Alice – K-Drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Hyeon-Seok’s True Motives


Episode 10 of Alice begins with Min-Hyuk arriving on the scene and handing over some pills for Tae-Yi to take, intent on making her better. While she sleeps, Jin-Gyeom questions just why he’s helping. It’s here Min-Hyuk admits that he was with Tae-Yi back in 1992.

She decided to stay behind while he went back to Alice. He apologises for her death and that he couldn’t protect him from wrongdoing.

After his meeting with Jin-Gyeom, Min-Hyuk deliberates over what Si-Young said back at base. Specifically the moments involving meeting Tae-Yi in 2011. Only, that can’t be right given the timeline and what’s happened.

From this, Jin-Gyeom realizes that she’s lying and intends to get to the bottom of what’s happening.

Whispers Of Time Travel

Back at the house., Do-Yeon arrives and questions Jin-Gyeom about whispers of a time machine and time travel. Jin-Gyeom stands before her and she tells him she’s going to look further into this. Specifically she’s going to dive deeper into the apparent connection between Tae-Yi and Sun-Young.

As she sits with Tae-Yi, Do-Yeon mentions parallel universes and questions her over whether she actually jumped across time or not.

Meanwhile, Jin-Gyeom does some investigative work of his own, including looking into Tae-Yi’s parents and how her Father passed away as well. Not long after, he meets back up with Tae-Yi who talks to him about completing his bucket list.

The first step is heading to a theme park, where they start snapping photos together. Only, she notices the pictures mirror what’s on Jin-Gyeom’s laptop in the future and she quickly deletes it.

Jin-Gyeom senses something up and asks outright just what’s going to happen. Regardless of what happens from here, Jin-Gyeom admits that he just wants to catch those responsible for killing his Mother.


As the plot thickens, Min-Hyuk learns that Tae-Yi received a call just before she died. Could this mean that she’s directly involved with the killing? Before we get an answer to this, Se-Hoon is released from prison after serving his sentence.

This crook immediately heads to an Inn and phones Jin-Gyeom, asking outright if he wants to find out who killed his Mother. As Se-Hoon hangs up, sensing someone near, Jin-Gyeom races up to the scene.

Min-Hyuk also arrives too but finds Se-Hoon murdered. When Jin-Gyeom shows, he immediately suspects that the Alice operative is the one responsible for the murder. Enraged, he starts beating down Min-Hyuk until he bolts out the building and drives away.

When Min-Hyuk returns to Alice, he asks what happened and learns that the camera footage from the Inn has been deleted. He immediately confronts Si-Young about her texting the day Tae-Yi died. Specifically he asks about the Book of Prophecy. She admits to the text but declines killing Tae-Yi.

The Crime Scene

Back at the crime scene, Jin-Gyeom learns that Se-Hoon was killed 2 hours prior to Min-Hyuk showing up. If that’s the case then Min-Hyuk definitely didn’t kill this man. Jin-Gyeom comes to this conclusion too while Hyeon-Seok watches suspiciously from afar.

Given he has the Book Of Prophecy now, Hyeon-Seok’s tracks aren’t as well hidden as he may have thought. Tae-Yi speaks to the Orphanage and learns that Hyeon-Seok was asking about Tae-Yi’s biological Father in the past.

Eventually this leads Tae-Yi to sit with the police detective and ask about his past. Specifically, he questions why he was at the orphanage and his ties with Jin-Gyeom. Rattled, he walks away but drops his phone on the floor. As he bends down to pick it up, Tae-Yi notices the “M” tattoo on the back of his neck and realizes something is very wrong.


This M, as it turns out, is actually a scar from a surgical incision. Presumably this is where the capsule is inserted. When Jin-Gyeom finds out – matched in part with Tae-Yi revealing what’s happened – he starts sifting through CCTV footage from the Inn.

It’s clear now that Hyeon-Seok is involved in all of this but is he the one pulling the strings or just another puppet for a higher power?

Jin-Gyeom arrives to speak to Hyeon-Seok, taking him outside for food so they can discuss what he’s found out in more detail. Fingering the USB drive, he decides against telling Hyeon-Seok anything about the Se-Hoon case.

Instead, he drives home and drops the USB stick out the window to avoid implicating the man who fathered him.


In the past we see Hyeon-Seok was very much involved in this case. Even worse, he visited Se0-Hoon in prison and told him he needs to kill Tae-Yi. The decision to get rid of the evidence is definitely not going to go down well now.


Tae-Yi learns the truth about Hyeon-Seok from the USB drive too, confirming that the police detective was involved. As she looks on and gasps, Hyeon-Seok himself receives instructions to take out Professor Seok.

Jin-Gyeom and the other officers arrive at the crime scene, with Jin-Gyeom opening the doors to where Seok is currently being held captive…which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

As more of the past is revealed, it seems clear now that Hyeon-Seok is behind a lot of what’s going on and crucial to the timeline. His involvement with Jin-Gyeom is definitely not an accident and it all looks very suspicious and dodgy.

Alongside that though is a deeper understanding of Alice and what’s going on inside this fractured organization. So much for looking after time – everyone seems to have their own agenda and it leads to quite the messy and conflicted set of rules that they’re playing by

The time travel elements continue to trip over the logic here (post-it notes traveling through time, GPS working etc.) but the foreshadowed death of Jin-Gyeom does help add some urgency to this one.

As we approach the business end of this season, Alice continues to deliver enjoyable drama but it’s also a far cry from some of the better sci-fi series released this year.


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