A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder — Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder starts with Pippa and Ravi looking at Andie’s stash of drugs that they found inside the soft toy. The two go through the note, Pip and Ravi learn that Andie had written the names of her clients in code along with the kind of drug they had purchased from her.

Pip decides to decode the note after her practice interview at Cambridge University. She shows up just in time before her interview that Elliot attends. During the interview, Pip is asked about her EPQ project. Pip lies to the interviewer and states that she is going to cover Feminism in the Gothic Novels which seems to get Elliot to relax.

Pip is with fellow members of the party planning committee who are discussing the 5-year reunion party of the Batch of 2019 (the batch that Andie and Sal were a part of). While the members discuss if the students would even attend the event, Pip is busy trying to dissect the code in Andie’s note. Pip learns that the note was written on a hotel memo pad and texts Ravi, asking him to meet her.

Pip tells her parents that she has a new lead on the Andie Bell case and adds that she is going to visit the Ivy House Hotel with Ravi. Leanne tries to stop Pip from going but she ignores her mother. On the drive to the hotel, Pip and Ravi discuss how Andie was possibly meeting Secret Older Guy there. The two weigh in on the possibility of Andie still being alive and hiding at the Ivy House Hotel.

At the hotel, Pip tries to talk to the hotel concierge and asks if he knows Andie. The man tells Pip that Andie was at the hotel a few weeks ago. He also refuses to let Pip go through the guest register from the year that Andie went missing. Pip gets Ravi to trigger the smoke alarm and the concierge leaves the reception to usher the guests away. In the meantime, Pip steals the guest register and hides inside a room with Ravi.

Being stuck up in the room together leads to Pip and Ravi getting awkward. Pip gets distracted when she notices the bathroom tiles in the hotel room. She realises that the tiles resemble the ones she spotted in the bikini photo of Andie found at Max’s house. Pip and Ravi flee the hotel and the two grab something to eat. Pip goes through the guest register and finds an entry there with fake names in Andie’s handwriting.

The two share a moment as Pip watches Ravi scarf down the pancakes. That night, Pip goes home and her mother is glad to see her. Pip goes to her room and tries to look through the guest register again. She tries to dial the number mentioned in Andie’s handwriting and tries to call it but does not get through.

Pip is shocked to see an entry on the register with her father’s name. The next morning, Pip tries to talk to Leanne about the incident and discovers that her dad – Victor had lied about going to visit his mother. Dan stops Pippa on her way to school and asks her about sneaking into Andie’s house. He asks her to get in the cop car and talks to her in private.

Pip gets in the car with Dan and she tries to talk to him about Andie but he refuses to talk about her. Dan mentions how Andie’s father – Jason was helpful to him when he was younger. He asks Pip to stop investigating the case as it would only harm the Bell family. Pip points out that the Singh family was also going through a lot but Dan states that it was all a result of Sal’s mistake.

Dan shows a clip from Sal’s interrogation during which Sal gets aggressive and tries to attack the detective. Pip is shattered to learn about the aggressive side of Sal Singh. Pip goes to school that day and Elliot tries to talk to her about her EPQ. Pip avoids talking about it and gets back home. Later that day, Pip and her mother chat about her dad’s trip to Nigeria.

Leanne tells Pip that when she and Victor were having a rough patch in their marriage, Victor had taken some time off from the family to focus on work. Pip wonders why her mother believed her father when he said that he wasn’t cheating on her. Pip is upset and in her room when Victor shows up there. He tries to reassure Pip and tells her that he didn’t cheat on Leanne but Pip refuses to talk to him.

She is upset and in tears when she meets Ravi by the lake. Pip tells Ravi about the video of Sal’s interrogation and mentions how he was aggressive and tried to attack the cops. Ravi argues that Sal’s reaction was valid as he was accused of killing the girl he loved. Pip tells Ravi that she had seen Andie and Sal in school on the day of her disappearance.

Pip recalls telling Sal where Andie was hiding and blames herself for Andie’s death in the event that Sal really killed her. Ravi is upset when he learns that Pip was trying to solve the case to make sure she hadn’t led Andie to her murderer. He leaves Pip alone, stating she was just like the other people in town that blamed the brown guy and painted him as the monster that killed Andie.

Pip is upset and drives off to the forest. She breaks down and reaches out to Cara. Pip and Cara discuss how despite being the best of friends, the two did not know everything about each other. Pip, Naomi and Cara hang out together and Cara tries to force her sister to attend the reunion party of Naomi’s batch. Naomi asks Pip about the case and she tells Naomi that she also thinks that Sal is guilty.

Cara interrupts them when Naomi asks the girls to borrow her laptop to watch a movie since their TV is broken. Naomi hints that Pip should look up “Tango Tits” on her laptop. Inside Naomi’s room, Pip finds Max’s private Instagram account with the username “tangotits”. Pip goes through the photos on the account and realises that there was a photo of Max, Naomi and Jake from the night of Andie’s disappearance.

Pip spots the clock on Naomi’s phone read 12:06 am in the picture. She realises that since all three of Sal’s friends were in the photo, it is only possible that Sal took the photo. Pip is certain that Sal is innocent and tries to call Ravi but the call does not get through. Pip shows up at the reunion party to talk to Naomi.

She finds Becca addressing the group of people on Andie’s behalf. Pip finds Naomi and asks her why she lied about Sal’s alibi. Naomi takes Pip to a different room as Becca and Max watch them leave. The episode ends with Naomi telling Andie that she had to lie about Sal’s alibi because the real killer had found out what they had done.

The Episode Review

The show is getting a lot more interesting with every episode and I am glad that the makers have not followed the story of the novel word for word. This is great because as much as novel readers want a page-to-page adaptation of the book they love, it brings in new elements to the story that are quite unexpected.

I am also glad that Pip is not doing the heavy lifting with regards to solving the case all on her own and she has helped this time, mostly from Ravi. With Naomi practically spelling Max’s private Instagram account to Pip and leaving to attend the party, I wonder what her motive behind doing that is. Max and Becca seem to be in cahoots and the two are definitely raising my suspicions.

I worry that Victor’s involvement in the disappearance of Andie Bell could ruin Pip’s life so I am praying for him to not be the secret older guy. With that in mind, we are on to the next two episodes of the season we go!

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