Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 3 “Greed” Recap & Review

Episode 3

The ones staring at Akuma-kun in the last episode are Komorineko and Hyakume, two yokais. They are friends of his father, who wants to talk to him. Akuma-kun is not excited and answers his father’s questions bluntly. The boy says the father actually wants to ask about the Millennium Kingdom. Akuma-kun’s duty is to create a happy paradise in the human world.

Akuma-kun says he doesn’t know where to start. Many things can mean happiness to everyone, so which is correct? But then his father asks him what happiness is to him, something he can’t answer. 

In a dark room with a huge magic circle on the ground, a group of people start a chant and begin to summon something. A lightning strikes and we cut to a rich man talking to Akuma-kun and Mephisto. He says we’re connected to food in a special way and that he wants to eat Satan’s flesh. It’s something no one has ever done and the only thing that will fill his soul. He thinks it’ll taste just like happiness, which interests Akuma-kun a bit.

Mephisto opposes this, saying that summoning Satan would be troublesome. And, even if they do that, they won’t be able to deal with him. 

The situation gets more concerning when the rich guy shoots his maid to serve as a sacrifice to Satan. He doesn’t care how many people he has to kill. Then he activates a trap that makes the floor below Mephisto disappear.

The boy falls until he reaches a dark corridor with a frog-like creature. The monster is what the people performing the ritual earlier in the episode have become. They attempted to summon Satan and turned into that.

The man wants to use Mephisto as a hostage, but Akuma-kun doesn’t seem very concerned. When the half-human says he’ll pay for their ramen, Akuma-kun moves and says he’ll try summoning Satan.

He starts correcting the magic circle, deducing the right words and where to put them. While he does that, Mephisto finds a way to escape the monster. He uses his ice spell to form platforms, using them as steps to get aboveground. The creature goes up too and grabs the man who wants to eat Satan, as he is responsible for their current form.

Akuma-kun is indecisive as to which word he should put in the middle of the circle: salt or mask. Mephisto arrives to say Akuma-kun can stop, but the boy ignores him and continues the summoning. 

The whole room starts breaking and their skin becomes grey. They are slowly turning into monsters but then someone laughs and all of it stops. The maid, possessed by Satan, appears before them. He says there are a lot of problems with the magic circle, not only what’s written in the middle.

Akuma-kun draws a new circle to give Mephisto more powers and they attack Satan together. However, it doesn’t work even a little. Satan says he wants Akuma-kun’s heart. When the boy is full of desires, they’ll meet once again.

He lets Akuma-kun and Mephisto run away, but not before turning the house into a giant flaming corridor. When he’s alone, Satan says Akuma-kun might be the key to opening the gate of Holos.

While escaping, Mephisto falls, but Akuma-kun carries him and keeps running until they are out of the house. Mephisto punches Akuma-kun, saying he put their lives at risk, and now the boy will need to make their ramen every day.

Back in their house, Akuma-kun eats his ramen with Mephisto, the landlord, and her daughter. He thinks about his talk with his father about happiness, showing he might be changing little by little. After, we see a monster following the landlord near the movie theater and the episode ends.

The Episode Review

This episode exposes a problem many anime with the genius protagonist trope have at some point. When Akuma-kun starts making Satan’s summoning circle, we know he is deducing what he needs to write, but we don’t see that. He’s smart because the anime says he is, but that’s never shown to us.

Akuma-kun character as a whole is starting to get more annoying. It’s a purposeful part of him, but he’s pretty bland in everything else, so that sticks out too much. However, by the end, the anime shows signs he is changing, which might turn into a good development.

Also, the animators really nail the vibe and aesthetics of the episode, mainly when Satan arrives. The summoning circle breaking and Satan talking alone in the burning house is great. It also serves to demonstrate how fearsome he is.

Even though the anime will be divided in many cases, it already has two big plot points: the Millennium Kingdom and the gate of Holos.

The anime Akuma-kun is on a rocky road, but, at least, the path might take us to something better eventually.

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