Alert: Missing Persons Unit – Season 1 Episode 5 “Miguel” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Alert: Missing Persons Unit season 1 starts with a man and a woman stuck in a traffic jam. The woman is worried about a baby and is clutching her stomach, trying to add pressure since she is bleeding. Another man gets out of his car and reaches for his gun.

He slowly starts moving towards the other car while hiding his gun in his jacket. The man with the bleeding lady kisses her and assures her she will be okay. He then drives the car off road into a market and leaves before first responders arrive.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Jason apologize to Keith for doing a DNA test. Nikki tells him that Sidney remembers him differently and asks him to try and understand her. Nikki tries to convince him that Sidney will come around.  Keith reminds his parents that he is constantly looking over his shoulder because they are yet to find his kidnappers. He tells them he doesn’t like being doubted and leaves for school.

On the other hand, Sidney is by the lake secretly watching the authorities retrieve a body at the bottom of the lake. She is sure that the body belongs to Keith and her friend asks who the other Keith living in their house is.

Nikki and Jason leave to deal with the new missing case. They are looking for the man who ran away from the crush. His name is Miguel, he works with his brother, Salgado who is a doctor and a philanthropist. He started a foundation that runs clinics in underprivileged countries. He and his brother come from an indigenous tribe and they are the only two left after a corporate massacre happened on their land.

As they interview Salgado, Kemi calls Nikki and tells her about the last seen moments of Miguel. She asks Kemi to identify the lady in the car and orders Mike and Jason to go to the impound and check Miguel’s car. She shows Salgado the video and he fails to recognize the woman.

While at the impound, Mike tells Jason he got a call from one of their supervisors, He was not happy with Jason’s disregard for protocols. Mike reminds him of following the rules but Jason makes no promises of sticking to the lane. Mike checks the last location Miguel put in his car’s map finder and calls Nikki.

Nikki takes Kemi with her but Kemi is distracted by an elderly man she walks by at the railway station. They spot Miguel and try to talk to him. Miguel refuses to corporate or talk, he says no one can help him and jumps on the tracks. Nikki jumps too and tries to rescue him but he refuses. Kemi pulls Nikki just in time and saves her.

Kemi checks Miguel’s phone and realizes Miguel had a baby with a missing woman, Shane.  It has been two years since anyone saw Shane. Nikki asks Kemi to check hospital E.Rs to find out where the woman in the car was taken to. She checks in with Kemi about what happened at the train station but Kemi says she is fine.

Nikki heads over to Salgado’s office to ask him more questions. She arrives as another woman leaves. The woman has just been hired by Salgado and he wants to take her to see a secret farm. The woman is excited to hear about the farm and is eager to help. Nikki asks Salgado about the woman who bore his brother a son. He says he had a fallout with Miguel one year ago and doesn’t know about the woman or the child.  He seems heartbroken to her about his brother’s suicide.

As soon as Nikki leaves, he calls the man chasing Miguel and the woman and tells him Miguel is dead. The man reminds him that Miguel was a problem that needed to be taken care of. The only thing left is the woman and he is at the hospital to kill her.  Salgado asks him to make it fast before the woman talks as he has a new recruit.

Kemi finds more information after digging into Miguel’s life. He seems he knew about a ghost foster care scheme and they are unable to find the parents of 9 kids. They rush the DNA to find out more about the kids.

As they carry on with the case, Kemi is still distracted by the man at the train station. Niki asks her to focus. Nikki drops by C’s office and checks if he has gotten closer to identifying the body found at the lake. C is yet to get started and can’t tell her much.

Later Kemi, asks  C to help her identify if the man from her past is the same man she saw at the train station. She asks him to keep it between them. C later tells Kemi that it is the same man and  Kemi is shaken to learn this. She visits her dad and confronts him about lying to her about the man who kidnapped her in Lagos. Her dad lied to her that the man was killed in a raid. Her father asks her to drop the issue.

Away from the office, Sidney and her friend skip class and follow Keith. Sidney wants to find out his real identity. They spot him going to a friend’s house, unlocking the garage and getting a gun from one of the lockers in the garage.

Back to the case, DNA tests from the babies link them to missing women including Shane. Kemi tracks the hospital Shane was taken to and Mike and Jason pay the hospital a visit. They ask to speak to Shane but the nurse tells them Shane is under no condition to talk. They wanted to talk to her about her one-month-old baby.

Mike realizes something is off when he sees a man leave Shane’s room and doctors rushing in to help her. He follows the man and he takes a security guard hostage. Mike decides not to risk shooting the hostage and surrenders his gun as ordered by the culprit. Jason takes the shot from behind and kills the man.

Later, Mike and Nikki get into a fight after he mentions that she and Jason have been making reckless decisions in the field. Both Nikki and Jason think he shouldn’t have surrendered his gun.

Kemi figures out how the missing women connect and Salgado is at the centre of it all. He has been kidnapping women from the corporate families that exploited his land. He exacting his revenge by forcing them to bare his children. They go through the phone of the hired assassin Jason killed.

They are able to find the farm Salgado is keeping these women. They find Salgado at the bedside of a woman giving birth. Salgado uses this as a distraction to escape. They chase him into the woods and he takes Jason hostage. Jason asks Mike to take the shot regardless but Mike talks Salgado into surrendering. They arrest him and reunite the children with their moms.

After the case, Nikki apologizes to Mike and promises she will stop being reckless. She asks for his help on how to do that. Jason interrupts them and tells her that Sidney is in her office and is refusing to talk to him.

They talk to her and she says she won’t be going home. She saw Keith with a gun. They rush home to find Keith in the basement. They ask him about the gun and it is a pellet gun. He thought it looked real enough to scare off his kidnappers if they come back. He expresses disappointment that Sidney doesn’t believe him.

The Episode Review

The more I watch this show, the more confused I am about Keith. At times, I want to believe him and other times I am sure he is an impostor.

I want to know why Sidney is so sure the real Keith is dead. What did she do to him and what will happen to their family once the parents learn what she is hiding?

If the real Keith is dead, why is this young man pretending to be him? What is the end goal and how long will the parents continue to be oblivious?

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