Alex Melton – Happy Birthday | Album Review

Track Listing

Inside Out
We Are Never Getting Back Together
Gives You Hell


Drenched in intelligence, this EP by musician Alex Melton, is an evocative collection brimming in hooks and memorable lyricism which certainly runs against the grain. Though it is heartfelt at moments, this record is also fueled by rage and melancholy.

Melton tells us stories too with insightful monologues and he’s such an adept musician. It’s easy to hang onto his every word. Happy Birthday has been meticulously created with former lusts in mind, lovers who have jumped ship.

Melton is so creative with these covers and it’s astonishing, as this EP has it all. It can be bleak, it can be joyous, and it can be brazen. The man is on a mission here, directing his voice to the masses, and waiting on the world to repair itself. From its start to the conclusion, passion permeates every strand of poetry and every musical foray.

A youtuber by trade, Alex Melton places his passion into these cover songs, adding his own slant. His musical ability can’t be questioned either, and he can turn his hand to almost any instrument. First off, we have ‘Inside Out’, which originally comes from Eve 6. Melton delivers a pop punk contrast, and this is a credible cover, brimming in fresh hooks and attitude.

‘Everlong’ by Foo Fighters gets the cover treatment too, and Melton gives his all here to the classic. The guitar strokes are brilliantly weaved, and the addition of pop punk fever really gives the song a boost, even though it didn’t need it.

All American Rejects classic ‘Gives You Hell’ is redefined too in another stand-out. Melton increases the tension, and he uses his musical formula to great effect.

Alex Melton raises the game with these covers and he seems to be having so much fun when developing his own slant.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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