All of Us Are Dead – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Is Nam-Ra Infected?

Episode 6 of All of Us Are Dead starts on the roof as Cheol-Soo leaves an SOS note for whoever may be looking. Eun-Ji however, happens to still be alive and despite being bitten numerous times, finds herself in the bathroom washing blood off her hands. Is she another who has survived the infection and become a super-zombie?

Following what happened to her parents, a suicidal Ji-Min is saved by her fellow students from jumping out the window. She isn’t sure how to continue on. On-Jo takes her aside though and talks to her about her own familial woes.

On-Jo doesn’t want to lose any more friends and she can empathize with Ji-Min’s feeling of loss. As they lean on the speaker, a high-pitched whine rings out through the school. This gives Nam-Ra an idea as she decides to use the sound as a distraction for the zombies to sneak out and escape to safety.

Su-Hyeok is first to speak though and he communicates with Cheong-San, telling him to hold tight. It’s not until On-Jo speaks and says the same thing that he actually listens. Unfortunately Gwi-Nam is also listening and with a knife in hand, he charges for the broadcasting room to catch them off-guard and kill Cheong-San.

While all the zombies are distracted by the broadcasts, drawn to the speakers in the corner of each hallway, one lowly zombie happens to be stuck against the wall, right outside the broadcasting room. It constantly smacks its head while the entire group slowly creep past… before they blow their cover.

The chase is on and they make it to safety. However, Gwi-Nam realizes what the kids are up to, seeing their scribbled plan in the broadcasting room and continuing his chase. Unfortunately, this also sees him come face to face with Su-Hyeok. Nam-Ra tries to save him but winds up bitten for her troubles. Gwi-Nam is knocked out the window, allowing the pair to escape.

The rest of the gang manage to make it over to Cheong-San but in doing so, once again find themselves surrounded. And worse, Nam-Ra is obviously bitten and could well be infected.

Outside at the quarantine zone, things continue to turn ugly. The group are being kept in quarantine for at least four weeks. On-Jo’s father, Nam So-Ju, tries to find a way out sooner, which eventually leads to him choking out one of the guards and knocking out another.

On-Jo’s dad is determined to get back to his daughter and decides to leave, taking their uniform for himself. Posing as a guard, So-Ju sneaks off with U-Sin, one of the other office workers in disguise.

With no kids in school uniforms among those in the quarantine, On-Jo’s dad realizes he needs to leave.

Meanwhile, Cheong-San breaks the news to the others about Gwi-Nam being infected. As he’s basically infected butt not a proper zombie, it’s unknown what the ramifications are for Nam-Ra now that she’s been bitten.

Su-Hyeok decides to take responsibility for her, choosing to stand by Nam-Ra’s side and stop the others from hurting her. Tensions soon grow between him and Cheong-San.

On-Jo does try to talk him down but it soon becomes apparent that Nam-Ra is infected. Or at least infected with a different strain or variation of this virus. She has the bloodshot eyes and glossy look but not the bleeding nose or the cold hands.

Hostility ripples right the way through the group, threatening to turn them against one another. In order to quell any doubts, Su-Hyeok ties his hand to Nam-Ri’s, taking full responsibility for anything that could happen to them

Meanwhile, Jae-Ik ventures out of the chicken shop momentarily, only to find another little girl outside. She rushes toward him, with hungry zombies behind her. Jae-Ik manages to save her though, as she points out her infected mother in the horde, banging on the windows.

So-Ju manages to make it free from the quarantine zone, with a little help from U-Jin who gives him a boost over the wall. However, he goes on alone and evades gunfire as he tries to make it to safety. Of course, this is an island so that’s easier said than done.

Back with the broadcasting group, each of the kids use a handheld camera to send lasting messages with Dae-Su singing and On-Jo promising to do her best. As she speaks, we cut across to So-Ju once more, who’s chased by guards with embarrassingly bad aim. I mean literally he’s running in a straight line and he manages to evade every single bullet.

As he makes it underwater, it’s clear he’s been shot once while On-Jo gives an impassioned plea to her father.

The Episode Review

Chapter 6 of All Of Us Are Dead slams on the brakes as the tension comes from the in-fighting between the group and understanding the new variations of this virus.

It still doesn’t explain how Gwi-Nam survived or what’s happening with him and Eun-Ji, or the wider ramifications that this means for the zombie hierarchy. I understand that in episode 2 Byeong-Chan mentioned the serum turns fear to rage so I guess the idea here is that he and Eun-Ji are immune to that because they have no fear?

However, it doesn’t explain Nam-Ra and her weird senses. Hopefully that’s explored in more detail in the coming episodes.

The situation with So-Ju is certainly interesting though and arguably the most important subplot for fleshing out this world. It’s similar to the officer in Squid Game, allowing us to see behind the scenes on a separate mission.

That is, until we reach the end of the episode. The plot armour for some of these characters is off-the-wall bonkers but for So-Ju it’s almost embarrassingly bad. How did all those officers fail to actually shoot him? That’s some Stormtrooper level of bad aiming and it’s a downer on a relatively subdued and slow-paced episode as it is.

As we cross the halfway point of this series, All of Us Are Dead is just starting to show some big cracks. It’s still enjoyable but given how LUCA ended up last year, this one’s in danger of following suit.

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