Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 2 “Gluttony” Recap & Review

Episode 2

The caped man uses a spell to save Akuma-kun and Mephisto, making the monster run away. He reveals he’s Shingo Umoregi, the protagonist’s adoptive dad and previous Akuma-kun. He says the creature wasn’t the real demon, but only its shadow.

Before leaving, he warns his son won’t be able to reach the Millennium Kingdom if things like that intimidate him.

Ichika Tsuchiya is safe but needs to go to the hospital to treat an exhaustion. Hina goes together to care for the girl, as they are best friends. When Ichika wakes up, Hina explains the whole situation and blames herself for not helping before. She also gives her a paper with the same symbol Akuma-kun gave her in episode 1.

Unfortunately, Ichika doesn’t leave the symbol close to her, so she has no protection when the monster attacks her. The demon cuts her many times, but she survives. While that happens, Akuma-kun is reading a book, seeming to have understood something important.

However, when Mephisto tells Akuma-kun about Ichika, the genius barely even cares. He has always known she could be in danger even with the warding symbol, but didn’t tell anyone. He just asks Mephisto to make him food, as if nothing happened. Annoyed, the half-human just leaves Akuma-kun alone and goes to his home.

Mephisto talks to his family about why he’s angry, but they just brush it off, knowing things will get better soon. Concurrently, talks with Hina and her family. He says the demon is in her house, and remarks her parents are specialists in European history, so they are experts in demons too. At the same moment, both of her parents seem like they are possessed and attack Akuma-kun.

With the little strength he has, Akuma-kun summons Mephisto to his side. The half-human tries to resist, but his mother pushes him through the summoning circle. They fight the parents and manage to carry Hina to her room. But things aren’t over yet.

Akuma-kun questions the girl. He asks about her pictures and her past. He says her room looks like a parent organized it to remember a late family member. The girl doesn’t seem to understand and starts acting strangely, but Akuma-kun continues. He says she’s the demon and her mother made a contract so she could have a substitute for her daughter. 

He continues, saying Hina isn’t at fault because she doesn’t know anything about that. She is suppressing the demon’s personality, so she has no way to know. But if he removes the warding symbol she’s carrying with her, the demon will wake up.

When he is about to cut it, Hina’s mother breaks the window and enters the room. However, it’s too late. He cuts it and Hina’s body disintegrates, making the demon appear.

It’s Gremory the Glutton. It says the mother wanted it to be the perfect daughter, which made Hina’s personality stronger. He breaks the contract and the demon disappears. We are also shown Hina’s past; when she was leaving the house, saying they weren’t her parents, her mother choked her to death. The scene ends with the police arriving and finding a body in the basement.

In a weird and red place, we see someone wearing a gas mask shackled. Then, Akuma-kun wakes up and sees someone looking at him. 

The Episode Review

This episode is a great improvement. The revelation is very good; not only that Hina is the demon, but that her own mother killed her. It’s pretty dark and shows the anime can portray heavy themes if it wants. If it manages to do that in an interesting and, hopefully, a bit dense way, it’ll be incredible.

Also, the imagery at the end was one of the best things about the episode. It’s a bit uncanny and creepy, so the next case might be even better. They won’t go full horror, but thanks to this episode, everyone knows the anime isn’t afraid of being dark.

It leaves a good hook for you to want more. Also, what’s the Millennium Kingdom? It might already be a foreshadowing of the last arc, or at least something important on the way. 

If they tackle all of these plot points amusingly, the story will be quite good. Another thing that might be good if they develop it is Akuma-kun and Mephisto’s friendship. We might get some interesting interactions if their bickering in this episode indicates they’ll have problems to solve later to get stronger.

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