Alex Rider – Season 3 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 opens with a tense confrontation between Alex and Jones. Alex aims his gun at Jones, demanding to know why she lied to him for so long. Despite his rage, Alex deliberately misses the shot. Tears welling up, he reveals that Scorpia has shown him evidence that Jones ordered the sniper to kill his father, John Rider.

Jones tries to calm Alex down and reason with him. She apologizes for her actions and tries to make Alex see that he is not like Scorpia and can break free from their manipulation. Jones also activates her panic button, and soon, the room is flooded with agents who arrest Alex.

Blunt arrives at Jones’s apartment to check on her well-being. Jones reassures him that Alex never intended to harm her. To gain an advantage over their enemies, the department stages a scene to make it appear as though Alex has successfully completed his mission.

Yassen, observing from a distance, sees paramedics carrying a body bag out of the apartment and a masked man being escorted into a car by agents.  This carefully orchestrated maskirovska starts to convince Yassen that the ruse is real. Meanwhile, elsewhere, Nile, and Julia begin to make preparations for the final attack on London. Julia plans to use a church as a base to expose innocent civilians to cyanide nanoparticles and send them to their deaths. 

At the MI6 black site, Blunt offers Alex a deal that if he provides information about Scorpia and the invisible sword, the department will answer all his burning questions. But Alex is at a loss as he only knows the name of the mission, nothing more. Since he hasn’t committed any crimes, Alex is released and dropped off at Jack’s house, where he reunites with Tom and Kyra. 

With time ticking away, Britain’s situation grows dire. Jones proposes a risky plan to use Alex as a weapon against Scorpia. Though Blunt is hesitant, he realizes they have no other options. However, Jones insists that before Alex is brought back into the fold, Blunt must tell him the truth about what happened twenty years ago. 

Yassen returns to Julia, asking to retrieve Alex, but Julia coldly dismisses his offer and reveals that she never considered Alex an asset but merely a pawn in her larger scheme. Shockingly, Julia has already exposed Alex to the cyanide nanoparticles, and once the trigger is activated, Alex will die, along with the rest of London. 

This upsets Yassen, as his mission from the beginning was to protect Alex. Yassen confronts Julia, who then decides to lay out the entire truth to him. After learning the extent of Julia’s manipulation and her use of Scorpia to further her own vendetta, Yassen is appalled. He accuses Julia of madness and walks away. 

Elsewhere, Blunt takes Alex to the bridge, the place where it all started. There, Blunt reveals that John Rider, Alex’s father, never actually worked for Scorpia. In fact, he was a loyal agent of MI6 all along. The department deliberately ended John’s career to make it seem like he was a free agent, allowing Scorpia to approach him.

For three years, John worked for the department, leaking false information to Scorpia and saving countless lives. However, after Alex was born, John decided to leave the spy life behind and live a normal, peaceful life. To protect his family and maintain his cover, the department staged his assassination.

Julia, realizing she had been manipulated, sought revenge. She orchestrated a bombing on the plane carrying John and his wife, but thankfully, Alex was not on board and survived.  As the episode nears its end, Alex thanks Blunt for telling him the truth and promises to help the Department destroy Scorpia once and for all. 

The Episode Review

With the conclusion of episode 7, we’re now stepping into the penultimate episode, which is definitely going to be a big one! Episode 7 unravelled all the hidden secrets. While we thought John was a Scorpia agent all along, the truth is quite different. John never actually worked for Scorpia; they just believed he was their loyal operative. In reality, John was a British spy.

We also discover that Max was right all along. The Invisible Sword project is actually Julia’s way of seeking revenge. Julia is just a stubborn woman who’s driven by her anger over being tricked by John and MI6.

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You can expect a full season review for Alex Rider when this series concludes!

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