A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder — Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Episode 6

Episode 6 i.e. the season finale of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder starts with Pip talking to the girl that Elliot has kidnapped. The girl tells Pip that her name is Isla and adds that Eilliot has taken her home after confusing her for Andie.

Who killed Sal Singh?

Isla reveals that Elliot was disappointed to find out that she was not Andie. She explains that she believed Elliot was a good man who had helped but Elliot ended up confessing to murdering Sal. Isla tells Pip that Elliot had killed Sal after the cops mentioned him as a suspect. He also revealed to Isla how he used Naomi’s diary to learn about the accident caused by Max.

Elliot used the incident to threaten Max, Jake and Naomi into changing their statements about Sal’s alibi. With that, Elliot also revealed to Isla how he killed Sal by drugging and suffocating him inside his car. Isla is threatened by Elliot’s confession and tells Pip that she tried to escape after this. However, she reveals that Elliot trapped her in the house and kept her there for the last five years. 

What happens to Elliot Ward?

Elliot is taken to prison while Isla gets the medical attention she needs. Victor takes Pip home as she tries to overcome the horror of this case. A few days later, Pip decides to take down the murder board, satisfied that Sal is finally proven innocent. Pip meets Ravi and asks him how he feels about Elliot’s incrimination and Sal’s exoneration. Ravi states that the Singh family is finally relieved all thanks to Pip.

Pip is about to confess her feelings for him when Ravi stops her and tells her that he is going to leave Little Kilton. He states that he is going to move away, get a job and enrol into college. Pip is sad but Ravi hugs her before leaving. Pip goes on with her life as usual and makes sure that Cara is okay. Pip and her friends hug Cara in school to make sure she doesn’t feel left out and bullied after Elliot’s arrest.

Did Elliot kill Barney? 

At home, Pip has a breakdown and she blames herself for ruining Cara’s life. Leanne tells Pip that Elliot is to blame for what he did and praises her for helping exonerate Sal and for freeing the Singh family from public shame. She also tells Pip that she saved Isla’s life who would have been stuck in the closet all her life if it wasn’t for her investigation.

Leanne tells Pip that she is proud of her daughter and mentions how Elliot still hasn’t owned up to killing Andie. This statement prompts Pip to go back to the threatening texts sent to her by the killer. Pip realises that the texts were sent by a different person while Elliot had only left a note under her pillow.

Pip goes through Cara’s social media account and realises that the Ward family has been away on the trip on the day of Barney’s murder. Pip concludes that the person who had killed Andie had also killed Barney. She goes to see Elliot in prison and blames him for assaulting a minor – Andie, killing Sal and framing him when Sal trusted him.

Who raped Becca Bell?

Elliot tells Pip that Andie was trying to extort money from her to move out because her father – Jason Bell was controlling her. He also claims to have seen Jason driving in his blue van on the night of Andie’s disappearance. Elliot tries to defend himself but Pip tells him that all he did was by choice.

Pip rushes to Ravi’s house and asks him to help her find the true killer of Andie. Ravi is packing up to leave town and gets upset when Pip mentions Elliot. He denies Pip’s request to join him in finding Andie’s killer. Pip goes to the garage that Jason Bell owns to find the blue van he was driving on the night of Andie’s murder. Jason finds something odd and chases after Pip but she is saved by the girl who saved her at the calamity party.

The girl – Jesse talks to Pip and tells her about Becca being sexually assaulted at one of the calamity parties in 2019 before Andie and Sal’s death. Pip realises thanks Jesse for saving her life and realises that she has a new lead on the Andie Bell case. Pip goes through the note found in Andie’s soft toy and realises that a client named TT purchased Rohypnol from Andie.

She concludes that Max (Tango Tits) was TT and confronts him about raping Becca on the phone. Pip records Max’s confession to “sleeping” with Becca at a party when she was under the influence of the drug. She then tries to place the events of the night that Andie disappeared. Pip goes to the Bell house to talk to Becca.

Who killed Andie Bell?

A flashback from the night of Andie’s disappearance shows her going home after bleeding from the head at Elliot’s house. Present-day Pip tells Becca that she knows what she did to her sister. Becca invites Pip over and drugs her tea. Becca confesses to being raped by Max at the party and states that she told Andie about it.

Becca tells Pip that despite being her sister, Andie asked her to keep quiet about the incident because she sold the drugs to Max. She also adds that Andie was going to leave town the following day which made her feel left out. Becca states that the two sisters had a scuffle about it and Andie suffered from a concussion in the living room of their house. Becca claims to have watched Andie choke on her vomit and die.

Pip sympathises with Becca and asks her to report the rape. Becca counters that rich people with connections i.e. Max, never pay for their crimes. Pip also tells Becca that she hadn’t killed Andie but Becca states that she will have to suffer the consequences for hiding Andie’s dead body. Becca takes Pip to the place where she hid Andie’s body. Pip realises that the tea Becca had offered her contained Rohypnol.

Do Ravi and Pip end up together?

Ravi gets off the bus and returns home. He finds Pip’s car outside the Bell house and goes looking for her. He meets Cara outside her house and tells her that Pip is missing. Cara uses her phone to track Pip’s location and the two end up at the septic tank deep in the forest. Just as Becca threatens to push Pip inside the tank, a barely conscious Pip pushes her away and tries to escape. Cara and Ravi make it to the septic tank just in time and save Pip. 

Another flashback shows Sal entering the classroom behind Andie with little Pip outside. Inside the class, Andie tells Sal that Jason had taken all the money she had saved. Sal tells Andie that he would arrange the money that she needs and promises to meet her the following morning as she would move to Oxford. The two hug and kiss, professing their love for each other. 

How does A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder end?

Present-day, Pip’s mother reads her EPQ and is very happy with it. Pip tells her mother that she does not want to go to Cambridge just because her biological father went there. Leanne finally understands Pip’s argument and tells her she can go to whichever college she wants. Pip is on her way around town when she runs into Max. 

Max tries to justify what happened with Becca but Pip calls Max a rapist and promises to make him pay for what he did with Becca as well as in the hit-and-run case. Pip then meet Ravi by the lake where he yaps about a new pizza place they could go to. Pip asks Ravi to shut up and kisses him as the show ends.

The Episode Review

Oh, what a chaotic episode this was. However, the show seems to have drawn out the exposition of the killers over two episodes while Novel Pip heard the story of Sal’s death directly from Elliot instead of Isla.

The show is trying to show Elliot in the worst light possible so no one sympathises with him. He was not misunderstood but he made all those mistakes by choice, something that Pip reiterates to him in prison.

The most endearing thing about the show was the human touch given to Andie and Sal. We saw how the two did not have a bad relationship but only were going through a rough patch. Andie was not the evil girl that was using Sal but loved him dearly as well. The show has tamed down Andie’s character by a lot which makes me sad for what happened to her. 

We can see that there is a great possibility of Season 2 and Pip is going to make sure Max pays for what he did. I wonder why the makers of the show decided to have Becca take Pip to the place where she hid Andie’s dead body. It is possible that they did not want to draw the search for the body any longer. However, with all this being said, the show has its hits and misses but I am certain that fans of the novel will really enjoy this adaptation of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder.

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