A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder — Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder starts with Naomi telling Pip all about the secret that forced her and her friends to lie to the cops about Sal’s alibi. Naomi recalls how before Sal’s death, Jake and Max had taken her to a party that Sal did not attend. The three friends had gotten drunk at the party and instead of calling for a cab, Max had insisted on driving back home.

Naomi tells Pip that Max had crashed into another car and the man driving it was left in a coma. Naomi adds that the killer knew about the secret and had threatened to expose them if they did not take back Sal’s alibi. Max shows up in the room and tries to stop Naomi from telling the truth to Pip.

Pip threatens to expose Max as she already has the proof against him. This infuriates Max and he breaks Naomi’s phone. He tells Pip that revealing the truth about the photo would destroy Naomi’s life which leaves Pip shattered. At the same time, Naomi goes outside to the party and gets on the dance floor. Cara and Pip watch Naomi let loose for the first time in five years.

At the Ward house, Pip tells Cara about Naomi’s involvement in the road accident as well as the fact that she lied to the cops. Cara is worried for her sister and sad that she would have to lose her sister after the death of their mother. Pip tells Cara that she will find a way to prove Sal’s innocence without revealing the truth about the accident.

Before going to bed, Pip talks to Victor who tells her how being busy with work all the time caused instability in his family. Victor tells Pip that he spent the time at the hotel to destress and get his life back on track. Pip believes her father and hugs him. In her room, Pip notes the new updates linking to the car accident on the murder board.

Pip is getting something to eat that night when she notices her dog – Barney looking outside the door. She gets a text from the stalker who asks her to stop investigating the case. Pip opens the door to see if the stalker is hiding outside.

Barney runs into the backyard and returns after Pip calls out for him. Pip posts a video on the internet claiming that the cops had suspected the wrong person in the Andie Bell case.

After seeing the video, Ravi texts Pip asking her to let him in. In her room, Pip tells Ravi that she is going to try and lure the killer into talking to her by threatening to expose them. Pip and Ravi spend the night playing cards and discussing the new developments in the case as they wait for the killer to show up. Pip hears a noise in the living room and goes down with Ravi to inspect it.

Pip is relieved that it is only her little brother – Josh and puts him to bed. Ravi and Pip lay in bed talking to each other. Pip tells Ravi about her birth father as well. Ravi tells Pip how much he misses his brother as he falls asleep in her bed. Pip wakes Ravi up and asks him to leave before her parents can wake up. Ravi hugs Pip and asks her to call him if she needs any help.

Later that day, Pip and her family are celebrating Josh’s birthday. The stalker texts Pip and threatens her with consequences for releasing the video. Pip calls Ravi to check up on him and is relieved to learn that he’s okay. She gets perplexed when she realises that Josh is missing but finds him outside, cutting his cake.

That evening, Pip tells her parents that Barney is nowhere to be found. Pip releases a new video and states that she has no clue about the killer, hoping that Barney is sent back home. Pip and her family look through the forest and try to find Barney. Pip goes back home and finds Barney’s deceased body there. Pip breaks down when she learns that Barney had drowned in the lake.

The Fitz-Amobi family lays Barney to rest in the backyard but the incident pushes Pip to uncover the truth behind Sal’s death. Pip goes to the police station and talks to Dan about the hit-and-run case involving Max.

Since Dan had helped Max cover up the accident, Pip threatens to expose him. Dan tells Pip that he was hooking up with Andie when she was 15 years old.

Pip accuses Dan of statutory rape but the cop reveals that Max knew about this and had blackmailed him into helping with the cover-up. Pip wonders who blackmailed Sal’s friends and asks Ravi to help. Ravi tells Pip that she should stop investigating the case as the killer is willing to cause them harm after what they have done to Barney. He reminds Pip of the bright future she has ahead of her.

Leanne forces Pip to go to school for the exams where her friends console her. Pip appears for the exams and is on her way back to Cara’s house in Elliot’s car.

Just then, Pip gets a call from the number she saved as “Secret Older Guy”. As she answers the call, Pip learns that it was Naomi calling from Elliot’s old number. Pip is terrified to learn that Elliot was hooking up with Andie who was a student at the time.

During the car ride, Elliot tells Cara that he is going to one of his tutoring gigs. Pip suspects him and leaves her phone in Elliot’s car. At the Ward house, Pip looks up the printing history on Elliot’s computer and finds the note that was placed under her pillow in the tent. Pip tracks her phone on her laptop and learns that Elliot was at the Ward’s family’s ancestral home.

Cara tells Pip that their family had sold the house a long time ago. Pip texts Ravi that she has a hunch about Andie being kidnapped and held captive by Elliot. She asks him to call the cops and hugs Cara before going to the address. As she drives there, Pip thinks about all the times she was around Elliot, thinking of him as her father figure.

At the house, Pip finds Elliot’s car and accuses him of killing Andie and of threatening her. Elliot tells Pip the truth about his relationship with Andie and how it all started with tutoring. Elliot claims that he hooked up with Andie a couple of times after the death of his wife. He states that the two had stopped their relationship once Andie started seeing Sal.

Pip asks Elliot about visiting the Ivy House Hotel days before her disappearance. Elliot states that Andie was trying to extort money from him under the guise of exposing the truth about their relationship. Elliot tells Pip that on the night of her disappearance, Andie had shown up at his house and was causing a scene. He confesses to pushing Andie off which caused her to bleed out of her head.

Elliot states that he had rushed in to call the ambulance but adds that Andie had already left. Pip is relieved to learn that Elliot did not kill Andie but she notices something on the first floor. Pip finds the secret room in the loft where Elliot is hiding someone.

The episode ends with Pip confronting the woman in the loft who states that she is not Andie.

The Episode Review

This episode was traumatising to watch from the beginning to end. It was really painful to watch as Pip struggled through the fact that her beloved pet had died as she realised that Elliot, her father figure had caused her this pain. I am looking forward to seeing what will happen now that the episode has ended with Pip finding a girl that Elliot has kidnapped.

I wonder if Elliot has any connection with Sal’s death as someone had threatened Naomi, Max and Jake into lying about his alibi. Keeping that in mind, if the girl Elliot has kidnapped is not Andie, I wonder where Andie or her dead body is. With only one episode left in the show, I am excited to see how this case concludes.

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