Alchemy of Souls Episode 19 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

alchemy of souls

Alchemy of Souls Episode 19

Alchemy of Souls is the latest fantasy K-Drama, revolving around the fate of “hwanhonsool”, which are basically the souls of the dead returning to the land of the living.

The story takes place in Daeho, where Jang Wook happens to be part of the noble Jang family. He holds a dark secret since birth and is a bit of a troublemaker.

One day, Jang Wook meets an elite warrior but her soul is trapped in a physically weak body. She becomes Jang Wook’s servant, while teaching him how to fight in private.

With faint wisps of fantasy, horror and romance, Alchemy of Souls throws these characters head-first into a crazy adventure.

If you’ve been following this one, you may be curious to find out when the next episode is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about Alchemy of Souls episode 19, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

Where Can I Watch Alchemy of Souls?

Alchemy of Souls will be available to watch on Netflix worldwide. For Koreans though, this is a tvN original and airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9.10pm (KST)

Alchemy of Souls Episode 19 Release Date

Alchemy of Souls will release on Saturday 27th August at approximately 3pm (GMT). The subtitle team over at Netflix are incredibly quick so expect English subs to be available immediately.

Now, the show is being delayed for a week due to the production team over at tvN improving the final version of the last episodes. Instead, Koreans can expect catch-ups and special episodes instead.

Expect episode 19 to be roughly 1 hour and 18 minutes long, which is consistent with the rest of the show.

How Many Episodes Will Alchemy of Souls Have?

Alchemy of Souls is a 20 episode k-drama, with the usual array of two episodes releasing a week. Expect the story to include plenty of drama, romance and fantastical moments.

With all this in mind, we have 1 more episode to go after this one, so expect everything to gear up to a very dramatic finale to follow!

Is There A Trailer For Alchemy of Souls?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for Alchemy of Souls Season 1 below:

What Happened In Episode 18?

We’ve got the whole episode covered with our handy (and lengthy) recap, detailing all the big plot points and discussing the chapter at length. You can find that below:

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What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

38 thoughts on “Alchemy of Souls Episode 19 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch”

  1. Alchemy of soul is up to 21 after watching 16 – 20 at the end they may realise 21to where it stop this December or January
    This movie is so interesting and I love it

  2. The mother of But yong is also surprised to hear my deok calling her mother in that case her mind was escaped to the extent that she can’t even try to stop so-i from breaking the ice stone and even any one does not know what will happen to so-i that is y no one try to stop her because they all believe she’s blind and didn’t know what exactly is going on

  3. The is the most interesting drama I have ever watch, initially i’m not into Korean drama but the moment I start watching this drama I found it very hard to study rather I will be repeating an episode over and over again but now I can’t wait to see what will happen in episode 19 and 20 and much love to my male crush Seo yul and Jang uk and to my female crush mu deok❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀

  4. My sister for years has been trying to get me to watch Kdramas. None caught my eye until I stumbled across the title Alchemy of Souls and I am hooked. My work week seems endless as I count the days till the next episode. I must have watched the series 3 times by now as the hiatus between 16 and ep 17 seemed to take forever. Each episode I laugh I cry I smile I cringe it is just overwhelming and I love it!!!!

  5. I have seen many asian movies and shows and love them all BUT Alchemy of souls is the greatest of them all. I couldnt stop, i watched all 18 episodes in 2 days and im still wanting more.

  6. I am not just in love with the show but their costume, the actors ,everything abt it from episode 1 to the latest episode I’ve watched (18) everything is just superb😍😘 I Love You Guys can’t wait for episode 19 & d final one

  7. I have read rumors that Jung So-Min has not been signed to be in Alchemy of Souls 2. She would be terribly missed as I find her portrayal of Mu-deok/Nak-Su/Jin Bu-yeon? creates so much of the chemistry between so many of the characters.

  8. OMG
    M really anticipating episode 19&20
    I literally dream of the movie Every night as well as counting days πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    This is one of best k-drama movies ❀️πŸ₯°
    And much love to my love Jung su min (mu-deok) and my crush Lee jae wook(jang uk)

  9. This by far is the best drama I have watched all year. I love Korean dramas and I am so pleased that we live in a world where we can access incredible TV and enrich I souls with other cultures and their creativity. I am in love with all the characters, they are super talented talented. The story line is on point, absolutely encapsulating and I have lost so much sleep because I am totally addicted (lol) looking forward to the final episodes but am also gutted the show will end soon. There has so got to be more seasons to come PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  10. I really love this K-Drama series and all the Cast, especially Jung So-min one of the leading roles as Mu-deok and Jung Uk. They really have a good chemistry being together. I know Second Season is coming but can you please be ready for the THIRD SEASON too? I bet a lot of people all over the world would want the 3rd Season.

  11. I so am looking forward to the next episodes. It’s sad to know this show is ending coz its the reason I anticipate weekends 😭 the cast, the character and the plot is superb πŸ’™ my love for them is as deep as lake Baikal πŸ’™ even my mom who’s not into fantasy drama that much, is head over heels with this one. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  12. I love this show. So funny and great actors and actresses. Curious why Modoek choose naksu to enter her body. Because I remembered she was not the intended body that naksu choosen. Could be so she can use naksu in order to find the ice stone which she had lost before. Also curious who modoeks father. Could be Jang.

  13. Y’all ain’t getting it…So-i is the fake Bu-Yeon and mudoeka is the real Bu-Yeon but currently having two souls i.e Nasku and Bu-Yeon the original owner of the body.Bu-yeon was born blind but wen nasku(my fav character) did the Alchemy of souls on her she regained her site the killer que is …at the end will everyone know that mudoeka is both nasku and Bu-Yeon or will she only be revealed as Bu-Yeon the lost daughter and future leader of jingmwon.another thing I can’t wait to find out is if UK is given the thrown as he is technically the king’s son by exchange of souls or will he be given the role of Gwanju or will he just marry madoeka(Bu-Yeon) and therefore accepted into the jingmwon clan ??? Gosh ..can’t wait.forgive my Korean spellings πŸ˜…

  14. I can’t wait!! I hope for an exciting and good ending! I hope all will be fair and love wins!

  15. I can say South Korean films and movies are unique. Far better than western films. I myself never watch k-drama, but this series is like living a reality in a magical world.

  16. One of the best kdrama I’ve watched so far. Can’t wait for ep 19, highly anticipating it . Shout-out to the writer , and my love for UK is immeasurable

  17. I am in love with this show, Y’all’s should make more movies like this . One of the best of the best 😍😍😍😍😍

  18. The best kdrama i ever watch thanks for the writer and also to the cast they did great job… love it and i can watch over and over this series i cant wait for the next season 2

  19. Alchemy of souls one the best Korean movie have watch ever. Can’t wait for the remaining episodes. Kudos to you all

  20. I havnt been disappointed as yet, regarding “Alchemy if Souls”.
    Im waiting with anticipation for the last 2 episodes, and the week cannot go fast enough for me.
    Still my favourite atm, and congratulations to the Writer, for such an awsome program.

  21. I am of the belief that everyone watching was doing so with their reasoning intact.
    Hence , following all the details.
    Cause Bu-Yeon (So-I) was said to be someone who can sense elements and things higher than those even with eyes…that has been explained.
    Even without mystery film involved. blind people have been known to be hyper sensitive in real life and here they already explained her eyes isn’t an hindrance for her when it comes to sensing things
    So where is the mistake in So-i breaking ice stone?
    Do you all just watch only to complain?

  22. Lol Gerald, it’s well know to the clans that bu-yeon could sense energy despite being blind so it would seem natural she took a step in that direction

  23. That is why she feared to get out from the barier because all people inside are not present when ice stone is used to mudoek. Ok?

  24. Being blind, how could So-i walk towards the ice stone and break it in front of all those people without anyone wondering how she could do it? Elementary error.

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