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Episode 7 of Alchemy of Souls starts with a look at a draught that caused chaos across Daeho in the past. The lake completely dried up, causing the mages to pray and wish for water. Well, they got their wish and in doing so, hailstones fell from the sky and turned to water.

However, one droplet among that happened to be special, transforming between states including fire and water. When it eventually formed, it became the Soul Ejector. A powerful trinket, this Soul Ejector could bring the dead back to life and even steal the essence of those living to satiate the dead.

This remarkable trinket ended up being fought over many years between different individuals. Thankfully, the founder of Songrim, Master Seo Gyeong, put an end to that and kept hold of the soul stone. And Master Lee was actually the guy’s pupil.

Now, Park Jin is worried that someone may have released the Soul Ejector. He speaks to Yeom and hopes that the disaster from 200 years back doesn’t repeat itself again. In order to do so, they set out to find the Ice Stone.

There are many relics and trinkets forged using the power of this Soul Ejector though, and one of those happens to be the mirror we saw last episode.

Meanwhile, Mu-Deok shows up to see the Crown Prince. She gratefully takes the cinnamon drink he offers and doesn’t bat an eyelid to it. The Crown Prince immediately suspects something is up, and in doing so, her demeanour changes. “You caught me.” She says, and disappears from view. In fact, the mirror ends up cracking in the process.

It turns out Yul has also been suffering from illusions, and interestingly, they too include Mu-Deok. When Jang-Uk shows up, the others fill him in on what’s happening – including the broken jade stone that she “broke”.

We know this is just Cho-Yeon’s meddling but it has the adverse effect Cho-Yeon was hoping for, as she decides to conduct this search himself. In fact, he asks them to open up the entrance to Jinyowon so he can look inside.

He’s warned that there are dangerous relics inside that could cause them to lose their way, but he doesn’t care. In fact, the Crown Prince even decides to follow along with him and Yul.

Once inside, the trio pass the numerous different dangerous artefacts as they all grow scared. The thing is, Mu-Deok is obviously inside but stuck in a large chasm full of mirrors taunting her.

The trouble is, this trio only stay inside for an hour but when that time runs out, they’re supposed to head back. Only, they reflect on their illusions and realize all of this links back to the mirror.

While all this is going on, Dang-Gu speaks to Cho-Yeon outside and comments how he can hear jade clinking. And that soon becomes apparent when we see that she actually has the stone in her sachet.

When the others return outside Jinyowon, they learn that this trinket is called the Mirror of Longing and Mu-Deok is stuck inside. However, given Jang-Uk is actually inside, Cho-Yeon steps up and claims that she’s found the jade stone and Mu-Deok isn’t responsible after all. Her mother shrugs it off.

Jang-Uk manages to work out the riddle of the mirror and shrugs off its constant berating and antagonizing quips. Realizing that a mirror needs a reflection, he throws a large cloth over it and covers it up,

This act allows Jang-Uk to communicate with Mu-Deok on the other side. Jang-Uk admits that he misses her and opens up about how he’s felt since meeting her all those episodes ago. Both of them reach their hands out and touch the quivering magical field. Suddenly, the glass shatters and Mu-Deok is able to be saved.

Jang-Uk carries her out the room, while Park-Jin happens to be outside. With everything cleared up, Cho-yeon drops to her knees and apologizes for what’s happened, given she’s the one who orchestrated all of this.

This also throws into question the marriage that was supposed to go ahead, with Park Jin admitting he’s concerned about Cho-Yeon’s actions.

At the same time, that crazy white light from before ends up blinding Mu-Deok, who’s back to wearing a blindfold after all. I mean, just for a bit anyway. In the morning she can see absolutely fine.

As for Jang-Uk, he’s more determined than ever to better himself and become the man he was always born to be. He also speaks to Cho-yeon’s mother too, including how he may not actually be Gang Jang’s son given what we know about the soul switching in the past.

Meanwhile, Jin-Mu arrives and speaks to Cho-Yeon’s mother. He suggests that Cho-Yeon marry Bu-Yeon instead, that way he can make Bu-Yeon leader of Jinyowon and Cho-Yeon will become a queen. This is, of course, all part of his scheming. Part of this would also mean Jin-Mu becomes part of the Jin family if she decides to agree.

At the same time, Yul realizes that Mu-Deok is actually Naksu. As he processes this news and wonders what to do, Mu-Deok is approached by Kil Joo who strikes a deal with her.

He wants Mu-Deok to bring Jang-Uk to an empty temple that night so he can do his soul-shift. On the way though, Jang-Uk decides they should stay faithful and loyal to one another. Mu-Deok has a change of heart and reveals the truth – and that she needs to leave because of that. If she stays by his side then it’ll put him in danger and he could die.

Mu-Deok shows up that night to see Kil-Joo but he immediately uses his powers to knock her back. However, Jang-Uk jumps in with his sword and hits back.

Now, as it’s raining outside, he uses his powers to master his Tansu technique and knock Kil-Joo down. Unfortunately, he conjures his powers to produce the alchemy of souls. Jang-Uk’s soul looks set to shift. Uh oh!

The Episode Review

Alchemy of Souls returns this week with another good episode, this time really leaning into the fantasy elements and running with it. The show has been a really enthralling and unique watch, and this episode is no exception.

There’s some great visuals in here, including that iconic scene of Mu-Deok inside the Mirror of Longing. Seeing her surrounded by all those mirrors is such a slick scene and a really nice way of framing her own internal – as well as external – issues.

The humour this time is much more controlled too. Although there are a few jokes thrown in, it’s never at the expense of the plot which remains consistent right the way through.

That’s testament to the writers though, who have done a compelling job crafting this world. That’s to say nothing of the worldbuilding either which is equally as impressive, given what they’ve managed to do here.

Either way though, Alchemy of Souls has been a really solid watch and the ending hints that we’re in for quite the dramatic follow-up episode tomorrow!

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  1. Jin Mu is the illegitimate son of Cho Yeons grandfather, and half brother to Cho Yeons mother.

    The prince is Go Won.

    The ice stone is the one piece of hail that doesn’t melt.

  2. It is so sweet that JU does everything he can to save MD from the mirror of longing. Yul and the crown prince gave up early. I guess his feeling for MD is real and more than just master and pupil.

  3. This getting more intense, can JS and MD survive this soul shifting at the end will she ever regain her power? Will JS know that he is King s son and brother to crown prince.can MD acknowledged her feelings to JS,so many questions ‘thank you to the writers the AOS is great k drama great cast too I will keep watching till the end.

  4. Thanks for the recap which is on the same day of showing. Summary is solid. I appreciate it. I think that MD is reckless if she knew that Kil Joo would do soul switching with JU given that he can ‘t defend himself well.

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