Alexisonfire – Otherness | Album Review

Track List

Committed to the Con
Sweet Dreams of Otherness
Sans Soleil
Conditional Love
Blue Spade
Dark Night of the Soul
Mistaken Information
Survivor’s Guilt
Reverse the Curse
World Stops Turning


In these times, music like Alexisonfire’s is needed more than ever. Music that electrifies and pulsates, that’s complex and driven, along with lyrics that tell us fables which go close to the bone but are insightful and informative.

This Canadian institution, a band travelling through the blustery winds of their fears, has created an album of ingenuity and, quite frankly, a record blistering in its execution. What we get here describes the end of the world and the tormented souls.

This is Alexisonfire’s finest moment since the brilliance of their 2006 opus Crisis, and while Otherness goes down a different path musically, it still holds up to its greatness.

Although there is the raucousness within, there are moments when tenderness flows through, cooling down the tension. And these musicians show their genius, their musical knowhow, so well that it’s difficult not to notice.

This band is one of the originals and one of the most respected in this over-saturated scene. Their music can’t be replicated, as it’s studded with an unmatched style.

Otherness crams in the signature guitar sound, and the unnerving screams, with Dallas Green offering clean vocals. Green, who has one of the most notable voices in the scene, does so well to involve his voice in the frantic pace. The singer plays his guitar proudly and uses his voice as a subtle reminder.

There are 10 songs on this LP. ‘Sweet Dreams Of Otherness’ starts with a stern guitar sequence until Green comes in. He speaks of wartime and the starkness of this world. It’s an eventful song, and the chorus builds up the pressure. ‘Sans Soleil’ triggers pessimism, but it’s a dreamy song, and it’s a fine moment for this band. It’s a sad track, built on acoustic charm.

‘Mistaken Information’ opens softly, as Green sings with vigour and sincerity, describing the state of love.

Alexisonfire has crafted an album that is worthy. It goes along differently to previous albums but has its own unique vision nonetheless.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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