Alex Rider – Season 3 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Alex Rider kicks off with Jack Starbright realizing she has a stalker. Things take a creepy turn when she finds a bouquet and a note asking her to visit John Rider’s grave. To her surprise, the note is from Alex Rider, who has returned to London. Alex reveals to Jack that John was murdered, and he knows who the killer is. Now, fuelled by a desire for revenge, Alex plans to take matters into his own hands. Despite Jack’s efforts to convince him otherwise, Alex disappears, leaving her worried and unsure of his next move.

Meanwhile, back at MI6 headquarters, Blunt and his team realize that Scorpia’s ultimate goal is to make them fail. By doing so, Scorpia aims to create a pretext for launching another assault. Their plan is to target one government after another, holding them at ransom until their demands are met. With time and ideas running short, Blunt decides to seek help from the CIA, recognizing that they need all the assistance they can get to thwart Scorpia’s dangerous scheme.

Tom and Kyra pay a visit to Jack, and reveal that Alex is working alongside Yassen and has been involved in an assassination. Tom explains that Alex is not himself and appears to be manipulated by Scorpia, the organization he’s now working with. Jack also shares her concerns, recalling a troubling conversation she had with him in the morning. Tom and Kyra fear that Alex is being coerced into planning something tragic that could change his life forever.

Meanwhile, Jones begins to suspect that Scorpia’s motives go beyond attacking Britain—they may be targeting MI6 itself. He connects the dots back to John Rider, recalling how Blunt decimated Scorpia twenty years ago, leaving many of its agents dead or imprisoned. Jones theorizes that Scorpia could be seeking revenge for this past event. Despite Blunt’s view that Scorpia would not be driven by revenge, Jones is convinced that this is a plot of vengeance rather than a sophisticated strategy for power. 

As the episode unfolds, Kyra and Tom meet with MI6 to provide intel on Julia, who is also known as the Widow. They reveal her location and mention Kovacic, a scientist who sold something dangerous to Julia. Jack intervenes, asking the department to help Alex before launching a full-scale operation against Julia and Scorpia. Jones agrees, and Jack provides the coordinates to Julia’s base and also issues an alert to all agencies to locate Alex Rider.

With the alert out, Alex decides to change his appearance to avoid detection. Using the skills of a master makeup artist, he creates a disguise and breaks into Jones’s apartment, waiting for her to return so he can confront her about ordering the sniper to kill John Rider. As the episode reaches its climax, Jones walks into her apartment, only to find herself facing Alex, who demands to know why she killed his father. Despite Jones’s apology, Alex fires three shots, leaving the screen to fade to black.

The Episode Review

The sound of the gun firing strongly suggests that Alex has shot Jones. However, we know Jack isn’t a killer, and he wouldn’t harm anyone, even if they’ve wronged him. So, there’s a good chance that Alex will spare Jones.

Looking ahead, both MI6 and the CIA are running out of time and need to speed up if they want to find the device that Julia is planning to use in the city. The clock is ticking, and the pressure is high on all fronts.

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