Alex Rider – Season 1 Episode 8 (The Finale) Recap & Review

The End?

The season 1 finale of Alex Rider begins up at Point Blanc as Alex’s clone sifts through files in Greif’s drawer and taking Alex Friend’s passport. The clone goes on to steal a car and hurries away to the airport, intent on causing chaos for Alex Rider back home.

The real Alex tries to adjust to normality again, heading to school and watching as Steph agrees to go to the dance with Tom. At the same time, Mrs Jones learns that Kyra’s parents have been killed and tasks Crawley to break the news to her. A distraught Kyra throws herself into Crawley’s arms before sitting on the edge of the bed in stunned silence. It’s certainly suspicious behaviour but as we soon learn, she did this to steal his keycard to escape.

This brings us back to Alex at school, as she visits him and says her goodbyes, intending to slip away without anyone seeing her. While she leaves for this season, the cloned Alex arrives and slips inside school where he finds himself face to face with Ayisha. As he continues on, he talks to Tom in the hall and attempts to break up his friendship with the real Alex.

Greif is moved to an alternate location but when the car breaks while out on the road, he realizes this is Yassen’s doing. It’s too late though, and Yassen arrives and gasses them, killing everyone inside the car instantly before walking away.

With all of his friends now seemingly against him, Alex heads to the docks alone where Mrs Jones greets him. Given the lack of leads they have to go on regarding his Uncle’s killer, the bad news continues to pile up for Alex. When he mentions Yassen, Jones turns white as a ghost and quickly hurries away, feeding back to Alan and the others that “Scorpia” and Yassen are still alive; the group responsible for killing Alex’s parents.

Smithers informs the team about Scorpia and how they’re a dangerous group, operating in the shadows. Despite believing they’ve been completely dealt with, they’ve clearly done a good job concealing themselves and fooling them all. Their conversation is cut short when they realize with horror that the Alex they’ve brought back may not be the real one.

The night of the dance arrives and Alex takes Tom away to talk to him in private. Only…this isn’t the real Alex as he starts talking about their friendship and fingering a knife. The real Alex arrives to save the day though and it prompts a fight to break out between the two; the clone wearing a mask to conceal his identity. The fight spills out into the car park where the two versions of Alex stand toe to toe and plead for their lives when Mrs Jones and the others arrive to arrest them.

Tom stumbles out the building and hits the clone without hesitation as he and the real Alex embrace. Only, the clone gets back up again and turns a gun on them all. Up on the rooftop however, Yassen waits with a sniper, pointing it at Alex’s head. After killing the clone, he points the crosshair at the real Alex but decides against pulling the trigger, letting him live for now. The motivations behind doing this however, remain a mystery.

As Jack, Tom and Alex walk together the next day, Mrs Jones and Alan Blunt decide against telling Alex the truth about his parent’s killers and leave things wide open for a possible second season.

While the situation at Point Blanc is given a conclusive finish, there’s still plenty of unanswered questions here. The fate of Yassen, Kyra and Scorpia remain unresolved and the inevitable reveal to Alex surrounding who killed his parents promises to be really dramatic to see play out. Of course, these question marks may remain that way unless Amazon renew the series (and we’ll be sure to update this recap to confirm that when it’s revealed!) Having said that though, there’s a conclusive enough ending to remain satisfied with what we’ve seen.

The lighting and general dark, grimy locations haven’t helped the series that much though, with big shadows over faces and dark hallways galore a bit of a disappointing trend in this one. The story is a little basic too but again, as this is a young adult story that’s easy to look past. Although it’s a tad anticlimactic compared to the previous few episodes of action we’ve had, the series ends on a high and lots of promise for the future. Lets just hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out if this one has been renewed!


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  1. How did the clone know Alex Riders home address, school details etc. Why didn’t he make his way to Alex Friends’ home instead?

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