Ahsoka – Season 1 Episode 6 “Far, Far Away” Recap & Review

Far, Far Away

Episode 6 of Ahsoka begins with the star whales jumping through hyperspace, with Ahsoka and Huyang discussing what happened to Sabine. Ahsoka blames herself for Sabine making the wrong decision, while Huyang contemplates whether it was Sabine’s only choice.

Speak of the devil, Sabine wakes up to find herself a prisoner and kept in a holding cell. Baylan shows and believes this is a good chance to reflect on her choices. When she asks about Ezra, he smirks and walks away. But as we know, he’s still intending to keep his promise to her.

The hyperspace ring arrives at its destination, a planet called Peridea. This happens to be the ancient home world of Morgan’s ancestors, the Dathomiri. It’s also the end of the migration route used by star whales too. The whales come here to die, meaning Peridea is a graveyard and the rings around the planet? Full of star whale bones.

Sabine is led out with Baylan, Morgan and Shin, and they travel down to the planet’s surface. Eventually they touch down at their destination; a large tower with a shrine on its roof. Three women wearing red robes greet Morgan and the others. This is the Great Mother, and more witches that have arrived in the Star Wars universe. They look at Sabine and believe that she “reeks of Jedi” and is dangerous. They decide to keep her trapped in solitude, rather than, y’know, killing the threat!

Baylan has a bad feeling about this planet but gives a bit of insight about the Jedi Temple burning and how the fall of the Jedi and rise of the empire repeats again and again. Interestingly, Baylan intends to try and break this cycle, and believes that Thrawn may be the answer to solving this once and for all.

It doesn’t take long for a star destroyer to show up, hovering dangerously close to the shrine. The ship lowers onto this tower, and Thrawn steps forward with a band of intriguing stormtroopers. Thrawn mentions Sabine and how she’s a “loose thread”. However, he also believes that she’ll be “of great use” to them. He speaks to Sabine and points out that he’s gonig to honor his agreement. However, once his starship leaves, then she’ll be left alone on this planet.

Sabine isn’t intimidated and throws some wise cracks around before being given her weapons back and passage outside. As she heads out into the wilderness, Baylan Skroll decides to follow. He intends to kill her as soon as she’s reunited with Ezra.

Sabine comes under fire from local bandits, until Sabine uses her lightsaber to take them out. Her radio is destroyed in the process, while Baylan and Shin follow from afar.

Howler, her trusty ride, leads her to a small water hole, where Sabine meets a strange creature called a Noti. It recognizes her insignia and happens to be wearing one similar around her neck. Could these little guys know Ezra? She’s led out deeper into the wilderness and back to their town, so it certainly seems that way! Something is definitely stirring here, and Baylan believes as much when he notices a whole bunch of bandits watching.

Sabine eventually makes it to the Nori village, where she and Ezra are reunited. Meanwhile, Thrawn sets to work finding out everything about Ahsoka, believing that she’s en-route. She tasks Morgan with finding out everything about her, while simultaneously deciding that he needs to call on the Great Mothers’ dark magick.

The Episode Review

So Thrawn has been found and if you’ve made it this far in the show, fans of The Clone Wars and Rebels will be delighted. For everyone else, Ahsoka gives no illusions now that this is basically Rebels season 5. There’s nothing wrong with that of course, but it’s also a little disappointing for casuals who are missing large chunks of history between characters that this show doesn’t bother to explain.

Instead, what we get are long, slow, ponderous scenes that take an age to get from Point A to Point B. This episode is great example of that, with so many long establishing shots. We see the hyperring ship leave and head for the planet. Then it flies through into the atmosphere. Then it finds the tower. Then it touches down on the tower. Then the door opens. Then they head outside. All of this could easily have been cut down in time, and it’s something the entire show has been plagued with – that constant feel of having your time wasted.

As for the narrative itself, we’ve finally found Thrawn and luckily he’s right at the end of the Star Whales’ migration route. Well that’s lucky! And given magic now exists in this world alongside the Jedi, could the Great Mothers not have used some magic to get Thrawn and the others out using the Star Whales route?

The Nori are, admittedly, a nice addition to the Star Wars lore and seeing their village is quite cool. We also learn a bit more about Baylan, although his motivations seem skewed. He’s letting Ezra and Sabine be reunited but then intends to kill them? Or are we going to see him turncoat to the other side, given his chat about “breaking the cycle”?

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