get the kids out the school. She also confirms that’s where So-Ju is heading.

On Seon-Moo’s orders, they bring in a Black Hawk helicopter and begin surveying the area.

While they do, Cheol-Soo happens to be up on the roof but the doors are obviously locked. Unfortunately the kids are stuck and with Cheol-Soo refusing to open the door, they use a tarp to hold the zombies off for the time being. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold.

Gwi-Nam soon figures out where they are and manages to come face to face with his foes. He looks at Cheong-San and gives a menacing grin.

The Episode Review

The series is just starting to drag a little now but the promise of something a little more substantial than a survival horror scenario inside a high school is certainly enticing.

Some of these characters are quite likable, namely our trio of main characters but they’re stuck in a weak love triangle. The pairings of Su-Hyeok, Cheong-San and On-Jo doesn’t really work.

However, there’s a good deal of action in this episode, especially as the group look set to start to escape. Unfortunately, it also comes at the expense of some rather contrived writing, especially the whole Gwi-Nam super zombie stuff which hasn’t been fully explained. I get that the hormones used turn fear to rage but it doesn’t explain Gam-Ra and what’s happening with her. Nor does it really explain Eun-Ji either.

Despite that, there’s certainly enough to stick with this series and the ending promises plenty of drama to follow – especially if they’re about to be rescued!

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