AJ And The Queen – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Club

Episode 7 of AJ And The Queen begins with Robert phoning through to American Express and attempting to sort his finances out. With only $100 to his name and an upcoming gig in Mississippi, things look bleak.

Briana visits Louis, throwing him off-guard as she looks for AJ. He tells her he hasn’t seen her but winds up giving her money while Robert and AJ are brought inside the club by Faberge’s bodyguard to talk. As the night gets underway and the club music kicks in, Louis rings and lets Robert know about the Briana situation.

Heading back to the club, the group sit together and discuss their lives and how Faberge has turned his around. AJ takes the opportunity to spill the truth about Robert’s predicament, which seems them head out to Tent City, where Robert decides to hand over all of his remaining money to adopt a puppy, something that AJ has been asking for since the opening episode.

While AJ walks the puppy in the morning, Faberge invites him out the RV where he happens to be making a barbecue for him. After talking, and an uncomfortable incident involving Mama’s teeth that follows, Faberge leaves them a bag of money but it happens to be counterfeit notes. That evening, Faberge and Robert hook up after their show, walking outside hand in hand where they passionately kiss as AJ takes the crying puppy back to Tent City.

Lady Danger and Damien try to ambush Robert in the RV but unfortunately Faberge’s gang get to them first, smashing the car in with baseball bats and snapping an incriminating photo of Danger without her eye-patch on. As they scurry away, Robert heads back into the RV where he finds AJ crying over the puppy.

As the episode closes out, Robert decides to tell Briana the truth about her daughter, prompting Louis to spill the truth to her.

With another cliffhanger ending and plenty of plot development this time around, the final few episodes look set to increase the drama a lot. With Lady Danger and Damien continuing to chase Robert around the country, you get the feeling they’re going to catch up sooner rather than later.

For now though, the show does well to keep things engaging and thankfully the humour continues through to this episode too, with some good quips involving Mama’s teeth and Louis as the blind drag who easily steals the show with his lines.

Quite what will happen next though, remains to be seen!

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