Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 4 “Envy” Recap & Review

Episode 4

Sanae Kazama arrives at the research institute at the start of episode 4 of Akuma-kun but she only finds a strange woman sleeping there. Turns out she is Gremory, the Gluttony devil, in human form. She wants to ask Akuma-kun a favor but gets interrupted by a new case.

Sanae brings Ei, a famous director who is her husband’s friend, and his assistant Shiiba. The director asks if Kazama, Sanae’s husband, is still missing. When she says he is, the director almost acts like the man is dead, saying that’s something life has taught him. Then, he starts talking about his case.

Another movie director and friend of his, Bito, made a cursed movie when he was younger. It was a masterpiece, but he said he made it after striking a deal with a demon. After that, he refused to release it and burnt all copies, taking the original with him. Bito disappeared, and so did the movie. Now Ei wants Akuma-kun and Mephisto to find it.

After Ei and his assistant leave, Gremory reappears and says Shiiba is a demon. Akuma-kun agrees, although he isn’t sure what is happening. Gremory finally explains what she wants. Like Satan, she wishes to eat his heart’s flesh, but not for a deep reason; she just thinks it’ll be tasty. Akuma-kun says he’ll let her if she finds the missing movie, and she wastes no time in going to look for it.

Mephisto and Akuma-kun discuss the two directors’ relationship. Obviously, Akuma-kun, with all his logic and bluntness, says friendships don’t exist, which offends Mephisto. Gremory interrupts their conversation by arriving at the institute with the missing movie.

The other day, Ei watches it alone and cries when it ends. He says it isn’t cursed, which makes Mephisto happy. The half-demon starts seeing it’ll be great that they’ll be able to release the movie for everyone. However before he realizes it, Ei begins to burn it. The director says he wasn’t Bito’s friend; they got into an argument, which ruined their friendship. He is envious of Bito, so he’s burning the movie so people won’t praise the masterpiece. He gets so excited during his speech that he ends up having a heart attack and dies.

Mephisto gets incredibly angry at him but changes his mind a bit when he watches a great romance movie Ei directed.

At the funeral, Shiiba reveals himself as Leviathan, the demon of envy. The movie actually isn’t cursed, and not only that, it also wasn’t a masterpiece. He says Ei burned it because it was horrible and he didn’t want people talking badly about Bito. The demon he made a deal with refers to the fact he accepted all the producers’ whims, making the movie awful in turn.

Leviathan says both directors were envious of each other, but held a great admiration for the other’s works at the same time. That created a vicious cycle of envy, which he loved to see.

To finish the episode, Gremory asks Akuma-kun for his heart, but he says they didn’t agree on time. He’ll give it to her before he dies, but only when he wants, which makes her disappointed.

The Episode Review

The plot is very simple, which isn’t exactly bad, but it doesn’t grab you with any of its aspects. The jokes aren’t very funny, the characters don’t interest you enough, and there are almost no scenes that make you emotional.

They get that right by the end, with the two directors’ relationship. Their admiration for one another, and the fact that Ei burns the movie because he doesn’t want people badmouthing Bito are great.

All in all, it’s an okay episode. However, as it keeps repeating the same character bits and jokes, it gets less interesting. Gremory quickly finding the missing movie, which people have been searching for decades, is lazy at best.

The search for it isn’t the objective of the episode, but she doesn’t even explain how she found it. That makes things feel very rushed and directionless.

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