Ahsoka – Season 1 Episode 5 “Shadow Warrior” Recap & Review

Shadow Warrior

Episode 5 of Ahsoka opens with long establishing shots. A minute later, we see Hera touch down on the planet, at the precise location where the orb has been destroyed. She’s found nothing and there’s nothing on the scope either. She tells Carson to do a full sweep before letting Jacen out to wander around on his own on this hostile alien world. Mum of the year right there!

Hera proceeds forward and finds Huyang by the edge of the water, bemoaning that Sabine and Ahsoka never listen and haven’t stayed together. Jacen encourages her mum to listen to the waves, but he can hear lightsabers crashing together, and then Hera can as well for some reason.

In order to find the signal, Jacen relays Chopper’s instructions for the group to fly low, as low as they can to the water so off they go.

Meanwhile, Ahsoka finds herself face to face with Anakin in the world between worlds. And ironically, anyone who hasn’t seen Rebels will be completely lost here! Anyway, Anakin tells her she’s lost her fight with Baylan, and he’s there to finish her training. Brandishing a lightsaber, he gives her a choice of living or dying and they trade blows. when she chooses to live.

Eventually Anakin smashes out the bridge from under her and she tumbles down into a strange red mist. There, she finds herself back in the clone wars as a young Jedi in training. Anakin’s lesson is that she needs to keep fighting in order to lead the troops on. And as Anakin runs off into the mist, his silhouette changes to that of Darth Vader.

We also see brief bits of the Siege of Mandalore too, before Anakin shows up and claims that she’s part of his destiny. As they trade blows, the irony here is that young Ahsoka can actually emote better than adult Ahsoka.

Then we’re back on the bridge again and adult, emotionless Ahsoka is back. She refuses to fight Anakin, who’s turning to the dark side by this point given his red eyes and chooses to live. “There’s hope for you yet,” He grins, before disappearing.

With Anakin gone, the bridge vanishes too, and Ahsoka is consumed by water. She awakens to bright lights as Hera’s ship has found her. Cor, that was lucky! Ahsoka is brought up and when she regains consciousness, Huyang is there to see her. He has bad news, given Sabine is gone and the orb has been smashed to bits.

Ahsoka picks up the pieces and believes that Sabine has left an impression on it to help them find their way. Ahsoka closes her eyes and manages to channel Sabine’s “impression” to hear the entire chat with Baylan and betraying Ahsoka and the others.

While Ahsoka works to try and find a way to find Sabine, Hera receives some bad news. The fleet are on their way and they’re not here to help. Hera and Ahsoka are commanded to come back to Coruscant where Hera is on the verge of being permanently suspended from her position. Of course, they ignore this and decide to follow Ahsoka, who knows how to find Sabine. It’s those star whales.

Ahsoka heads out onto the hull of the ship and decides to hitch a ride on the whale, communicating with the whale before heading back inside the ship and taking a ride in its mouth. As for the X-wings, they try to keep the fleet busy. The star whales eventually head up into space and take off past the fleet.

The Episode Review

Nostalgia is a wonderful thing isn’t it? Recently, studios have used this as a tool to distract from bad writing. Sometimes it fails ala. The Flash but other times it works an absolute treat for the fanbase. And that seems to be the case with Ahsoka.

It’s amazing what some key jangling will do and props to the creators of Ahsoka because they’ve absolutely managed to do that with a lightsaber fight and a recreation of the clone wars. Unfortunately, 30 minutes of this episode is simple nostalgia bait with a lesson that amounts to Ahsoka not giving up, despite being completely assured of herself for the past 4 episodes. And that’s before disguising the fact that there’s not much of a story here.

How did Hera’s ship find Ahsoka in the water? Didn’t they say there’s no readings on the planet? Shouldn’t Jacen be on that ship if he’s the one who can sense the force?

How did Sabine leave an “impression” on the broken orb? And a question that many who haven’t seen Rebels will be asking – what the heck is going on? Is Anakin a force ghost? A hallucination? A memory, or something else?

But all this will delight fans of course, who will enjoy the lightsaber fight between Padawan and master. That’s probably just as well because the Hera subplot is arguably the worst part of this entire episode. We’ve been told several episodes now that the rebellion don’t have the manpower nor the resources to send any troops out to this corner of space. But yet, Mothma and the council have sent a whole fleet after them?

However, the ending shows that we’re finally on our way now and we’ll have to wait and see whether the writing improves in the chapters ahead.

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