All of Us Are Dead – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Finding Refuge

Episode 2 of All of Us Are Dead picks up right where we left off. The infection is spreading and the teachers gather for an emergency meeting. While they squabble, Sun-hwa has had enough and decides to make an announcement to tell the other kids what’s going on. The thing is, she walks right into the midst of this infection, as the place is absolute carnage.

In the canteen, a fire breaks out in the kitchen while On-Jo is saved by Cheong-San. Another guy who survives is Gwi-Nam, because of course he does. He holds his own against the infected, although it’s clear he’s just as frightened as the others. He scrambles into the kitchen and hides under a table with several other kids.

Cheong-San and On-Jo try to leave together, dodging and weaving through the hallways, using whatever they can to fend off the assault. Eventually they make it back inside their classroom, where Chong-San likens what’s happening to Train to Busan.

Several other survivors make it back too, including Su-Hyeok and I-Sak. Although they’re safe for now, it’s very clear that they won’t be for long.

One person who does know what’s going on is Byeong-Chan. Down at the station he’s interrogated over what he knows. Jae-Ik, the detective, suspects he also killed Jin-Soo too. The thing is, Byeong-Chan is behind everything. He experimented on numerous different patients, trying to turn the balance of power from the cats to the mice.

In other words, he extracted testosterone and used that as a way of creating a rage virus. And although he was still working on perfecting the serum, Hyeon-Ju getting bitten has essentially acted as the catalyst for everything that’s happened.

It doesn’t take long before the emergency services are overwhelmed with calls about the zombie outbreak. Well, it turns out On-Jo’s father is also a fireman too, and he soon races to the school after a false report about a big fire is called in. Obviously this is a way of bringing in the cavalry, but it may well be too little too late.

Coach Kang soon shows up in the classroom but there’s a big problem. He’s been bitten and although the other students do block up the doors, it doesn’t take long before he turns. And soon after, so too does a student called Min-Ji. The heartbreaking way she tells the others she doesn’t want to die is a sobering reminder of how futile this infection is to try and fight off.

But fight these kids do and led by Dae-Su, he uses a door as a barricade to force a way through the hallways. It works a treat too, and allows the survivors to ascend up the floors.

Surrounded on both sides, the kids manage to just about make to another classroom. Unfortunately, On-Jo’s phone is lost in the skirmish. That teacher, Sun-Hwa, is actually still alive too. She manages to make it into the broadcasting room. She composes herself and immediately gets on the tannoy to make an announcement.

Sun-Hwa urges the students to leave and get out. The trouble is, the noise actually attracts all the zombies out on the grounds to head inside. She tries to stay positive, telling them all to find a safe space.

The thing is, this infection isn’t just at the high school now. With Hyeon-Ju infecting those at the hospital, the fire and police department are essentially divided between different places to try and find a solution. One of those includes On-Jo’s father, who is called out to an office building.

While this is going on, we cut back to the surviving rabble of students at Hyosan High. I-Sak plays matchmaker, telling On-Jo that Cheong-San likes her. The trouble is, her hand is ice-cold and she immediately starts bleeding from the nose. She’s infected.

With little other choice, On-Jo is forced to let go of her friend – quite literally – as she’s dropped out the window to prevent everyone from being infected.

Needing a way out, the kids use the hosepipe outside to create a way down. Na-Yeon starts to grow impatient, as Gyeong-Su is first down the rope. Funnily enough, this leads down to the broadcasting station where Sun-Hwa happens to be waiting for them. One at a time, each of the students head in to the floor below. For On-Jo though, she’s overcome with grief for her friend. Cheong-San encourages her to get it together.

While they leave, Su-Hyeok finds himself alone after the incident in the hallway earlier in the episode. While he scramble to safety, On-Jo is saved…but Cheong-San appears to be lost, as he’s thrown out the window by the oncoming infected horde.

The Episode Review

All Of Us Are Dead has a really nice way of lingering on every single death. The infections aren’t just simple, mindless zombies, these are friends from school and the death of I-Sak typifies that perfectly.

There are numerous little moments like this, the conflicting line between doing what’s right and being emotionally driven by what once was. In that respect, Netflix’s new zombie series is beautifully crafted and the show has a nice way of balancing out the teen drama with the outright zombie action.

While it’s not quite as thought provoking and deep as Happiness was last year, this is still a solid offering and hits all the usual hallmarks you’d expect from a zombie series. there’s always the danger that the story starts to stagnate and become dull and cliched. That hasn’t been the case with this one so far, and there are enough characters and dynamics in this to make for an intriguing watch.

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