All Coasted – Never Ending Puppet Show | Album Review


Track Listing

A Cow To Milk 
With Blinkers
Nothing But Shit 
Bird In A Cage 
Never Ending Puppet Show 


This EP from All Coasted is a thriller taking aim at the government and their disappointing choices. There’s something different about this band as they are not a bog standard punk act. Rather, they are a band that delivers interesting stories as well as highly technical guitar riffs.

Never Ending Puppet Show delivers monologues that tackle some touchy subjects and themes, but we need to hear these, as the world is crippling. Intelligent songwriting is expansive on this release too. The act doesn’t shy away from telling us that they’re angry, broken-hearted, and ready for the fight.

The sounds here are unapologetic. All Coasted instil moments of sheer angst when they shout and bellow for peace. Their music is not purely settled on standard riffs either, as they’re technical and advanced, which is something of a surprise from a punk act.

‘A Cow To Milk’ starts the EP off with ferocity. The band asks questions here and the surge of guitar pleases. Lyrically, the people at the summit of the world should take note and the rulers should look at themselves in the mirror.

‘With Blinkers’ is a fast-paced song, littered with expansive guitar sequences and attitude. The band again doesn’t hold back on their feelings.

‘Bird In A Cage’ is another charged track, certifying that this act knows how to construct powerful instrumentals and mighty lyrics which prove a point.

All Coasted is a band naturally rising bit by bit in the punk scene. Their music has an edge with stories that are hard-hitting but crucial.  

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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