Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 1 “Demons” Recap & Review

Episode 1

Episode 1 of Akame-kun starts with Mephistopheles III, a half-human, chewing Akuma-kun out about the boy eating his ramen. They get into an argument and you already understand Akuma-kun is very stubborn and takes a logical approach to everything.

Then the scene cuts to a guy walking down an ominous street at night. A pitch-black creature with red eyes appears and runs at him until all we can hear is his scream. 

Hina Asanagi, a college student, goes to Akuma-kun’s research institute. Although the boy isn’t initially interested in her case, he finds it curious the more she explains it. Two of her friends died at the same time in different locations. And, when she went to the funeral, she found out the same thing happened to other three people.

We also find out that Akuma-kun is named Ichirō Umoregi and he’s a genius that appears once every 10,000 years. Apparently, he is the second one (which might become an important plot point later).

Akuma-kun and Mephisto go to Asanagi’s house to investigate more. Being as unfiltered as he is, Akuma-kun is very rude to Asanagi and, mainly, her mother. He even demands her to bring him hotcakes and gets into an argument about what they are.

After he eats, he listens to the rest of the funeral’s story. Each death happened in different ways too, from suicides to accidents.

When Akuma-kun starts investigating, he finds the creature below Hina’s bed. He doesn’t react much, just gets up, draws something on a piece of paper, and says to Hina to hang onto it. At night, the monster appears in her bedroom and tries to attack her.

However, Hina rushes to the drawing and the creature is not there anymore. She thinks it was just a nightmare.

The other day, the three of them meet, and Akuma-kun starts explaining what he is finding out. He says the locations where the people died form a figure: a pentagram. He says it’s used to protect something at the center, he just doesn’t know what it is yet. Then, Hina says it’s the house of Ichika Tsuchiya, a friend of hers from the same college. She tells them the girl hasn’t shown up to class since a while ago and no one has seen her anywhere.

Before saying goodbye, Akuma-kun warns Hina she should have the warding symbol closer to her. At night, the monster tries to attack her again but it dispels itself when it realizes the girl has the symbol on her arm. In the morning, she happily says she had no nightmares this time.

While going back to their institute, Mephisto and Akuma-kun talk about families. Akuma-kun says he hasn’t seen his dad in a long time. When they reach their home, they see Hina talking to Mio Kazama, their landlord’s daughter.

After the kid leaves, the three of them go to Ichika Tsuchiya’s house. It isn’t specified what it is, but a club to which she belongs has many rumors surrounding it. All of them appear to be true and very bad. Now inside her house, Hina tries to talk to the girl while Akuma-kun draws something on the ground.

When the door opens, Ichika is levitating and turns into the monster. She attacks them, but Akuma-kun helps Mephisto summon an attack that electrifies the girl. However, that doesn’t work and she charges at them again. Before she gets to them, someone with a bright yellow cape saves the boys.

The Episode Review

Akuma-kun’s personality is a bit annoying, but that’s the point and it works as a joke sometimes. Mephisto is funnier, but there’s not much to say about the characters’ personalities at the moment. There isn’t anything awful, but they aren’t that interesting or enjoyable too. Although, to be fair, their designs are pretty good and fit the animation style. It’s like someone tried to bring the old anime’s vibe while also modernizing it.

If you like stuff that isn’t exactly horror, but has some of its elements, you’ll probably like the plot. It’s clearly only an introduction to what they do, and the season will probably be divided into more cases. Seeing more supernatural aspects, like who Mephisto is, will be amusing for sure. Let’s hope the show dives more into that with time.


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