Alert: Missing Persons Unit – Season 1 Episode 6 “Tim and Amy” Recap & Review

Tim and Amy

Episode 6 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 starts with a woman and a man out hiking together. The man (Tim) proposes and the lady says yes. As they kiss and celebrate, money starts flying out of nowhere. Tim notices boxes of money falling from the sky and he pulls his fiancee to protect her.

Elsewhere, Nikki and Jason visit a therapist who is going to help Keith overcome his trauma. The therapist asks about how they are holding up and they are overwhelmed. He offers to help all of them heal and promises that he will introduce Keith to kids who have been through the same. Nikki and Jason get an alert and they leave to handle the current case.

A woman reports Tim and Amy, she has not seen or heard from them for two days and she thought that they had extended their romantic stay. They search the couple’s house and see that the couple was struggling financially. Mike calls them to inform them that they have found the couple’s car.

Nikki asks him to take Kemi but he informs her that Kemi is working on an unsolved kidnapping from 2005. She finally caught a break and is bringing the suspect in. Kemi brings in the man from the train station.  She questions the man and he doesn’t remember kidnapping her 15 years ago and demanding ransom from her family. Her father never paid the ransom and Kemi felt hurt that her father sacrificed her.

The man refuses to confess to the crime and tells her that he is untouchable. True to his words, the State Department calls Nikki and Kemi is forced to let the man go. The man is a diplomat and he has diplomatic immunity. There is nothing much they can do to make the man pay for what he did. Nikki promises to help Kemi but for the moment she has to let the man go and focus on their current case.

Later, after closing the case, Kemi goes home as she was invited to her dad’s party. Her mom tells her that the invitation was from her not her dad. She asks Kemi to leave, Kemi is hurt to see her dad invited her kidnapper to the party and that is why he wanted her gone.

Nikki and Jason meet Mike at the impound and they learn that Tim was planning to propose. Mike and Nikki talk about their engagement, Nikki doesn’t think it is the right time to tell the kids but Mike thinks there will never be a good time.

Jason finds a map in the couple’s car and they realize the couple might be lost in the forest. They will need to rescue them before the snowstorm that is coming.  Meanwhile, Tim and Amy are counting the money, they took from the boxes and are excited. A man approaches them and punches Tim in the stomach. He is about to shoot Tim when he is killed by a sniper. Tim and Amy grab their bags and run.

Nikki asks for help from the rangers but the leader Lisa is not willing to send her men when there is a snowstorm coming. She offers to take them herself and Kemi narrows down the possible location of the couple.

At the therapy session, Keith connects with one of the boys in the therapy group. They go out driving and the boy encourages Keith to learn things that he deems normal for a teenager. He teaches Keith how to drive and through his encouragement, Keith opens a social media account.

Back to the case of Tim and Amy, the couple runs and gets lost in the woods. The men after the money continue to pursue them as the snowstorm starts raging.  Jason and Mike are dropped into the forest by Lisa and they find the man who was killed by a sniper. Nikki informs them that the man was a freight pilot, he was alerted about an impromptu inspection so he dumped his cargo on the way. He was working for a notorious gang which is now hunting them in the woods to recover all their money.

They follow the couple’s footprints and they find Amy and a dead Tim. Amy used some of the money they took to make a fire and keep warm. Unfortunately, Tim died from hypothermia and a ruptured spleen. There was nothing she could do to save him. As  Jason and Mike help Amy, Mike gets shot in the leg.

They find refuge in a ranger house in the woods and Jason performs a blood transfusion on Mike and cauterizes his gunshot wound. Nikki asks Lisa to help her save them and she arrives just in time to rescue them.

After saving them, she visits Mike in the hospital and tells him that she wants to marry him. He gives her the engagement ring and she is glad that he is alive.

C also gets lucky, his crush drops by to pick up the body of the man from the woods and gives him her card.

The episode ends with Keith getting an anonymous message, seemingly from his kidnapper who is in a car across the street. The kidnapper warns him not to say anything or he will die.

The Episode Review

It is scary that Keith’s kidnapper is still controlling him. Whether or not he is the real Keith, he seems really terrified. He must have suffered great trauma but we will have to watch to find out more regarding this in order to unveil the truth.

At this point, Mike and Nikki should decide what they really want; the back and forth is getting tiring. I hope they move forward and stop with the constant breaks every time something happens.

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