Alchemy of Souls – K-Drama Episode 20 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

For Whom The Bell Tolls

What happens between Park Jin and Maidservant Kim?

Episode 20 of Alchemy of Souls starts this season finale with Park Jin walking with Maidservant Kim. She reveals she’d like to stay in a cosy house with her husband, sporting a small garden. Park Jin promises to look for that exact house for her and gift it to her on her wedding day. He brings up how Master Lee is clearly her suitor but Kim is incredulous over how foolish the leader is being.

“You’re the one I have feelings for!” She blurts out, as Park Jin is shocked that he missed this. Park Jin tries to right these wrongs but Kim rushes away, the word “lovingly” echoing in Park Jin’s mind.

When she heads home, Jang-Uk finds her crying and listens to her woes. However, he also turns it round with some good news, revealing he’s going to be getting married soon. As he mentions his bride will be Mu-Deok, Kim is shocked and bites down on her handkerchief.

Even Lady Heo has made peace with the idea of Jang-Uk being with Mu-Deok, believing she never really had a chance next to her.

What does Jin-Mu intend to do next?

Meanwhile, Jin-Mu continues to scheme, doing his best to convince the Crown Prince to team up with him. The Prince is quick to point out that Jang-Uk has lost all of his power and that, coupled with public opinion swinging toward him being the one to conjure the King’s Star, means he’ll politely decline. That is, until the slippery mage tells him that Jang-Uk could well be hiding his power.

With the Crown Prince conflicted, Jin-Mu tasks those in Cheonbugwan to bring him the Queen’s soul potions and the divination bells. Now, the latter actually belonged to Shaman Choi and could well be instrumental in Jin-Mu’s final gamble. He intends to make the soul shifters go on a rampage by ringing the bells. In doing so, this would essentially make Jang-Uk’s power with the ice stone come forth.

Ho-Gyeong waits for Woo-Tak to awaken, who’s actually still alive after stabbing himself in the gut last episode. She’s not exactly in the forgiving mood and tells him she hopes he’s in agony after what he’s done to their family. Tears silently fall from Woo-Tak’s face.

Does Jin-Mu learn the truth about Mu-Deok’s identity?

Although Yul is on the mend, he’s still experiencing pain. Now, the root cause of this is the blood parasite that So-I put inside him. So-i mulls this over and talks to herself, hoping that Yul takes the medicine in Jinyowon to relive the pain.

Meanwhile, Park Jin stops by to see Maidservant Kim before she leaves, offering his hand – and some seeds – as a gesture that he’s willing to wait with her. Kim gladly holds his hand and decides to “walk at his pace” going forward, solidifying the pair’s blossoming romance. Master Lee watches from afar and decides to leave them be. Unfortunately, he ends up crying his eyes out as a result, heartbroken over these turn of events.

As for Park Jin, he realizes Jin-Mu knows all about Jang Gang’s past and decides the only solution is to have him killed. Of course, we know that he’s about to launch a diabolical plan to thwart the upcoming wedding. Not only that but Jin-Mu starts to put all the pieces together and realizes that Mu-Deok is actually Naksu. Will Mu-Deok succumb to the bells and run wild?

Meanwhile, Ho-Gyeong confronts So-I after her lies while she’s rooting around in Jinyowon. She contemplates killing her but So-I uses the blindfold as a way of keeping herself alive, refusing to tell her where Bu-Yeon is until she’s guaranteed her own safety. For now, she gets away. So-I eventually smuggles the medicine to Yul to help him with his pain.

Does the Crown Prince work with Jin-Mu?

On the eve of Dang-Gu’s big wedding, the Crown Prince tells Mu-Deok exactly what he thinks of her, leaving things on a rather sour note after hoping that she and Jang-Uk leave far away so he can’t manifest his ill feelings toward them. Unfortunately, Jin-Mu uses this to his advantage and encourages the Crown Prince to make Jang-Uk hit rock bottom.

In the morning, Dang-Gu and Cho-Yeon’s wedding goes ahead but there are, of course, still hostilities between Ho-Gyeong and Park Jin. Mu-Deok is nowhere to be found either, given she’s fallen under the influence of Jin-Mu’s sorcery. Unfortunately, she kills a number of sorcerers guarding Woo-Tak before going after the main man.

Cho-yeon shows up in her bridal gear and tries to stop Mu-Deok but it’s no good. The assassin is too powerful. Dang-Gu tries to interject too but it’s too late, Mu-Deok kills Woo-Tak, properly this time it seems.

Does Mu-Deok go on a murderous rampage?

“Kill those who murdered your father,” Echoes the voice of Jin-Mu, as Mu-Deok finds herself on the cusp of going on a murderous rampage. Armed with the bells, Jin-Mu heads in to see Park Jin and warns that Naksu is on the rampage. We see the frightening power of this mage as Naksu takes out a number of mages with ease.

Park-Jin shows with his bow and fires a magical arrow her way… until Jang-Uk steps up and stop the blow. Park Jin moves it at the last second but Jang-Uk opens himself up for Mu-Deok stabbing him through the gut.

Does Jang-Uk die?

As Jang-Uk bleeds out, he drops to his knees and pleads with Mu-Deok to snap put of her trance. It seems to do the trick but she suddenly realizes what’s happened, and she’s shocked. Of course, all of this was foreshadowed last episode but it still doesn’t stop the heartbreaking effect of this.

The bells ring once more but this time Mu-Deok takes off, leaving Jang-Uk to bleed out on the ground. As news spreads of what’s happened, Jang-Uk’s body is eventually brought to the secret room. Jin-mu uses this to his advantage, pleading with the king to punish Songrim for this.

As for Ho-Gyeong, she decides to try and find Mu-Deok, determined to find out exactly whose body she’s taken. Cheonbugwan are also after her too, so it really is coming right down to the wire.

How does Alchemy of Souls season 1 end?

As we know, Jang-Uk is the King’s Star Aand as the pyre burns in the courtyard, the fire suddenly turns blue and rages on. Out from the fire steps Jang-Uk! He’s okay after all! Master Lee is there to watch this too as he knows that this isn’t Jang-Uk’s time to die. Our protagonist walks purposefully out from the smouldering ruins.

We cut back to Mu-Deok who can no longer hear bells but her skin is cracked. Standing on the edge of a cliff, Jin-Mu is convinced this is where she meets her demise. She jumps into the water and lets herself be submerged to the depths. However, hands grab her and start to bring her back to the surface.

Will Mu-Deok be saved? What will Jang-Uk do next? What will the fate of Songrim, Jinyowon and Cheonbugwan be? We’ll have to wait and find out when this show returns later on this year!

The Episode Review

With Jin-Mu’s main plan thwarted last episode, this finale essentially works to wrap that up but also open a new threat for the second season. This appears to come in the form of Mu-Deok being influenced by the bells and being controlled by Jin-Mu.

Speaking of which, if Bu-Yeon is supposed to be this powerful sorceress, shouldn’t she have interfered with the whole bells malarkey? For me it’s a little contrived and works to basically set up a second season. To be fair though, the story could have been wrapped up in episode 19, which felt like a natural conclusion. In many ways, this chapter is basically like the opening chapter to season 2!

However, we also have the issue involving Jin-Mu and how he’s managed to weasel his way into the throne room and is influencing the royal family. That itself is a little contrived too because shouldn’t the queen absolutely despise Jin-Mu by this point? Why is she accepting of what he’s saying? Now, it could well be that the king punishes Songrim for what’s happened and this plays right into the hands of Jin-Mu.

There are a lot of loose ends still to be resolved here and in many ways you can forgive the cliffhanger ending because we know there’s another season coming. All the drama involving Ho-Gyeong’s daughter, the ice stone, Jang-Uk’s new purpose etc. will hopefully come around later this year.

This first season has been a great watch and the mix of romance, fantasy and drama has certainly made this another hit on Netflix. Will the follow-up be as good? We’ll have to wait and see.

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65 thoughts on “Alchemy of Souls – K-Drama Episode 20 Recap, Review & Ending Explained”

  1. I like the show a lot just disappointed in how ep 20 ends. I really do hope that Naksu/ Mu Deok/ Bu Yeon comes back in season 2 like become one and learning about each other past and powers. Have a married life with Jang Uk and full fill thier destiny as the most powerful Jin family member. I also hope that Jang Uk receives his powers back and learns about who is father actually is and his destiny as the kings star…. Without Naksu/ Mu Deok/ Bu Yeon and Kang Uk season 2 well not be as good.

  2. Yes if the real mudeok isn’t in season2..
    It’s not making sense, cause it’s the real mudeok ,uk likes.if she died like that it means they won’t know her true identity and family. Naksu wey dem Don burn how manage🤔. And yul and real naksu likes each other before,what will happen to uk if the real mudeok died.
    Please let mudeok come back in season2

  3. In my opinion, Mu Deok/Jin Bu-Yeon and Naksu they might be in season 2 because, Jin Bu-Yeon she is ice stone “she was born using the ice stone i.e by using alchemy of souls”, therefore the two souls Mu Deok has “Jin Bu-Yeon and Naksu souls” might be reborn to their normal bodies, compared to Jang Uk that have been burned but still reborned!

  4. Even if it was naksu soul in side mudeok/bu yeon’s body,that face is already loved by jang uk even if naksu was to leave the body jang uk is already attached to mudeoks body and everything is already engraved in his mind
    I can’t wait season 2

  5. They’ll have to add jung so min in season 2
    And who did jang uk really fell In love with?was it naksu or mudeok in by yeon’s body season 2 is going too be though theyll have to bring mudeok back

  6. They played with you guys emotions and just drop you anywhere – no excuse for ending like that – for season 2 they should make naksu and boyoen marry uk jang and end their sufferings if not they have spoiled everything.

  7. Okay for me I feel by yeon will come back cause she hasn’t fulfilled her purpose yet ,she is the owner of the ice stone ,and naksu will come fully for her revenge on how Jin my used her for evil and bu yeon will find her mother ,but this will take turn cause it’s likely both of them remember all that happened while they were in each other’s body ,bu yeon must come back or else season 2 will be useless


  9. I see everyone is disappointed by the way episode 20 ending. It was a bit confusing at first everything that happened, but at the end makes sense. Everyone is mad thinking that Mu-deok will not come back in season 2 because of the reappearance of Nak-su but we still don’t. One thing is for sure, is that Mu-deok is pull out of the water after she fell off the cliff. Don’t forget that Jin Bu-yeon’s mother (Jin Ho-kyung) asked her other daughter (Jin Cho-yeon) to go find Mu-deok/Bu-yeon and those are the people pulling Mu-deok out of the water. So I believe that Jin Ho-kyung will some how separate Me-deok from Nak-su and maybe Me-deok will be sleeping or in comma for the remainder of the show. Is my guess. Other than that, I can’t wait to see the next episodes.

  10. After watching episode 20 and learning that there will be a second season, I wish that :
    – Mu -deok ( Jung So- min ) will keep the same role because she is too perfect. She can’t be replaced by another actress.
    I wish that during the 10 episodes of the second season, Jank-Uk with his powerful ice stone and the help of the masters can reintegrate:
    – Bu-yeon’s soul returns to his body, and continue with Jang-uk.
    – Nak-su’s soul is reincarnated in a new body with the same physical characteristics, so that Seo Yul can find his old friend,
    – Park Jin and Kim Do-ju get married.

  11. Alchemy of Souls Season 1 Episode 20 finale was THE BEST.

    It was meant to happen!

    Just wait for Season 2 – you can’t judge what you haven’t seen yet. It will surprise you!

  12. Give actress Go Yoon-jung a chance. After all she is the original Naksu and I loved her badass behavior in the first episodes. She was in Mudeoks body, but she is the character Jang Uk fell in love with. Her temperament, character, dedication and antics. He didnt fall for Mudeok/Bu-yeon. Also the mix-up of souls in Mudeoks body needs to be solved. It was clear from the beginning that Naksu cannot stay in a strangers body forever and will eventually turn into stone. So it makes sense she needs to come out again. I hope the show comes full circle. Starting and ending with Naksu. Actress Jung So-min greatly carried the show so far but the same might be true once Go Yoon-jung takes over.

  13. It would not be the same if Jung So Min is not in Season 2. Wish the production can find a way to retain So Min.

  14. I will not watch the season 2 without so min they can not remove her like that. i hope she will be shown as bu yeon or i will not watch the show absolutely never. Ending was ok but as a cliff hanger it was worst still waiting for 2nd season i hope so min will in it.. M

  15. Everyone being so disappointed with the ending is ridiculous. Even if there’s a priestess in her body, she’s still a soul shifter. It hasn’t been confirmed that mudeok is dead: two people dragged her out. Jang UK’s purpose was not revealed in S1, so it would be even more disappointing if we don’t get to see him at his full potential. Naksu and Buyeon’s origin story is also really important and I think having Naksu is s2 is perfect. I love Jang UK and Mudeok’s love story and I hope they wrap it up nicely but it would have been unrealistically perfect if they just put them together without settling the mudeok/Naksu/Buyeon issue. So pls can u guys stop the hate. The ending was thrilling and I look forward to s2

  16. The last episode was a disappointing, But the end of season 1 is the beginning of season 2
    in addition,naksu body was burned in the public,so I was wondering how the writer is going to change the story.
    I my own view I think the Ice stone is not one but two ,my reason,
    1 when mu deok was trapped in the mirror of longing some of the relic in jinyowon says that ”it is her the ice stone”
    2 bu Yeon was a great priestess
    as I say that naksu body was burned see goes for Jang uk he was also burned but he survived thanks to the ice stone so I think the second ice stone is with naksu. which makes the ice stone form another naksu

  17. Awful! Awful! Just awful ending! Such a disappointing episode for the female lead, So-min, who carried the entire show to its high ratings and captivated the audience to have such demise and not going back to season 2. I can’t watch season 2 with Uk being with another female lead. It’s just WRONG! I wish I had not watched the series.

  18. Esse final foi muito inesperado. Pensei que Jang Uk e Muok fossem casar, e nem ligava para outro personagem casasse que não tinha nada ver com a história. Ainda nem sei o que levou a chegar nesse ponto. Portanto o drama era para ter continuado os episódios com 30 ou 40 ou ter 3 temporadas. Porque os personagens com Mu deok entre a verdadeira dos personagens com Bu yeon e como destinos das duas almas será que vai dividido para ter os corpos diferentes, porque isso seria impossível arrumar outro corpo. Todos nós sabemos que o par perfeito romântico entre Jang Uk e Mu deok. Sei que a Bu yeon vai virar o jogo como uma poderosa sacerdotisa em ação já está na hora de entrar ação, mas com certeza será uma escolha muito difícil viver ou morrer entre as duas almas Mu deok e Bu yeon.

  19. I’m glad there will be a Season 2. I kept wondering how episode 20 would end with so many loose ends not tied up. The ending was disappointing until I realized there would hopefully be a Season 2. Yes, thank you in advance for letting Jang UK and Mo Doek reunite at the beginning of the season. The subtle growing chemistry between the two is what kept me watching the show.

  20. i don’t actually write comments about the drama, me too was disappointed with the ending of season 1 knowing Jung So Min will not be in next season but come to think of it, there are a lot of cliff hangers on this season there are lot of things to think about especially with the leads. I’d rather want to think that the writer wouldn’t just end this drama in season 2. Season 1 is all about alchemy of souls, and the 3 characters, Jang Uk, Naksu and Meudok/Buyeon. Season 2 will most probably center the story on how the female lead became Naksu, how she was created and crafted by Jin Mu. And the king star has appeared what he can do now, he might think he lost his lover, Meudok will they find each other again? The prince will he became evil like his master?

    In the first Ep. it’s not clear why Naksu soul shifted in Buyeon’s body, she was not chosen by Naksu. But since she’s a powerful priestess she can sense that she was a soul shifter. she’d rather chooses her to control her power. I think the love that grows between Jang Uk and Mudeok/Naksu was actually controlled by Buyeon, everytime JangUk faces danger the one who save him is Buyeon, remember ep.7&8 and inside the Jinyowon, the relics know Buyeon was there the blind girl, the ice stone. When Uk about to shift his soul with Gil Ju, the one who held him was Buyeon too. there are a lot of scenes actually that Bueyon’s character was there, during the fight of Master Lee and Uk the one who stop them was her too. Also when they where trap with eunuch kim, the soul shifter, it was her power that makes the constellations of star opened. Buyeon/Mudeok is very important character it’s a waste if Hong sister will not emphasize her story.

    I really wish there will be season 3 the return of Jung So Min character as Buyeon, we have seen Mudeok’s body was save from the lake so let’s have hope So Min will be back, To begin with the Alchemy of souls began with the love between Master Seo Gyeong, born with king star, and Jin Seol Ran the powerful preistess so I really wish Hong Sister writer nim will end it with a better ending with Jang Uk and Buyeon.

  21. Why introduce buyeon/mudeok as one of tne most powerful characters with intruiging family background then remove her in season 2. Will not watch without her. Nah nah

  22. Wasn’t what I expected the ending is a f*cking b***shit how can it end like that. How can a powerful priestess be controlled by a bell and running wild makes no sense at all

  23. I also feel bad with the ending, it still linger in my mind how sad the ending of season, hope i did not watch episode 20 or the whole season..

  24. Disappointed very much.At the last episode why do they have to make Mudeok a very pitiful character. Then they shouldn’t have made Naksu soul go into Bu yeon’s body. What’s the use of plot of entering a divine high preistess body when it doesn’t help at all in the benefits of the soul??Why! killing Naksu was not enough? Worst characters tragedy ever!!!

  25. I agree with that they could have ended with episode 19. A few extra minutes and it would have been memorable. Having the protagonist go bad is being used so much now and it is not liked by the audiance such as Game of Thrones or that Japanese anime with Erin the giant shifter. You see point in tact, I loved the beginning of that anime and now cannot even recall the name of it. Buyon let the bell thing happen Please you totally lost me there!!! I will skip second season but Thank you for 19 good episodes.

  26. Esse final foi muito inesperado. Pensei que Jang Uk e Muok fosse casar, e nem ligava para outro personagem casasse que não tinha nada ver com a história. Ainda nem sei o que levou a chegar nesse ponto. Acho que nem mudaria de corpo para seus dois corpos a segunda era pra ter continuado os estranhos 30 ou 3. Provavelmente muitas vezesções dos personagens com Mudeok entre a verdadeira dos personagens com Bu yeon como destinos almas juntas como será quem vai e quem vai e quem os corpos, porque seria impossível arrumar outro corpo para que essas duas almas dividir. Todos nós que o perfeito romântico seria o corpo que agora com Jang Uk. Sei que a Bu yeon vai virar o jogo como uma poderosa sacerdotisa em ação, mas com certeza será uma escolha difícil viver ou morrer.

  27. Absolute fail and typical flop kdrama ending, living off people’s money whenever they feel like people patronize and taking advantage of popularity, no season 2 for us. So clear that they just stretch the story to extend it, so obvious, whoever is writing the script story sucks in the end.

  28. I finished watching at episode 19…Mu Deok was my favourite character, don’t really care much for the others as they are mostly bumbling fools…searching for the next show to watch now.

  29. Worst episode ever. Not bother watching season 2 especially if mudeok character not coming back. A big DISAPPOINTMENT !!!!

  30. Won’t bother to watch season 2, the ending made me regret watching this drama every week. If I only know this is how they will end the story I wouldn’t have started watching this. 100% disappointed.

  31. Total waste of time..having ruined the ending.
    Not interested in watching season2 to
    With out mu deoki! Not knowing her real
    Mother..the story is not complete at episode 20, for the main character like

  32. Was half hoping the priestess would awaken to help somehow … but No.. such a sad ending.. felt very rushed at the end.. Hope to see Mudeok.. next part in December…🤞🤞👀

  33. I respect everyone’s decision about getting disappointed in the ending of season 1 but think of it, it’s not the end of AOS it’s just the end of 1st season and there’s an upcomming season 2 right?if you want happy ending right away you should tell early on to the Hong sisters to cancel season 2. I hope you get my point (sorry to laugh at you guys to those who said it was a disappointing ending) but for me it was an exciting ending because many more conclusions to be resolved in season 2 and I love to see Go Yoon Jung she’s my favorite 🙂

  34. I’m doubtful about part 2, sadly. Not because of the actress, but because the writing (general plot, not dialogue) of the last episodes was so poor.

    We were introduced to AoS with a few main questions. How will Naksu get revenge on Songrim? Who is the original owner of her body? Why can Jang Uk not become a mage? What does the King’s Star mean?

    The problem is that the writers immediately exposed the answers. The audience already knew most of the answers. We patiently waited for everything to unravel for our main characters. But nothing did.

    When will Naksu take revenge? When will they find out she’s Buyeon? When can Jang Uk become a mage? When will he find out he’s the King’s Star?

    The audience knew Naksu was in Buyeon’s body since ep 6 (first Jinyowon visit). Halfway episode 20, the two characters this matters to most (Naksu and Buyeon’s mother) STILL haven’t fully figured out despite constant hints for the audience…

    The audience knew Naksu found out Jin Mu betrayed her after 3 episodes, 17 episodes later she’d still not shown a sign of revenge. She didn’t even come close. She worked for his organization for years, surely she knew its influence?

    Jang Uk’s main character motivation was becoming a mage. That was executed extremely well – at first. His determination and development were probably why most of us stuck around watching.

    Then he became a mage, his only motivation was to protect Mudeok. Bring her to the top of a tree (oh wait, they never brought that up again).

    I didn’t love that motivation, because “protecting” is a very reactive mindset for a main character (things happen to him, rather than he aims to change).

    But okay, sure. The audience was patient because we knew that he was the King’s Star since the 2nd episode. Jin Mu knew, Park Jin knew. Only Jang Uk didn’t. It was only a matter of time right? Nope. Didn’t even address it after holding the ice stone.

    His father knew. His mysterious father whose return was hinted for 15+ episodes. His father who would change everything, finally made his return in episode 19…

    Only to say “yo, sorry for the mess” and vanish. His return was made so important, and then completely useless as a plot device (only to prove Songrim was also guilty, but not get any blame??).

    We even got his fading ashes and memorial. As if it were extremely sad, when the only thing we knew was that he’d been a d*ck to his son without ever explaining why. The only ones who “discovered” the truth (king’s seal), were the ones protecting Jang Uk from that truth from the 1st episode. Development: zero.

    They continuously showed the audience everything. But did the main characters come closer to solving any of these points? Nope. They get more dumb every episode, to slow down the season.

    Naksu not figuring out (or showing any interest whatsoever) who the owner of her body was, drove me up the wall in the past 8 episodes. Cho-Yeon’s mother was even worse. Her motivation in taking sides made no sense to me at all.

    And then in the last episode, they suddenly introduce a divination spell without previous warning??? Even though the whole series Mudeok’s body has been protected by the powerful priestess and she’s been in the ice stone itself, she’s still susceptible to a dead shaman’s spell? They should have hinted that before, to make it believable. Foreshadowing with a bell sound before a shifter ran wild.

    Also, Jang Uk’s never shown any interest in the crown and even gave the crown prince credit over himself. Yet the crown prince believes the traitor who continuously lied to him and sided with the woman pretending to be his mother for years?

    And Cho-Yeon immediately wanting to kill Mudeok after her father turned out to be a complete scam? He was the reason she’d lost Buyeon, he held the queen captive and chose loyalty to shaman Choi over Cho-Yeon, committing suicide right in front of her. Her first reaction makes no sense to me. Neither does no-one seeing clearly Mudeok was under some spell, after every magical thing that happened in the past 24 hours.

    I’m sorry for the long rant, I’m just truly disappointed. There was no character or story development for the last 5 episodes. The writers really ignored everything they built and just introduced new things to entice us to watch the 2nd season.

    Even the tiniest plots, like the citizens supporting the blue scarf and the old mage shifting into the orphan child, were not wrapped up properly at all. They could have done so many cool things with that.

    But perhaps I’m most of all sad with Mudeok’s farewell. Again, the audience already knew Mudeok was in danger. It was extremely obvious this would be their last happy moment. After heavy confessions of bird’s eggs and heartfelt promises, the drunken “by the way, I like you” as last words really seemed like the writers no longer cared.

    The immense similarities to Hotel del Luna and Korean Odyssey also started to bother me in the end. Mudeok and JMW became more and more similar with the season progressing (sad past shared with second lead, big tree, arrogant cold killer turned soft baby, patient and stubborn boyfriend, stabbing boyfriend with a sword). Like they were out of inspiration halfway.

    Perhaps it would have been better had the Hong Sisters also split up the first season in 10+10. After a short break and some evaluation, they might have better known what to do with the second half. Strong concept, mind-blowing start, sloppy finalization.

    I’ll just pretend that 19 is the last episode.

  35. I couldn’t wait to watch this show every week. But the finale was absolutely awful – terrible! Nobody wants to see the most significant character replaced. They should have given the actress more money to at least show up and continue in Season 2. A cameo does not count. So, not even bothering with Season 2.

  36. It wasn’t really an ending. It was just a cliff hanger. I’m sure Season 2 will give us insight on what happens after Naksu is pulled out of the water. From the end trailer it looks like Naksu will most likely be back in her original form. Go Yoon Jung was Naksu in the beginning of the show and she was the person at the end of the trailer for next season. Maybe Mu-deok will reunite with the Jin family. Hopefully, Jun So-Min will be a part of the cast so that Mu-deok remains a main character.

  37. So disappointing! Guess writers really don’t care about viewers. December…I’ll be hooked on something else by then and the bitter taste of this ending will probably still be lingering. People watch for a reason…for a happy ending and we earned after 20 episodes. Hope this was worth losing the trust of your viewers. Don’t plan on watching season 2..way too bitter!

  38. It’s the hong sisters, so if netflix haven’t announced part 2 already they probably would of just ended the series on episode 19 or 20. I enjoy the hong’s project, korean odyssey and hotel de luna, but them open endings are asking for another season which is annoying lol

  39. The following is my interpretation of the ending. Both Jang-Uk and Bu Yeon/Naksu each has an ice stone in their bodies. When one of the body is destroyed (not when the person is killed), the ice stone will recreate the same body of the soul. As is the case of Jang-Uk, when his body was being destroyed by the fire, the ice stone recreated his body and he was reborned. In the case of Bu Yeon/Naksu, when she jumped off the cliff into the lake, her body was destroyed. However, since there were two souls in her body, the ice stone recreated two bodies, one for Bu Yeon and one for Naksu. This possibly explains how Naksu body can be recreated and both of them (Bu Yeon and Naksu) will show up for season 2.

  40. Agree. This ep 20 is the beginning of season 2. Interesting story. In my opinion, buyeon will still appear in season 2, definitely is not same actress, (just same figure with Mudeok covering her eyes).
    Naksu is back, beautiful appearance.

  41. i hate the ending!!! No Jung so min in season 2 so what will happen to Buyeon? She deserves to know her family. Her character has no justice. She’s known as a powerful priestess but they didn’t give justice to her life story and abilities. She wasn’t able to meet her family. So, how are they going to show it without Jung so min in season 2????? WE NEED JUNG SO MIN IN SEASON 2! Please give us Buyeon back! Buyeon deserves to live her life!

  42. I’m so discontented with the ending. It’s like they wanted to make the main lead Mu-deok a villain, just to get rid of the body (which is totally unfair for her because of the reason that they just wanted to bring back the real naksu in season 2 ) .
    They just ruin the story, making so much twist that lead to worst ending.
    Mu-deok who is a protagonist and a victim of soul shifting turn to be an antagonist just to make Jung So-Min out of season 2.
    But the funny thing is she is the one who make the drama in high rating because of her good acting.
    So disppointing!

  43. Can’t believe I thought this drama was good. Tragic and desperate ending instead of a memorable one. Leaves a bad taste on the mouth. Can’t believe from good to worst writing. Not going to watch part 2. I’ll make sure not to watch any in the future written by the same writerss.

  44. Episode 20’totally contrived. Actress who played Mu- deck was my only reason to watch. I loved this drama up until episode 20. Have to say totally let down.

  45. How I wish I didn’t watch the episode 20, now I feel like crying. They ruined everything 😩😩😩😩😭

  46. This episode started so funny – then the crappy ending! Why, why, why? I’m also not happy that Jung So-min will be replaced as the lead female character in season 2. She’s a very good acress. The ending of this episode is one of the worst I’ve seen in a series.

  47. Not a fan of this ending. Definitely felt contrived to open up season 2. All the weaknesses mentioned, I have the same observations. Right now, I could care less about season 2. It may change later.

  48. I’m hearing a lot of bad things about the ending of season 1. But what people really don’t realize is that, it’s the beginning of a new season actually.
    Personally I loved the ending of season 1 because it’s shows how good the season 2 will be and also the capacity of the writer which I really admire and respect.

  49. I am DISAPPOINTED!!!!
    I was in loved with this drama. I was hoping for a happy ending since Naksu’s life story was entirely sad. She saw her dad dying in front of her, after that she was raised and trained by the worst man ever who only used her and threw her away after her death… And in the end he used her again (against her will) and made her kill again so many men…. She is the most unhappy person in this drama. She deserved to be happy in the end (at least)…
    The end of first season is a very big DISAPPOINTMENT!!!
    From what I heard, in season 2 there will be no Bu Yeon (since the actress didn’t sign the contract for the second season)…
    So, how will the producers redeem themselves?
    A pour soul who were tormented all her life… to end like this…. even if they will rescue Naksu, Bu Yeon will die? Bu Yeon was also a victim…. so what were in the producers’ minds when they decided to end season 1 like this????

    I repeat: The end of first season is a very big DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

  50. I am eager to know who was those two individuals who went down the bottom and pulled UP Mu-Deok’s/Naksu petrified body up…?!
    Light blue outfits.
    Could it be from the JIN family?!
    Or Crown Prince Go Won orders after knowing Mu-Deok was a soul shifter all along bearing Naksu the assassin soul after hearing from major schemer Jin-Mu?!
    End credits revealed a new actress that could well be Naksu in her true form.
    Can’t wait for Season 2 this coming December.

  51. BOO HISS!!! I don’t know if this lousy ending has to do with Mu-deoks actress not returning next season or not, but it does seem contrived and a total waste of all the chemistry that was built between the lead characters during the entire first season. Good luck to the writers in redeeming themselves for this extremely dissatisfying finale.

  52. I agree with Maryanne!
    I want Jung So-Min back as Bu-Yeon(MuDoek). As long as Jang Uk and Mu Doek are together the world is a happy place.

  53. Havent watch either Ep 19 or 20. Reading from comment above it’s obvious some couldn’t withstand the end part. Guess, Mo doek met such a terrible but inevitable fate. What I’m interested on is, would she ended up being healed permanently or she keep on renewing her souls with the alchemy stuffs???

  54. I loved the ending. Other than the rather pesky issue with Bu Yeon doing nothing to fight against Naksu’s weakness of the bells that is. My only guess at that (besides what you mentioned about plot contrivance) is that she could seal Naksu’s power but couldn’t manage both hers and Jin Mu’s together. Still felt weak. Looking forward to seeing what season 2 will bring and hope that the series wraps with a happy ending.

  55. Season 1 Episode 20 of Alchemy of Souls is the WORST ending ever! Wish they ended it in more positive way and not kill the main character. I feel like all the episodes up to episode 19 that I truly enjoyed, were all wasted and down the drain after that terrible finale!!!! I don’t even care for Season 2, so please Netflix don’t even bother showing it!!!!

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