Alex Rider – Season 3 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Alex Rider season 3 starts with the Prime Minister’s office receiving a thumb drive from Scorpia. The drive contains a digital video about the Invisible Sword, a weapon that can kill millions instantly. Scorpia demands are the only way to stop this. Fearing the worst, Madam Secretary calls in Alan Blunt, the head of MI6, for help.

So what are Scorpio’s demands? So, Scorpio is demanding that Britain forget about billions of dollars in debts, mostly owed by third-world countries, and just give up the money. This puts Britain in a tough spot because its economy is already shaky, and if they do what Scorpio wants, it could lead to financial chaos, with many banks and other institutions going under.

Madam Secretary thinks that Scorpio is bluffing about having a super weapon called Invisible Sword, and she doesn’t believe it’s real. However, Jones decides to take the threat seriously and assigns Pritchard to work with Smithers to trace the video’s location. It’s also revealed that Jones is planning to leave the intelligence agency soon.

Pritchard successfully traces the video to an empty office outside Hackney Downs. However, when Pritchard and the SWAT team investigate, they only find a mannequin. Inside the mannequin’s jacket, Pritchard discovers a note, but when she touches it, it triggers a massive explosion, resulting in her death. 

In Malta, Alex and Tom visit Julia’s villa, hoping to find her, but she’s not there. They discover information about Casanto, a secret lab on a ship bought by Kovacic with private funding. Realizing this is the only place to learn about Julia and what Kovacic sold to her, Alex decides to break into the ship. Karla warns Alex to be careful, as he wouldn’t stand a chance against any dangerous substances Kovacic might have onboard.

Alex sneaks onto the ship and searches for clues about what Kovacic sold to Julia. Before he can find anything, Kovacic enters the lab, followed by Nile. Nile is sent by Julia to eliminate Kovacic and to ensure that there is no evidence connecting Julia to Kovacic.

Nile attacks Kovacic and sets explosives to blow up the ship in five minutes. Alex tries to save Kovacic but is caught by Nile, who offers to take him to Julia if he wants to learn about Scorpio and his past.

The Episode Review

Kovicac’s death was pretty much expected, but Pritchard’s death caught us off guard. We thought she was going to play a bigger role, but the show killed her off in her first episode, so that was a bit disappointing.

Looking ahead, we’re anticipating a face-to-face showdown between Julia and Alex. It’ll be interesting to see what secrets or truths Julia reveals during their meeting.

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