All American – Season 6 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of All American begins on the morning of Spencer’s 21st birthday. Olivia wishes him a happy birthday and gives him homemade muffins for breakfast. It is also revealed that Olivia is planning a special gift for Spencer, which she claims he is going to love. After Olivia leaves, Spencer tries one of her corn muffins and makes strange faces, suggesting that the corn muffins aren’t as scrumptious as they look.

Next, Spencer spends the entire day partying and drinking with his friends, eventually ending up sleeping at Wade Walter’s house. The next morning, Spencer wakes up still feeling the effects of last night’s drinking. Despite Boone’s suggestion that he sits out of practice, Spencer insists on joining, claiming he can handle a little hangover.

Meanwhile, tension is evident between Jordan and Layla, with Jordan believing that Layla isn’t taking their marriage preparations seriously. However, they manage to reconcile when both apologize to each other for their actions. Spencer tries to piece together what happened the night before, particularly what he did and where Olivia’s gift is.

Additionally, he notices that Jordan is mad at him for some reason and is determined to find out why. In simple terms, Spencer is in trouble! Coop advises Spencer to retrace his steps to remember what he has forgotten. Together, they go to the club to search through the lost and found box.

There, Spencer remembers Olivia giving him her gift while he was taking multiple shots. He also recalls seeing a news flash stating that Jordan Baker is in line for the Heisman award, which upset Spencer and led him to order more shots. Later, Spencer heads to Layla’s club and asks if he left something there the previous night, possibly Olivia’s gift.

At Layla’s club, Spencer remembers cutting his birthday cake surrounded by friends and family. Soon after, Spencer gets into an argument with Asher because Asher has recruited Wade Walters to play on his football team. If you missed out on last season, Wade harassed Olivia and sent goons after Spencer and Jordan.

Spencer also finally learns why Jordan is mad at him, as last night Spencer shoved a cake in Jordan’s face, leading to a fight. Spencer later goes to see Asher in his office and apologizes for his behaviour the other day. Asher assures Spencer that they’re good and that he’s not holding any grudges.

Wade is also present and tells Spencer about their alleged fight. According to Wade, last night, Spencer ran into him at the bar, and in his attempt to punch Wade, Spencer ended up knocking himself out. As for Olivia’s gift, Spencer tells Olivia that he has lost it, but Olivia disagrees. It is then revealed that Olivia and Spencer have gotten matching tattoos so they can feel closer and more connected.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 was a crazy ride, full of drinks and hangovers, but it was more of a fun holiday episode without much impact on the overall story. Spencer got a bit too tipsy and forgot that his birthday gift was supposed to be a matching couple tattoo, not something material.

Meanwhile, Spencer and Jordan seem to be heading for some trouble. Jordan is the new offensive coach’s favourite, and he’s on fire on the field. The issue is the coach’s strategy is making Spencer feel like a decoy, which is bad news because Spencer’s aiming for the draft.

With the way things are going, no team will want a player who’s just running around without much purpose.

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