Akuma-kun – Season 1 Episode 10 “Celebration” Recap & Review

Episode 10

A kid is walking in a strange and creepy red place, the same we’ve seen in Akuma-kun’s visions. The child goes near a skull with many nails piercing it and a prisoner using a gas mask. The scene cuts and we see Mephisto and Akuma-kun talking.

They are out on the streets talking about Christmas and how Akuma-kun thinks it doesn’t make any sense. Christ’s birthday isn’t on December 25th, so there’s nothing to celebrate. Besides, Akuma-kun also doesn’t know why someone would want to celebrate their birthdays as if it were something special.

When they go back to the institute, Akuma-kun’s father is there waiting for them. Shingo says it’s almost Akuma-kun’s birthday so they should celebrate it. The boy isn’t interested at all and refuses the invitation. So, Mephisto invites Shingo to go to his house and drink with his family.

Shingo, Mephisto II, and Etsuko talk about what it means to be a good parent. Etsuko says the child is the only one who’ll know the answer and other people shouldn’t meddle in the subject. After that, Shingo and Mephisto II reminisce and talk about their relationship. Both of them want to be good parents and wish for Akuma-kun to learn what friendship is. Mephisto III is hidden listening to everything behind the door.

He invites Akuma-kun to a new hotcake shop, which neither has gone to yet. Akuma-kun accepts since Mephisto is the one paying for their meal. There, the genius is pleased with the hotcake and says it’s the sixteenth tastiest. Mephisto asks what’s the best one, but the other boy doesn’t remember. 

Mephisto starts talking about the day they first met. They didn’t like each other and didn’t want to work together. Akuma-kun was especially uninterested in creating the Millennium Kingdom, as he says that’s their father’s task. Mephisto III was very angry at that. However, today he says he hopes one day they’ll become good friends.

They receive another hotcake serving from the man by their side. He says the boys’ conversation was fun and helped him kill some time. He puts Metaxa in the hotcake and Akuma-kun recognizes the dish. Turns out the man is the owner of the shop. Akuma-kun says it’s the twelfth tastiest hotcake he’s ever eaten.

In his father’s house, Akuma-kun talks about the conversation he had with Mephisto. The boy says Mephisto’s hotcake ranks second, but he implies the best is the one Shingo makes. His father gets happy, as their relationship is getting better, and the boy leaves.

Strophaia appears above Shingo’s house and starts laughing. When something that looks like a portal opens, the demon says its eyes are finally open. Shingo gets up worried and the episode ends. 

The Episode Review

Except for the first and last minutes, this is a very calm episode. It’s good, but it also feels like something the anime needed at the start. Throughout the series, we see few moments in which the characters can be truly interesting or emotional. That makes it hard to enjoy their adventures.

This Christmas episode doesn’t go into any investigation and takes its time developing Akuma-kun and Mephisto’s relationship. Not to mention, how Akuma-kun opens up to other people. Seeing him talking with his father and saying he makes his favorite hotcakes is a good step forward. Akuma-kun is finally getting more personality and becoming more enjoyable to watch.

However, a “slice-of-life” episode like this depends a lot on how much you like the characters and their interactions. So as the anime hasn’t done a good job at that, and it’s so easy to feel indifferent when Akuma-kun is on screen, the episode doesn’t pack a punch. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just would be better if they were more likable or if the episode happened before. All in all, it’s an okay watch.

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