Alchemy of Souls – K-Drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

A Bolt Of Lightning

Episode 13 of Alchemy of Souls starts with Yeom treating the Soul Shifter. There’s no way back once they’ve started running wild though, which is something that Mu-Deok needs to be concerned about. Given how we left her in the last chapter, her fate is hanging in the balance.

Speaking of Cheonbugwan, Jin-Mu is worried that the skies are becoming darker, threatening a storm. Given it was the skies that brought them the ice stone, he’s concerned that it could take that same magic away.

Although Mu-Deok is actually okay and not running wild, the sky above this constellation basin has opened, which is revealed to be Mu-Deok’s doing. It would appear that the water in the basin has stirred Mu-Deok’s powers. Of course, this also stems back to her father being a constellation mage too.

A sudden bolt of lightning suddenly smashes down and strikes the basin. Jang-Uk pulls Mu-Deok aside, but he realizes the dark energy is bad news and urges her to leave. With the doors shut, the only solution is for Jang-Uk to bring “his savior” in. And that is, of course, the Crown Prince.

Jin-mu notices the cracked constellation basin and immediately sets to work trying to find Jang-Uk and Mu-Deok. He also tasks for the Eunuch’s wild body to be moved to the secret room.

In order to buy some time for himself, Jang-Uk presents himself to Jin-Mu. He brings up the jade stone and how his is connected to the Crown Prince… who has just arrived at Cheongbugwan.

Jin-Mu finds himself in hot water, especially when the Crown Prince questions him about the Eunuch and his plan to kill Uk. Jin-Mu claims this was a “big misunderstanding” but in saying the words, notices Mu-Deok with her blindfold on and experiences flashes to moments on the lake in the past.

Anyway, while they wait for Park Jin to show up and get involved, Jin-Mu concocts a story to save his own hide. He bring up the honey biscuits and how Jang-Uk is trying to make excuses after destroying the constellation basin. After being caught redhanded in breaking it, Jin-Mu points out that this is one, big “absurd” lie.

Park Jin is not convinced and wants to search the halls and find Eunuch Kim. Only then will it resolve this squabble. But unfortunately a big spanner is thrown in the works when Eunuch Kim himself comes into the room, absolutely fine. Given he shows up with Jin Ho-Gyeong, a brief flashback confirms that the ice stone was used to bring him back.

Jang-Uk decides not to argue and admits he lied the whole time with Mu-Deok, putting on a flamboyant display until Park jin smiles thinly and tells the others that Jang-Uk will be punished severely for this. This was, of course, a big display to get them out of there in one piece.

Park Jin tells Jang-Uk outside that he believes his story, knowing that Cheongbugwan are definitely hiding something. For now, he deduces that they should keep an eye on Jin-Mu.

As for the Crown Prince, he checks out the basin and wonders just how Chisu could have been used to destroy it – and whether Jin-Mu is really being truthful about everything, especially when he notices Jin-Mu has his sword and Jang-Uk does not.

Interestingly, Dang-Gu and Yul are tasked with joining the Songrim laborers to head across to Cheonbugwan later on in the episode. As a peace offering, Park Jin has offered to fix the basin but also has an ulterior motive here. He wants them to keep an eye on Jin-Mu.

As “punishment”, Jang-Uk is on probation but he chuckles and likens it to a vacation, especially when Maidservant Kim asks. Of course, they need to keep up pretences for Cheongbugwan. Hemp Master Lee is there too, and Mu-Deok convinces Jang-Uk to head off with him and go fishing – especially after hearing a story about an infamous golden fish.

Master Lee points out that this golden fish works off controlled bursts of energy through their rods. And it doesn’t take long for Lee to catch one of the fish. As he smiles, Lee points out that only masters of Chisu and above can fish for this. Mu-Deok eventually translates Lee’s cryptic words, confirming that the real reason he’s there is so he can master Chisu.

Meanwhile, Park-Jin speaks to Lady Jin at Jinyowon and notices her attitude and demeanour toward Cheongbugwan and Soul Shifters has changed. Park Jin is concerned over what this means but at least one good thing comes from this meeting – Cho-Yeong and Dang-Gu continue to flirt and get along swimmingly!

Jin-Mu’s trump card, So-I, is prepared ready for her role to play in this game as the long lost daughter, Bu-Yeon. Every mole and scar is meticulously enraged onto her body so she doesn’t arouse any suspicions.

Meanwhile, the Cheongbugwan mages get angsty and irritated at Songrim refusing to leave until the basin is absolutely perfect. Jin-Mu quizzes Yul and Dang-Gu about their methods and when they mastered Chisu, clearly wanting to see if either of them were with Jang-Uk earlier in the episode. So-I happens to be listening from afar and recognizes Yul. However, another mage warns her not to get involved and that he’s “out of her league”.

As the episode closes out, Jang-Uk prepares for his big duel to come… but he’s confident that he’ll best his opponent. Having worked with Hemp Master Lee, it would appear that he’s mastered Chisu… but there are extra stakes here. The winner of the duel will also be winning Mu-Deok as their maid. And the person fighting Uk? None other than Seo Yul.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens as we move into the business end of this season. With most of the episode taking place inside Cheonbugwan, we see the lengths that Jin-Mu will go to in order to keep his secrets and his empire running. This certainly sets up an intriguing conflict to come in the future, not to mention plenty of question marks over the fate of Jang-Uk and the others.

The big reveal at the end of the chapter, that Yul will be fighting Jang-Uk, raises the stakes even higher and leaves everything hanging in the balance over exactly who will come out of this on top.

There are still the faint wisps of humour in here but this chapter is very much veering on the serious side, which makes sense given the conflict and what everyone is fighting for.

With Jin-Mu still to use his trump card and Jang-Uk about to face the biggest challenge of his young life, tomorrow’s episode looks like it’s going to be an unmissable chapter!

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  2. I really feel for mudeok as her young life was as tragic as naksu was with both having been used by jin mu

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